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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 334 Teen Wolf Read Novel

Chapter 334 Teen Wolf VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 334 Teen Wolf VERSATILE MAGE

In one seedy cave, in front of a burning bonfire, a stone man sat in tatters, looking like a primitive man. A short distance from him lay a hot girl with curvaceous forms.

Her trousers were lowered and she opened her eyes to the most interesting parts of her body. Amazingly beautiful pink panties were not wide enough to cover everything from the fire.

A cave, a bonfire, a guy, a girl, this picture leads to the most sensual fantasies.

What did the girl forget in this damned place?, The guy spoke to himself.

Mmm, the girl lying nearby made a groan. He echoed through the cave.

Bad thing! I forgot to straighten her pants!

Before he could finish, Li Man came to her senses. She immediately looked around and noticed a guy sitting next to her, looking like a caveman from books. Li Man immediately concentrated on applying magic.

You were poisoned, the long-haired savage spoke, exposing his fangs. They were noticeably sharper and stuck out even with their mouths closed.

You are you a hunter?, Li Man got an insight, but she did not attach any importance to this, saying in an even voice.

She would like to come back to this question later, this guy looked too savage. Hunting mages usually walk neat, this young man looked as if he had never left the city.

Something like this, I haven’t been able to leave these parts for a long time, the guy grinned.

Have you saved me?, Asked Li Man.

Yes, you were very poisoned when this happened to me, I spent a lot of energy on it, so I thought that you would be recovering much longer. You’ve been out seven or eight days, said a guy who looked like a savage.

Thank you, all because I was not careful enough, Li Man explained.

You are a girl, alone What did you forget in such a dangerous place? asked the savage.

Are you not alone here? Li Man answered the question.

Yes, yes You also came to the mountain valley for the treasure? the savage continued to ask questions.

Li Man shook her head to the side, she remembered the electric discharges that saw before passing out. Squinting her eyes, she looked right at this guy: I’m making a detour, somewhere nearby appeared with terrifying power, killing everything around.

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Mmm, the savage looked away, and replied: Not for the treasure, and glorious! You can’t even count how many people died!

How many people died? Li Man looked at him in shock.

Yeah, did you think how you were poisoned? I already told several people, but none of them listened to me, said the savage.

This mountain valley is very unusual, Li Man wrinkled his forehead, remembering where she could pick up the poison, as she entered the valley, and remembered that strange, alarming aura.

She’s a high-level mage, and if she nearly fell down, what happened to a group of hunters.

It’s bad if the Liang Da Chui detachment does not know that what’s going on in this valley, they’ll all die here!

You need to rest for a while, the poison has not completely come out, you can stay for a while in the cave, said the savage.

Why here?, Li Man asked.

Well, it will be better, the savage laughed mysteriously.

Have you seen enough? Li Man closely watched the savage.

Oh, well, I, I’ll come out, you pull it up trousers, I dried them!, the savage muttered awkwardly, leaving the cave.


After returning, the tiger-like girl was already in her pants. She looked into the fire, wondering who this savage really was, and if she was looking for him.

Can I disturb you? Asked Li Man, looking at this savage with long hair.

Li Man had a very sad heart, how many years he has been living here all by himself, his hair is already dragging along the floor, also these fangs. If it weren’t for a completely human appearance, Li Man thought it was a wolf cub.

I don’t have time, the wolf cub refused.

I don’t even said what’s the matter, said Li Man angrily.

Sister, I really don’t have time, it’s a matter of life and death, said the wolf cub.

What do you want to do? I can help. But let me know from those hunters who have just recently entered the valley so that they don’t go further, otherwise they will die, said Li Man.

She had a good opinion about that group of hunters, a little perverts, but she’s already used to this kind of attention.

Yeah Yes, there is a sign there already! Something in the center of the swamp was wounded And if the hunters haven’t come back these days, then they’re dead!

Li Man was lost in thought.

Once there were rumors that in the mountain valley there is a spiritual seed of an element of the earth, and even valuable things It’s understandable why hunters and other lovers of profit all the time come here for treasure.

You say that something in the swamp is wounded, how do you know this? Li Man asked incredulously.

It’s You have nothing to worry about, the little wolf calmed her.

I still I don’t know your name.

Oh, call me Fan Mo.

You seem to be familiar with the area, and I do not want to see the deaths of so many mid-level magicians We will go to the mountain valley together, Li Man said with a serious face, looking at this interesting young man. No matter how much she wants to, but she has a duty, and she must hold on to it.

Mo Fan was numb from this woman’s stately disposition.

I am really looking for ways solve the problem. But even the two of us are not enough. We need someone who can distract this poisonous beast, said Mo Fan.

When we entered the mountain valley, a silly guy followed us, it looks like he was studying military disguise. I can find him, said Li Man.

This is not enough. We need someone who can evade the attacks of a monster at the level of ruler Ehh, okay, let’s try this. But first, go find this guy. I’ll say right away, I need this thing, and I won’t give it back to you.

This thing is not appealing to me at all, Li Man said.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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