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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 355 this is what is called spirit Read Novel

Chapter 355 this is what is called spirit VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 355 this is what is called spirit VERSATILE MAGE

In the end, Mo Fan agreed.

Why? Because Yue, nevertheless, told Mo Fan that she had all these days in her heart, that every day, closing her eyes, an image of that huge snake popped up before her

For her, everything seems to be easy prey, and it would be worthless for her to swallow Mo Fan.

All living things that fall into the belly of this snake do not die immediately, but slowly corrodes, Tang Yue described.

Sister, you describe everything as if I was not there with you! Mo Fan said with a grim look.

Following Tang Yue, they arrived at the lake Xihu, and reaching the shore, boarded a scarlet boat.

The lake was quiet and clean, a shadow of clouds fell on its surface, which circled around the boat and soon covered it with a shadow.

Sitting alone with Tang Yue in such a small boat, thoughts of obscene always climb into my head. Mo Fan imagined how he and her would do all kinds of bad deeds, and the days would pass by unnoticed. But this time it’s not so.

In his head all his thoughts were about fear, which made Mo Fan feel anxious.

Up to the point where, when Mo Fan looked at the water, saw in the depths of a huge monster curled up into a fist.

Something black with a deep silhouette looked exactly like a snake, his heart went into heels.

What in after all, with me??

Mo Fan had never been so restless in her soul.

Is it really like Tan Yue said, are we all going to be someone’s prey soon?

The boat was sailing to the heart of the lake the island.

The island represented a prohibiting round sign, with two crosses, and around the water.

The boat was left on the shore. Mo Fan saw a man coming up to them, dressed in blue clothes, with burning eyes he looked at Tang Yue, but when he looked at Mo Fan frowned.

Tang Yue, you can’t bring outsiders here! said the man in blue.

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The old man, he is not a stranger, Tang Yue, holding the boat, helped Mo Fan step ashore.

Really, are you already?, The old man named was dumbfounded.

Tang Yue realized what he said, blushed and, pouting her lips, said: Get out of here, he is my student.

Oh, oh, student, then yes, he’s from ours, the old man laughed, and dislike for Mo Fan had immediately disappeared.

There used to be a lot of people on the island, it was graceful and small in its own way.

Old man, come back, today I will protect Tang Yue said to the man in blue.

Well, well, the old man sat on the boat for a moment and swam away.

The old man who met Mo Fan did not leave the feeling anxiety.

There are no more people on this island, only a single man and woman, although what can happen if this is really a teacher and student?

In thoughts the image of this damned serpent appeared again so that it would fail!

Today I’m on duty, and if I hadn’t met you, I would have definitely gone bored, Tang Yue said laughing, as if she hadn’t watched for Mo Fan.

Mo Fan admitted that everything he had in his head at that moment was dirty and nasty things. A lonely island, a lonely man and woman, secluded, in the open and everything is spoiled by the fact that she is a teacher. It becomes even more dirty, ugly.

Tang Yue folded her hands behind her back and looked like a little girl called her friend in a well-known place.

She walked easily and naturally, no one would say that she was an arrogant and narcissistic teacher.

Mo Fan, following Tang Yue, went into the hollow. Below was a cross-shaped house with a greenish-gray roof.

Antiques were placed in the house, Mo Fan followed Tan Yue into the house, it turned out that the antiques were not only on the table, all the walls were carved engraved with ancient frescoes.

One of them depicted a man and a beast above him.

There were many outlandish animals around the village.

Usually Mo Fan did not pay attention to such things, but even if he did, he never understood the inherent meaning in such paintings.

But he remembered the story nu Tang Yue Mo Fan the history of the village, and then the meaning came to a little!

The village was surrounded by monsters, but if you look closely, you can see that the wall surrounding the village is not a wall at all It’s actually a snake!

A snake curled up in a ball, and the village is in it.

The surrounding monsters fled from it, fearing to approach the village.

And the villagers thought that this place was protecting them, but in fact the monsters they were afraid of the snake!

And if you don’t know the story, then don’t take a closer look at the huge snake around the village and you won’t make out.

Was this all true?, asked Mo Fan.

Tang Yue nodded, by confirming that this is not a joke.

Is this snake protecting you now? Mo Fan asked in a serious tone.

Yeah. We call her spirit. This island is the heart of the lake, and it has a hidden meaning that has been preserved since antiquity, said Tang Yue.

Mo Fan was shocked, he realized that the island in the middle of the lake was perfectly round!


Lake Xihu is already many years old, who would have thought that it was fraught with such amazing secrets!

Unfortunately, the secret of teacher Tang Yue remained a secret!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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