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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 336: Fuck, Monkey? Read Novel

Chapter 336: Fuck, Monkey? VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 336: Fuck, Monkey? VERSATILE MAGE

In the distance in the middle of the plain there was a lonely old tree, with bodies hanging from it. A terrifying sight.

Zhang Hou, who was looking at the plain, was shaking his teeth. He could not recover for a long time, looking at this overgrown valley.

Zhang Hou suddenly discovered that he could not get to his feet, and his whole body was covered with sweat.

What a monstrous place!

Zhang Hou first walked along the road from dead bodies, but after considering everything, he realized that he couldn’t survive in this valley, and decided to go after hunting magicians while a sufficient distance from them.

Who knew that they would suddenly disappear!

It’s good that this hunting party consists of experienced and talented mid-level magicians, which and in the army a lot!

And now, Zhang Hou did not know where to go. This place turned out to be much more terrible than he had originally expected. In addition, the level of this monster, in the middle of the swamp, clearly exceeded the leader of the pack.

We need to leave this place sooner, otherwise

Only death Not a soul in the area where is he alone to go?

At worst, you can die in this swamp without much pain, or go to feed that monster.

Gritting his teeth, Zhang Hou went away from the center of the swamp.

Shit, did the lizardheads decide to return to the lair? Zhan Hou was just about to go from here, as he noticed the movements of the lizardheads in the west, they were going to the swamp.

Apparently they made their usual tour of the territories and now returned to their den in the evening.

So, there are two or three hours when their den is almost empty, all its inhabitants at this time they climb the western mountain. And this is a great opportunity to sneak to the treasure, if so, then it is worth a couple of days to suffer, to observe.

Only here most likely, there is something that never slumbers. Zhang Hou thought about the uterus She must be in the lair of the lizardheads. But he didn’t know for sure, because he didn’t know anything about the structure of life of lizards.

Watching more and more lizards coming here, Zhang Hou’s blood ran cold, by and large, because that he didn’t take the wonderful opportunity to leave this place.


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In the south of the mountain valley, the water in the swamp was poisoned. And this poison spread throughout the swamp, infecting others with its fumes.

Local animals have already developed immunity to it, but anyone who was not from these places was immediately affected by the poison.

You have not completely recovered from the poison, why do you need to get out of here? Mo Fan looked at this stubborn girl and did not know what else to say to her.

I’m fine, the fruit that you gave me, does it help fight poison? Asked Li Man.

Yes, if it weren’t for it, I would have died here a long time ago, answered the question Mo Fan.

Then we need to quickly find a detachment of hunters and that magician of the wind element, said Li Man.

If they have already reached the place today, it means they already done for. As for this guy with an element of air The mountain valley is huge, it will not be easy to find him, while Mo Fan said this, he went up a steep cliff and climbed into the gorge, there was a small hole from which an excellent view opened up.

Li Man followed him, and almost falling forward, grabbed Mo Fan: He must be close oh.

Mo Fan stood there a little, peering into the clay soil, more precisely, he looked at a group of climbing lizards. Somewhere in front of them a skinny young man was racing.

He did not know that there was a cliff in front of him. And having already reached him, he barely managed to slow down.

Damn it! Zhang Hou realized his hopeless situation, breathed in his chest and prepared for battle with the lizardheads chasing him.

There were many lizardheads, at first glance about eighty. And they were stronger than ordinary servant-level monsters. Only now they were too slow, and a distance of one hundred meters was given to them with apparent weight. They thundered fangs with thirst, for underwater inhabitants of swamps people were a delicious delicacy.

You say this is it?, Mo Fan looked down from a hole in the mountain.

Li Man also looked into the hole, nodded, and said: Most likely he.

Well, then time is running out, you can’t wait until dawn, after me, there is a trail!, Mo Fan waved this guy.

Zhang Hou turned his head and saw the savage and the girl who was walking with the hunters.

Uff, Zhang Hou’s face blurred in a smile, he ran to the crack in the cliff.


The lizardheads could not crawl into this crack, and they had no choice but to stop the chase.

Three people walked forward along the dark gorge, Zhang Hou spoke: You two, thank you so much for saving me!

Not at all, we are so happy and we discussed you By the way, friend, I think your voice is painfully familiar, Mo Fan replied from the dark.

It’s strange, yours seems to me too.

They’re already passed a dark place, and moonlight illuminated their faces. The two of them looked into each other’s eyes, in which the moon was reflected.

The north wind passed between them, somewhere in the far away you could hear the crows croaking.

Damn.. Monkey?!

Brother Fan!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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