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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 337: Kill a Swamp Monster? Read Novel

Chapter 337: Kill a Swamp Monster? VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 337: Kill a Swamp Monster? VERSATILE MAGE

How wonderful, Fan-ge, that you are not dead! Zhang Hou threw his arms at Mo Fan, despite his many abrasions.

After the tragedy in Bo, they did not see each other for two years!

However, Mo Fan understood that the monkey had deliberately wandered here in search of him, so he was very moved.

Mo Fan knew firsthand how dangerous the plain of Dongting Lake was, therefore the fact that Zhang Hou alone came here in search of his friend, made him speechless.

After they returned to the cave, Li Man immediately went to bed, because she it’s not fully recovered after the poisoning.

Oh, yes, brother Mo Fan, I brought you something, said Zhang Xiao Hou and pulled two vessels from his backpack.

What is this? Mo Fan turned the vessels in his hands, but he did not understand what was inside.

Here are the spiritual soul essences. Petty Officer Zhan Kong said that your soul needs a lot of spiritual essence to recover, so on the way here in the city of Bi And I bought a couple of pieces for you, Zhang Hou said excitedly.

The realization that Mo Fan survived, Zhang Hou was most moved, because he considered Mo Fan his sibling.

Where did you get so much money from? Asked Mo Fan, looking at the vessels. It seemed to him that something was swaying inside them.

Although Mo Fan almost managed to return to his former form and recover, due to the extreme instability of the demonic element, he decided not to return to the city until he felt that his soul was completely safe. However, he could not have imagined that such a lifestyle is so lonely.

The fact that Zhang Hou came so far behind him already touched Mo Fan very much. Who knew that he would still bring spiritual beings with him.

In fact, Mo Fan still remained on this plain only because his weak spiritual resources needed reinforcement in the form of spiritual essences, but for this it was necessary to kill countless gangsterhead lizards

Mo Fan already lost count of how many lizards he killed, and how many spiritual soul essences he collected. In reality, this pair of spiritual soul essences that Zhang Xiao Hou brought brought was unlikely to seriously affect the recovery process of Mo Fan, but he was moved by the fact that Zhang Hou, risking his life for him, came here and brought spiritual soul essences.

Mo Fan himself considered all this time a rather careless and frivolous person, but Zhang Hou’s act literally turned his mind over.

Money is not a problem. I can say that now I am already a military officer. The most important thing is that you recover well. I heard that Elder Zhan Kong is also extremely worried about you, said Zhang Xiao Hou.

Take these soul essences back. Sell ​​them and buy yourself one good magical defensive item, said Mo Fan, returning the vessels with the beings.

The presented spiritual beings were very weak, but it was the heartfelt attitude that struck me. Mo Fan wandered around the local area for more than three months, so it was not difficult for him to get the spiritual essence of a servant-level monster. And for Zhang Hou, buying only two cost him all his savings.

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I have magic items. Petty Officer Zhan Kong said that you need a large number of spiritual soul essences. What to do with these two, sort it out yourself. For me, the most important thing is that I still found you. Fan-ge, you rest, recover here, and I will go gather spiritual essences for you. Now it costs me nothing to kill several dozen lizardheads, because I brought a vessel for the souls of animals with me from the military unit. And, although spiritual essences come out very rarely, if you kill more, Zhang Xiao Hou very well prepared for his campaign.

Ah, this little one! OK OK. Now it makes no sense to list all your achievements to me, I myself have hands and feet, so that you still do something for me, said Mo Fan.

And that is true! Then we can go kill these creatures together! Then they better watch out for our strength! Ha ha ha. Zhang Hou laughed.

Mo Fan pouted. He hesitated about whether the monkey should tell the real situation of the God of death to Dongting.

Thinking, Mo Fan scored it. He was too lazy to kill this optimistic outburst of his friend’s soul, especially since Mo Fan really needed help at that time, and Zhang Hou appeared just in time.

Mo Fan lived in the gorge for some time and for him the main target was a swamp monster.

Some time ago, this monster at the level of ruler was seriously wounded. Mo Fan himself did not know exactly who wounded him, but he assumed that he could not fight this swampy monster even when he himself was under the influence of demonization.

Now Mo Fan needed the soul of a monster, and it is precisely the level of the ruler. It doesn’t matter whether he gets his spiritual essence or just his dead soul. The soul of the animal level of the Commander-in-Chief was Mo Fan’s only hope, otherwise all his efforts made before that would simply turn out to be meaningless. Mo Fan then refused to go to the military unit with Zhan Kong, because he realized that even with the combined military forces they could not get him the necessary amount of spiritual essence, so he decided to get them alone.

The presence of a dark talisman noticeably facilitated Mo Fan’s process of collecting spiritual essences. Just kill and collect!

A collection of dead souls could become a full-fledged spiritual being. Fortunately, having acquired a spiritual essence, it could be considered that another piece of his soul was recaptured.

However, even Mo Fan did not assume that the demonic element had such a strong opposition to its master. The first time he almost cost him his life * (This is something like a bout of illness. In a quiet time, Mo Fan accumulates demonic forces, which then pour into a demonic attack of opposition at a time. He went to kill to release this energy), Mo Fan as if distraught, he continued to kill.

The lizardhead giants very soon found themselves on the verge of extinction. The military tried to weaken them, so they strongly encouraged hunters to kill giants. Mo Fan, too, did not lag behind, using all the charms of demonization, as a result, he turned into the God of death of the plain of Dongting.

However, after a week there was an even stronger confrontation from the demonic element.

Since Mo Fan had four elements, there should be four similar attacks of confrontation. The pain and torment of the first three were still bearable, but Mo Fan was afraid that the fourth might be unbearable.

Spiritual soul essences of the servant level, spiritual soul essences of the leader of the pack such a dark talisman has digested a lot for Mo Fan.

Mo Fan himself suspected that for the complete set, the talisman a soul is required at the level of the ruler.

Spiritual essences of animals at the level of ruler are even less common. However, even just a dead soul of such a beast will be enough to fill the dark talisman with enormous spiritual energy.

But the level of the ruler is the level of the ruler. And killing a beast of this level is not so easy, even seriously injuring him.

Mo Fan was impatient. If a monster manages to recover from a wound, then even its accumulated demonic forces will no longer help him kill him. Now he had beside him obviously not weak, female magician Now there is hope that he will be able to get his soul!

We will go to kill that same monster that is in the center of the swamp Mo Fan blurted out so directly his further plan of action.

What?! Zhang Hou’s eyes widened. The silhouettes of those same hunters surfaced before his eyes

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