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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 335 Swamp Monster Read Novel

Chapter 335 Swamp Monster VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 335 Swamp Monster VERSATILE MAGE

Oh, it’s sad that she was so lost The commander is laconic. It would be great if she stayed on our team, said Juan Jo Jo Sy. The snow-white camp of this girl immediately flashed through his head. How does she walk with such big breasts with such a narrow waist? Probably practicing

You all think about your vulgarities. Don’t you think something very strange is happening around? Hung Nyao said in exasperation.

What is strange?

There isn’t a single lizardhead here!

Well, that’s fine, isn’t it? said Huang Zhuo Si.

There you go! Why are you so naive? Lizardheads in this place should be more than one for every 10 square meters. We already go so much time, and have not yet met a single lizardhead! It can only mean one thing That an even more terrifying monster dwells in this place than the lizardheads! So terrifying that these servant-level lizardhead giants dare not even appear here! Hong Nyao said rudely, he wondered how the hunter could be so dumb?

Soon they reached a place that was covered with darkness.

In the middle of the gorge was a plain. In percentage terms, 70% of this gorge was occupied by a swamp, and right in the middle of the swamp was a small island.

The hunters followed their plan of action. They needed to get to this island, since the spiritual seed of the element of the earth should have been there. In addition, the aura of the earth’s element here was very deep and dense, which once again confirmed their guesses the spiritual seed was somewhere nearby!

They put so much effort into getting to the spiritual seed! They were very naive about the dangers of these places you just have to be careful

There was no choice the attractive force of this spiritual seed was too huge!

We are already in place. What will be our next step? asked the commander Liang Da Chui.

We need to figure out what’s what, replied Hong Nyao.

A detachment of hunters has already stepped on the central plain of the swamp. In the district there was not a single giant-headed lizard. Or maybe they left for a nap in another place?

Hong Nyao, meanwhile, took an aluminum case from his bag. Setting up this device, he said: This is an elemental search tool. It is enough to stick it in the ground, and very soon it will give out information about elemental combinations within a radius of one kilometer. Since this plain is located on the surface of the swamp, it is therefore completely saturated with water. So, the main elements here will be the earth element brown, and the water element blue. But if the tool shows that the brown color of the earth element prevails, then this will mean that our spiritual seed is somewhere in the radius of this kilometer.

Okay, that’s enough. We are magicians, not technological engineers there, so it makes no sense to explain everything to us in great detail, said Huang Zhuo Si with irritation.

Hong Nyao made a contemptuous grimace. Who says magicians don’t have to move their brains? Who said magicians should not be able to use various devices?

Hmm Very strange! Yelled Hong Nyao. He looked at the device, which showed absolutely no reaction.

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What happened? The commander asked. The other hunters also turned around, for the first time allowing the idea that there might not be any treasures in the form of spiritual seeds.

Why doesn’t it show any color? You said it must be blue and brown? Asked Huang Zhuo Si, turning around. He was looking at the device.

Hong Nyao was also very surprised. He began to examine this device in detail.

Why does not it show colors?

This is a plain Therefore, it should show a brown color. However, Hong Nyao himself set up the device, and could not understand what was happening. Hmm The question is not in technology, magic has nothing to do with it either

Is your toy really broken? with a grin said Huang Zhuo Si. He was never interested in such intricate gizmos.

It cannot be. I will try again, said Hong Nyao.

Here is the earth, so there must be a response from the element of the earth!

Or this device really broke, or something is wrong with this plain! someone asked a question.

At that moment, Hong Nyao’s face became deathly pale, and the device in his hands began to tremble.

The device is not broken, there is no plain land! Absolutely any object in this world consists of elements. Elemental reactions cannot be given out only by animals!!!

Suddenly, in this swamp there was a stunning roar that began to shake everything around!

This sound was heard in the immediate vicinity from a team of hunters. The sound was so piercing that their ears rang, and their heads seemed to be about to split!

Hong Nyao was the first to guess, at the same moment his brain was filled with indescribable fear that was transmitted to his whole body.

After this sound, the plain in the middle of the swamp began to rise sharply!

The plain sharply separated from the swamp and rose, exposing the huge body under it.

When the black monster got up completely, it became clear to all hunters that the plain was its huge back!

Dirty swamp water rolled down from the body of this monster. It seemed that the light of the moon poured power on this colossus. When it was completely elevated, the monster turned out to be so huge that it struck the imagination with its dimensions!

The little people that had been on his back all this time were already starting to go crazy with fear. It’s impossible to imagine such a thing!!!

They tried to use magic to get off the back of this monster as soon as possible.

The black swamp monster realized that with his back something was wrong and began to shake off, throwing people off as if they were an annoying midge.

His movements were not sharp, but they carried a great danger due to the monster’s enormous dimensions.

Liang Da Chui, Hong Nyao, Huang Zhuo Syo and the rest could not even imagine that they had wandered into the very den of such evil spirits. In the process of their falling down, even the released magic did not save the situation.

For all this time, a group of hunters could only see the back of this monster, everything else was covered in hopeless darkness, leaving them not even a chance to fight!

The next moment, with a loud cry, the dark beast slowly began to plunge into the swamp

After that, silence reigned in the vicinity, as if nothing had happened

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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