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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 345 Natural Enemy Read Novel

Chapter 345 Natural Enemy VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 345 Natural Enemy VERSATILE MAGE

In the air, the arrows turned into golden sparkling rain.

And if the blow of one pointed arrow does not cause the animal the level of commander-in-chief absolutely no harm, then the targeted simultaneous blow of many arrows is very dangerous.

The poisonous scolopendra could not even think that among these few people there would be such a strong magician. She simply did not have the strength to defend herself in pitch darkness!!!

Arrows pierced one after another into the surface of her body. The wounded areas of the arrows began to glow with a golden light, causing the scolopendra to make heart-rending painful sounds.

Tide of light: a sacred spell!!!

These words made every drop of poison shake with fear creatures, every drop of her blood in the face of a magical glow!!!

The luminous arrows of a flood of light did not just pierce the body of the victim, they firmly pierced the whole creature of the animal, no matter how much muscle, power and spirit Nothing could resist the sacred spell

The body of the poisonous t cook began to shake uncontrollably, she began to wriggle quickly on the ground. This caused her great suffering.

From every blow of her huge tail, the whole district shook, so Mo Fan hastened to leave the epicenter of events. One soul of the level of the ruler is enough for him, and the murder of this poisonous creature is a completely different matter.

However, it was clear that the magic of the element of light was definitely strong enough to attack a monster of this level. It seemed that the poisonous creature was about to fall apart Still, to strengthen the magic quite a bit, and one could kill it at that moment.

Shaking in painful convulsions, the poisonous scolopendra rushed towards the magician that released this magic Having swung its tail, it sharply hit them

*** Crunch ***

The earth seemed to split. The crack appeared was directed towards Li Man.

Li Man, quickly reacting, was able to move to the other side. At this time, the magic of light, for a moment lost the control of the magician, sharply weakened.

Grasping the stone, a poisonous creature threw it to the place where Li Man and Zhang Xiao Hou were.

And although for a scolopendra it was just a pebble, for the guys it was a whole block that exceeded human dimensions. Li Man and Zhang Hou hastened to take cover.

Using this opportunity, the scolopendra hastened to head to the center of the swamp.

The poisonous creature was sorely lacking legs, now it crawled like a snake. Unevenly she crawled along the surface. With her head down in the swamp, Scolopendra hastened to leave completely in the swamp.

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Do not let her go! Cried Zhang Hou.

The poisonous creature was already wounded, and it was a great opportunity to kill her. The dead body of a monster at the commander-in-chief level can bring very good money!

Yeah, then go and catch up with her yourself, replied Li Man.

Mo Fan also didn’t have not the slightest intention of chasing scolopendra. He knew from his experience that even being half dead, the beast remains an animal of the level of ruler, and therefore all attempts to finish it off with his bare hands will be futile.

Li Man was exposed to the poison and could not release magic in full power. But Mo Fan and Zhang Hou were middle-level magicians, and although they had spiritual seeds, they could not seriously injure the scolopendra. The mission to kill the armored monster has been completed today, and any actions to kill the poisonous creature meant only certain death.

Monkey, we have already delivered the poisonous creature a lot of trouble, it will take too much strength to kill it, Mo Fan did not even think of chasing the poisonous scolopendra.

Li Man did not even think about it. She could admit such a thought, if Mo Fan and Zhang Hou were high-level magicians, then by joining forces, they could hope for a successful outcome. But since the guys were only mid-level magicians, even killing an armored monster is just a miracle!

Well, you are a high-level magician!!! If you had told us about this earlier, then we would not have to give all our best!!! Zhang Hou turned to Li Man in an imploring voice.

Li Man was young and her magical abilities were really outstanding.

And if I had said before, the result is still the same we are not rivals to monsters of this level Li Man said.

It can’t be! Can’t high-level magic fail to kill the animal of the level of ruler? Zhang Hou said with surprise on his face.

Li Man shook her head negatively: Even if there is a high-level magic wizard, whose magic is at least middle class, in a single battle with a monster at the level of ruler, in most cases, he will not be able to kill the beast. In addition, the beast of this level, only suspecting something was amiss, can immediately disappear. Moreover, the commanders-in-chief are very smart, and they can also set up a trap for a person. And yet, the Commander-in-Chief is always surrounded by countless animals of the levels of the servant and leader of the pack. All this makes his assassination impossible.

No wonder Zhan Kong could not get rid of the winged ash wolf Isn’t Zhan Kong a powerful high-level mage, since he dared to go against the ash wolf? Zhang Hou asked.

The assassination of the commander-in-chief presupposes a perfectly balanced plan.

First, the commander-in-chief can send any beast of the servant level or pack leader from his circle to kill you.

Secondly, a healthy monster of the level of commander-in-chief is equal in power to 6-7 high-level magicians. Even if he is weakened, then he alone can beat 5 high-level magicians. Commanders-in-chief possess endurance and survivability. And when the high-level mage is completely exhausted, the beast of the commander-in-chief level can quickly rehabilitate his forces.

And lastly, the commanders have excellent skills. Even hurt them is very difficult, not that kill! Mages cannot chase them for a long time, it is very exhausting Apart from the fact that mages can be killed at any time!!!

And if this time it was possible to kill the ruler, then only because that there were factors contributing to this.

The swamp shell monster and the poisonous creature were badly mutilated, and they also hated each other very much. And the commanders-in-chief never fight, risking their lives Only servants are capable of this

Your military unit probably doesn’t even dare to dream of killing the poisonous scolopendra? Mo Fan was looking at Li Man with a grin.

Li Man shook her head in agreement, adding: the lizardhead tribe at Dongting is atrocious only because it has no natural enemy in the area. After the poisonous scolopendra killed the armored monster, her strength will increase very much. And since the poisonous scolopendra does not tolerate lizards, it can help us completely overcome the lizardheads.

Here it means that! So, until the end of the month in this gorge there will not be a single pangolin! Mo Fan nodded.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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