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Chapter 340 It’s Not So Simple VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 340 It’s Not So Simple VERSATILE MAGE

Monkey, what have you got there?

I I don’t know, judging by the sounds, it seems to be running after me Zhang Hou did not really want to speak at that moment.

Well look!

I Zhang Hou ran and tried to look back with one eye.

Turning his head, he suddenly realized that he could be about to be eaten by this huge scolopendra, whose head was especially terrifying. From the sight of this beast, the scalp began to crack on his head.

Suddenly, Zhang Hou realized something very important.

The legs of this poisonous scolopendra were only in the front body, only 14 pieces, but in the second half of the body there was not a single leg!

Looking more closely, he saw that cuts and scars were noticeable in the second half of the body, as if the legs were there before, but they were cut off! Short-legged scolopendra with half legs!

Did she herself bite off half her legs? Without part of the legs, the body of the scolopendra moved unevenly, as if it were hobbling. She had to enter the swamp from the tail, but she did it sometimes very quickly, and sometimes slowly, like an old ox.

Fan-ge, this poisonous creature is also seriously injured! with surprise in his voice said Zhang Xiao Hou Fan-ge, don’t fool me!.

Yeah. You need to be careful. This creature cannot attack from a distance, but even if it has an average level of intelligence, your life is still in danger. Oh, and also, I forgot to tell you. The fruit that you ate is not really a fruit, but the caviar of this poisonous creature. Since she smells her children that have not hatched from your mouth, she tirelessly chases you So don’t be afraid, she’s definitely not going to fall down, Mo Fan heard the voice.

Zhang Hou was stupefied.

Ah, you !!!

Zhang Xiao Hou thought about what Mo Fan was a sucking teammate! There was a premonition that everything that Mo Fan said about this plan besides poison is a lie!

Here the hell! Ahead of the land it doesn’t even smell!

Zhang Hou fled with all his might, he was surrounded by a swamp that stretched another 200 meters ahead, which means that only after 200 meters he will be able to set foot on land!

He once again looked back and saw that the scolopendra is located at a distance of almost a hundred meters from him. Good. She lags behind almost the whole body!

It was impossible to stop! Zhang Hou could only pray that the density of the swamp mud was high enough, because if he sucks, he can say goodbye to his life! The aura of the earth element must be denser!

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Gritting his teeth, Zhang Hou kept accelerating. Thinking of a swamp bog, he used the wind path and the earth wave at the same time.

The wind path formed a long air stream. As if in a fog, he cut through these two hundred meters of a quagmire.

An earth wave began to accumulate dirt. Controlling this dirt on the surface of the water, the magician began to create something like a road

Petty Officer Zhan Kong once said that if you are fast enough, the magician can even walk on water.

In terms of density, dirt is much higher than water, so if you are quick, you can also learn to walk in dirt

This task was of the highest degree of difficulty. In addition, Zhang Hou’s legs shone even more with a specific light, he was already thinking about using his last magic artifact he was so afraid of being swallowed by this swamp.

Soon, the dirt under his feet began to diverge dividing into two parts. Reaching vibrations created the feeling that this scolopendra was trying to attack.

Fan. Fan I almost got there!!! Your mother!!! in the place where the earth should have already been, it is not clear where the huge black hill came from.

It was very dark this night, which is why Zhang Hou could see only the outlines in the dark

A swampy shell-like monster!

A huge shell was visible on his back it was his group of hunters who took it for the plain.

The monster was just huge! From his movements, the entire contents of the swamp shook without ceasing. And, although he was still separated by a considerable distance from Zhang Hou, Zhang Hou could clearly sense that the beast literally incinerates him with his bestial gaze.

He is much worse than this poisonous scolopendra!

Fan-ge, are you sure that these two will definitely start fighting?! said Zhang Hou, himself not believing what was happening.

I made it so that the swamp monster ate the legs of the poisonous creature. They must fight! Mo Fan said with confidence.

Mo Fan, your mother! What have you been doing here all this time??? Asked Zhang Hou.

Both monsters are seriously injured. I studied the poison of scolopendra, for our forces it is not so dangerous. Injury noticeably slows down the action of a shell-like monster if not for all of this, in normal times they would definitely devour us. No options, Mo Fan answered.

The clash was getting closer. This swamp was also completely affected by everything that happened.

Of course, these animals of the level of ruler could first decide to deal with these brave little people who brewed all this mess, and only then began to sort things out among themselves

Li Man, Li Man, quickly open the funnel at the bottom! said Mo Fan, seeing that the time has already come. He excitedly held the radio in his hands.

Zhang Xiao Hou had almost reached the mud island from which he was supposed to flush down.

At a time when Mo Fan and Zhang Hou were already there, Li Man was in the cave, lighting the stone with her watch.

If it lowers the swamp too early, then a large amount of dirt can simply clog the cave, so you need to start acting exactly when the guys are in place.

A surge of light! a large golden star cloud surrounded the body of Li Man. Li Man, not at all stingy with his magical energy, immediately released high-level magic.

In this case, one of a kind, there was no room for error in this case, these two would simply die from the clutches of huge monsters.

The tide of light belonged to high-level magic, and its effect was appropriate, however, if one also used a magic artifact, the destructive power of the spell would increase noticeably.

Under the control of Li Man, countless light beams, like a torrential stream of sharp arrows, rushed hard blows into a domed rock hanging from above

The rock, under the blows of these light arrows, gave a crack, which turned into a hole 10 meters in size.

10 meter hole That’s it: the dirt will not clog, and the monsters will not crawl.

Ah? What happened? Li Man sharply frowned. She worried that the rock was too dense. She put so much effort into high-level magic, but this hole doesn’t want to open!

This stone It cannot be so strong!

She used high-level magic!!!

Sister, what’s with the drain? Hurry up already, otherwise we’ll die here! Zhang Hou said almost in a crying voice, from the walkie-talkie there were already the background sounds of the monsters growling.

This rock is kind of strange I heard about the spiritual seed of the element of the earth, but It’s right in dumb! In this stone!!! Shouted Li Man.

Is it true?

She thinks about this little thing! What difference does it make, what kind of seed is there, quickly find a way to make a hole!!! Mo Fan said excitedly.

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