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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 354 The Secret of Tang Yue Read Novel

Chapter 354 The Secret of Tang Yue VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 354 The Secret of Tang Yue VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan came to Tang Yue’s house. She was beautiful: a long shirt, high heels

The simultaneous sexuality and extreme seduction of Tang Yue aroused a wave of envy in passers-by

What are you staring at? Teacher Tang Yue pouted her lips.

In addition to Mo Fan, there were other young people here who were staring openly at passers-by, having no idea of ​​bashfulness

Teacher Tang Yue, I think that there should be as many teachers as you can in the schools of our country, then you don’t have to worry about the students falling behind in subjects, Mo Fan blurted out exactly what was on his mind.

Tang Yue’s face turned red after these words, but Mo Fan, a fool, confused with his stupid thoughts!

Mo Fan, joyfully following after her, he asked: Where are we going?.

Yes, no matter where to go, Tang Yue gently reached out, like a cat after waking up from an afternoon nap.

Inside, Mo Fan had a fear that Tang Yue would head towards Yanan Street, where events had happened a week ago, so he pressed closer to her.

Tang Yue, seeing that Mo Fan was trying to stay closer to her laughing, she asked: Are you really so scared?

Mo Fan nodded his head in agreement. He was firmly convinced that even after being demonized, he could not resist this giant snake.

I’ll tell you one story, said Tang Yue, slowing her pace to keep up with Mo Fan.

Is she somehow connected with the snake? He asked.

It is connected with me, Tang Yue said with a smile. Her smile was full of magical charm.

Yeah, and it originates a long time ago?.

Well of course! Tang Yue blurted out her troubled look at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan decided to shut up so as not to spoil such a good atmosphere again.

Tan Yue walked slowly. The measured sound of her heels had a calming effect.

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Even the perfume used by Tan Yue had a charming effect. Everyone passing by people involuntarily had a desire to snuggle up to her to feel this fragrance even more.

Mo Fan liked Hangzhou the people here are very beautiful Well, anyway, they were a week ago

I come from a small village located next to a small lake. The village was fragmented, if it were possible to combine these parts together, it would flourish, Tang Yue said this with sadness in her voice, as if she wanted to return there again.

We call such places are naturally rich, said Mo Fan.

I hate being interrupted! Tang Yue flashed her eyes.

Mo Fan shut up again.

Our village stretches not only along the shores of the lake, but also far beyond safe borders. And since most of the villagers were magicians, even fragile-looking girls could actually be in the ranks of hunters, Tang Yue fell silent for a while. Then, with her puffy sexy lips, she gently asked: Why aren’t you asking why? : So why?.

Later Mo Fan only got the idea that their village was really very strange, given that most of them were powerful magicians. In fact, very few places can boast of a large number of outstanding magicians.

If their village was not within safe boundaries, this means that they lived among magical evil spirits.

What about their defense? A town that is even on safe borders has the risk of being destroyed by all kinds of magical creatures.

Because our village was under divine protection, Tang Yue answered with a smile.

Patronage of the deity? Mo Fan started to hesitate.

Yes, and so we never had to worry about our own safety. If this magical spirit existed, then magical animals could not get closer to us at a distance of less than 10 kilometers, Tang Yue answered.

It turns out that the deities also have such abilities. I thought that they can only calm the soul, said Mo Fan.

We had a special deity.

What kind of deity is this? Then I would also bowed to him, asking for protection for my family as well, continued Mo Fan.

So you were already there, Tang Yue said, looking at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was surprised when he already managed to visit their deity?

However, it is not clear why, in the head of Mo Fan, the image of that giant snake immediately surfaced. He remembered the fire of his eyes If this snake was not a deity, then what?

Mo Fan involuntarily frowned, and walked away from the smiling teacher, taking a few steps back. He could not utter a word.

Tang Yue was looking at Mo Fan all this time, her eyes were squinting from a smile.

Mo Fan did not really honor the Buddha and other deities, considering it a little frivolous and too sentimental. In principle, Mo Fan was not particularly afraid of anything, and even if he was afraid, he hid it behind numerous sarcastic jokes and curses. However, this time it was obvious that the giant serpent took possession of his mind.

Tang Teacher Tang Yue, don’t make fun of me like that Mo Fan only managed to open his mouth after a long time.

But I’m not joking, Tang Yue replied with an ordinary smile.

Are you in your village, all the inhabitants are serpentine people? Mo Fan’s voice was heard.

Tang Yue answered in an angry voice: We are all people! Clear?.

You are people, but is there some kind of serpentine spirit-deity? Mo Fan still could not understand the essence.

After all, did you study history or not? Tang Yue was angry with this student, who seemed to have been wasting lectures on history for nothing.

At lectures on history, however, this was spoken of quite a bit. This is the secret of our village, and we will not disclose this secret to anyone unless, Tang Yue hesitated.

Unless I become a son-in-law in your village? Mo Fan contributed.

God, I don’t need such a windy and immoral little devil like you, answered Tang Yue.

Well, in your village, there are probably women besides you, Mo Fan answered.

Come with me, I will show you one place, said Tang Yue.

I won’t go! Your strange village with no less strange people I don’t want to know your secret, so I won’t go! rested Mo Fan.

You just saw enough movies! Tang Yue answered with a smile.

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