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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 338 A Great Plan! Read Novel

Chapter 338 A Great Plan! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 338 A Great Plan! VERSATILE MAGE

Lizardhead giants are amphibians. They live in caves, sleep in the mud, eat simply, but with the obligatory gnawing of someone’s bones. All this suggests that dealing with them is not so easy. Finding a weak spot for these animals is also not easy, especially considering their high fecundity.

If we talk about this gorge, then some 40-50 years ago there were only a few lizardheads, now all the neighborhoods are filled with them

You can be sure of only one thing, that monster in the center of the swamp also belongs to the lizards.

Prior to this, Mo Fan met the dragon-winged dinosaur, a lizard-like beast with a small admixture of dragon genetics. Now he had to fight with a monster who did not have wings, but who was much larger than the dragonfly in size.

For several days, the three of them searched for a method of killing a swamp armored monster.

Li Man told some news after brought its sortie from the cave: two more groups of hunters are going to descend here. But Li Man cheated: he blocked the passage from the east side, it would give them a couple more days of time.

It seems that tomorrow we will have to get down to business, said Mo Fan.

It was clear that all these hunters went to certain death there’s no need to go to the fortuneteller. Most importantly, they could completely ruin the three’s plans for killing the monster, which they so vigorously verified. In addition, Mo Fan knew that if they dragged on even a little longer, then the swamp shell monster had already completely recovered by then.

In the light of the fire, Mo Fan began to draw a plan on the ground.

First, the hardest thing is to break through his protective carapace. Even if he is seriously injured, we should not attack him without making sure that he is permanently immobilized, because his fighting forces are still very impressive. This beast pretends to be very good You should not look at its huge carcass the swamp shell monster has very good intelligence, which surpasses the intelligence of most hunters, which he already managed to devour, said Mo Fan and drew a location on the sand.

Zhang Xiao Hou shook his head.

This monster is really very cunning. He never attacks the hunters in the open, he always waits until they are on his back. To take even those hunters they were all very experienced, possessed various magical artifacts and even thought out the escape routes Nevertheless, they all died and were destroyed.

Even with all our efforts, we will not succeed in killing him. However, there is one thing that can make the impossible possible, said Mo Fan and drew another swamp nearby.

This was the place where Li Man went alone it was there that she received such serious poisoning.

Mo Fan looked at Li Man, who at that moment was thinking. Grinning, Mo Fan said: That’s right, not only a shockproof monster lives in this gorge, but also a poisonous one!

Fan-ge, you want to say that we must use that poison against the marsh carapace monster? Zhang Hou’s eyes flashed.

There was not the slightest chance of success in the fight against the monster. Even a wounded monster at the commander-in-chief’s level poses mortal danger to mid-level magicians.

However, this time it was different.

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Li Man looked at Mo Fan, she couldn’t even think that this savage would turn out to be such a brave man.

Using the power of hunters against a monster, it was possible to obtain certain privileges. However, in the fight against the animal of the level of the ruler, not everyone will risk playing with such things you can be eaten at any time.

Did you find out everything about this poisonous creature? asked Li Man.

Almost, answered Mo Fan.

Almost?! Li Man frowned.

In short, we can use it. Mo Fan did not want to clarify much. It’s very simple: we need to throw this poisonous creature to the swamp monster. It will begin to secrete poison, which slightly weakens the monster. Then we need to make sure that the swamp armored monster kills this poisonous beast, then we can use the situation to immobilize it.

Zhang Xiao Hou shook his head in approval. This was undoubtedly the most suitable way. After thinking, he asked: Well, then who will go to the poisonous creature?

Mo Fan and Li Man were silent, silence reigned in the cave, only fire sometimes cracked.

Zhang Xiao Hou, pointing his finger at himself, he asked: Do you want me to do this?!

Mo Fan and Li Man simultaneously shook their heads. They did not possess the skills of necessary movement, while Zhang Hou possessed elements of wind and earth. In addition, he studied the basics of military pursuit and possessed sheltering skills it’s just combos! Naturally, such an important matter will be entrusted to him!

It was no longer possible to escape, so Zhang Xiao Hou said: Why does it seem to me that you have already agreed on everything in advance?.

I will adjust the place the monster encounters a poisonous creature. So, one of you has to plague the poisonous, and the second the shell, said Mo Fan, drawing up a place on the sand map.

Zhang Hou shook his head.

Thinking over everything, Zhang Hou asked excitedly : Well, well, we will make them collide, and then what shall we do?! They will erase us there!.

The image of the plan looked beautiful, but the thought of its execution was horrifying!

Where should I run if there is one monster behind you and the other in front?

This is not for you to shoot the film Jurassic Park in which four heroines have fun in this way, and even wearing high heels. Zhang Xiao Hou won’t do that!

And here’s the question Mo Fan became thoughtful, pointing a branch to a place in the plan.

You didn’t think why I chose this place for their collision? Mo Fan said in an ordinary voice. Li Man and I have already investigated everything. Behind this cave there is a road, which is essentially a valley of a dried-up underground river. This valley spread to the whole underground space, including the bottom of the central part of the swamp, Mo Fan drew a trajectory in a plan that connected the river valley and the center of the swamp.

Zhang Hou, as if illumination had descended on him, asked: Fan- gee, you want to say that there are people who can help us from below?

That’s right. We will collide two in this place, the underground layer under it is very weak, so several middle-level magicians will be able to cope with it. They will make a hole at the bottom of the swamp, then the water will begin to flow down the funnel filling the underground river. We, having adjusted ourselves to this funnel, will also laugh down said Mo Fan.

Haha, then the monster and the poisonous creature will fight, and we can, without hurry, change clothes and return here to continue to watch Ha ha ha! Zhang Hou laughed out loud.

What is the same smart Mo Fan, everything was under control from the very beginning!

While these two were happy, Li Man remained indifferent.

Simply put, the plan is not bad.

But then another question arises: if Zhang Hou is going to tease a poisonous creature, then who will go to the armored monster?!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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