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Chapter 332 Companion VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 332 Companion VERSATILE MAGE

During sunset, the gorge sparkled with incredible light. They say that under the cover of evening twilight incredible flowers and herbs bloom here. This spectacle is so beautiful that some brave men risk getting here to capture this marvel.

This spectacle is actually spectacular. After the fertile land here warms up to a certain temperature, the lumpy skin of the lizardhead giants begins to produce a special secret, which makes their skin literally glow, reflecting the amazing light of this gorge.

How many legends go about it mysterious gorge. Many experts believe that in this mysterious place, real treasures are hidden. In pursuit of treasures, many magicians and hunters arrived here, damaging this beautiful and mysterious place.

Due to the fact that the lizard-headed giants are constantly expanding the areas inhabited by them, people gradually leave these places, preferring to move to safe cities. And the notoriety of this place spreads farther

A group of people walked slowly along the adobe road leading to the gorge. They were dressed like hunters.

It was already beginning to get dark, and the gorge was covered with a bright glow, creating beautiful views.

You have to believe me! I can swear with my life that there are definitely treasures in this gorge! The young man said, hitting himself on the chest.

Go, go already. How much can you say. Our team already has a woman!- said the man with a bandage on his head. During his remark, he specially approached the girl in a black tight jacket, which was in the middle.

The girl was wearing green long army trousers. Even though they were wide enough, they attractively fit her hips at every step, paying attention to the whole team. Ah, if she still had heels

The air temperature rose, and the girl took off her outer clothes, remaining in one black bra. This appearance of her once again excited the already inflamed men. It would not have come to the fall, because they are all famous magicians and hunters

The girl herself, apparently, did not pay attention to such trifles at all. Having forgotten to stab the hairpin, her tar-black hair wrapped around her neck, allowing her to see the hollow between her breasts The degree of carnal lust was growing

And this girl is brave. Alone went here to the plain of Dongting. Fortunately, she met us a detachment of immoral and unscrupulous magicians. I’m thinking, in this deserted place, will anyone care about a lonely female corpse? said the commander of the detachment, Liang Da Chui, in a whisper to those who were walking nearby.

Commander, don’t talk about it again, otherwise I’ll definitely turn into an immoral type from your words This girl is definitely hot! said Huang Jo Zhu Si, not taking his eyes off the girl.

Ahem-ahem, can we talk about something really important? For example, what treasures of this gorge can help us enrich? said a flushed guy.

All the magicians of this unit used mid-level magic, and even enjoyed a good reputation in the city of B.

This time they received reliable information from an informant that the value of these treasures exceeds tens of millions. That is why they all so decisively went on such a dangerous path here without any regrets.

They could not even imagine that on the way here they would meet a girl who was completely alone. It seemed that she had lost her course and was lost. Seeing that she was definitely not a timid dozen, the team, allegedly out of beneficial motives, agreed to take her with them. From the girl it was clear that the treasures of the gorge were completely indifferent to her, she was interested in some strange incident.

The presence of the girl in the team did not bother them at all, except for one moment: now the toilet paper consumption has increased significantly, and maybe soon they will have to wipe themselves with stones and leaves of trees

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We are almost there. Now we need to make a plan, but we cannot break into it and kill everyone in a row. The number of lizardheads that are there, we will have to interrupt for a very, very long time, came the voice of the one who was responsible for strategic planning.

Give me a topographic map, the fellow traveler said.

Li Man, are you still a military analyst? asked Hong with interest.

I am just responsible for the business, Li Man snapped bluntly.

The analyst in the team was undoubtedly its brain. The specialist who is responsible for analyzing the situation ensures that even the brainless hunters of the team will not be buried here.

It has already got dark, let’s go back tomorrow evening, said Hoon.

Hong Nyao, you yourself said that under the cover of night the lizardheads leave their logs, if we go there, we will immediately turn into a chop, said Huang Jo Zhu Si.

You you don’t understand!

Detachment commander Liang Da Chui trusted Hong Nyao, so he ordered him to act according to his plan.

The next day, in the evening, the detachment was hunting located on the east side of the mountain gorge. They walked along a dangerous road, and, to their surprise, did not meet a single lizard-headed monster on their way. Huang Zhuo Syo was perplexed.

Did you know that there are no lizards? Asked Huang Jo Zhu Si.

Lizardheads do not like to be in direct sunlight, they like to take mud baths right after leaving the den. Because of the way sunlight falls, there is no dirt at all on the eastern side said Hong Nyao with a knowing look. He looked at Li Man to see if his words had impressed her.

However, Li Man’s face was as serious as usual. Absolutely no reaction.

She was not thinking about treasures, but about that strange incident that happened that mountain of lizardhead corpses. She said in a whisper: Lightning piercing instant killing! I’m getting closer to the answer.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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