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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 357 Shedding Period Read Novel

Chapter 357 Shedding Period VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 357 Shedding Period VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan was thoughtful.

That’s great that Officer Zhan Kong knew about the forces of the Black Church, so he did not reveal secrets that Mo Fan remained alive.

But if all -so the Black Church has long intended to destroy him, then you can’t hide such a needle in a bag.

Mo Fan was stunned. Why did the Black Church do this? For the sake of the sacred source, or for the totem that Tang Yue is talking about?

Mo Fan thought about all this for a long time. At the top of the wall was an image in which you could see none other than the huge snake that was painted in a shroud of clouds

Under the image of the snake, you could see something else small, similar to the worm. Mo Fan laughed: What is this? Does the snake still have a cub?.

Tang Yue also laughed: What you called a cub is a giant snake.

Then who is he which is bigger? Mo Fan stared at him stupidly.

The giant serpent was the largest animal of all that Mo Fan met in his life. Stretching to full height from the earth, the snake could reach the level of clouds.

The wall image showed that there is an even larger snake that surpasses the giant snake every 10 times Does he have to obscure the sky???

I don’t know either. This image was taken a long time ago. At that time, they believed that in heaven there is still a spirit worshiped by a giant serpent, so they painted it like that said Tang Yue.

In the settlement of Tang Yue there were many similar ancient legends that did not have a logical explanation, but it was clear that all the everyday wisdom of the people was concentrated in them.

Mo Fan also inclined to the fact that this was all fiction. If such a huge beast really existed, then living on planet Earth would be a real threat.

Suddenly, a strange sound was heard right near the island.

Mo Fan started to shake from fear, not daring, even look at the teacher Tang Yue.

That Just don’t tell me that it is here Mo Fan’s face took on a completely frightened look.

Mo Fan all hoped that Tang Yue would say that all these totem animals supposedly exist only in historical books, but then he recalled all the evidence of their existence, and the body began to pour cold sweat again.

Yeah, it is over there Tang Yue pointed somewhere to the side.

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Teacher Tang Yue, let’s We better go back to your house, said Mo Fan.

Hehe, don’t be afraid of him like that. He doesn’t cripple people Maybe I should introduce you? Tang Yue did not stop laughing.

Dont! Do not! This is your spirit, you worship him. I’m a stranger in this part of the world, so he definitely won’t like me., Mo Fan rejected everything.

Well, that’s up to you. The serpent really lives in Lake Xihu, however, even if you shovel the whole lake, it will not be possible to find it, said Tang Yue.


He sleeps soundly in the three water abysses that are sealed by the moonlight. Around the time the Black Church went to Shanghai for you, the seal of the deeps of the water was not strong. It was then that he could get into Hangzhou and the rest of the water abysses, Tang Yue showed Mo Fan the same water abyssal moons.

Mo Fan looked that way and saw 3 holes with an engraving similar to censers, that towered above the water level. Even from that point it was clear that there were very long bases in the water beneath them.

The holes made a triangle, in the middle a light burned, the light of which reflected in the darkness of the water.

That horror in his eyes. Compared to weaker creatures, a snake can sow a seed of horror in the depths of the soul of the seer. And he will wait for the day when it grows up and sees a white light, so much so that when he sees the snake the next time, that person will involuntarily fall to his knees from fear of him, and he will not have a single bit of determination to confront the snake, said Tang Yue Mo Fan some strange story.

It seems to me that no magical beast can bring night sleeplessness on me like the teacher Tang Yue does, Mo Fan laughed.

The Joker! Tang Yue sparkled with her own eyes.

Tang Yue told Mo Fan how to get rid of inner fear and horror. The method is very simple: during cultivation, when you see it, you just need to keep your eyes on it. Yes, it will be hard not to close your eyes from such a fear of a giant snake, but if you overpower yourself once, then this seed of horror will stop growing. In the opposite case, a person may suffer until the end of time.

Mo Fan decided to try this method on himself. However, it was not as easy to do as Tang Yue said. Here you have to confront your inner world, which made Mo Fan really worry.

However, the result was not long in coming, and all the horror evaporated along with drops of sweat on the body of Mo Fan.

After waiting for the horror seed to completely disappear, Mo Fan again decided to consider whether he should meet this spirit.

On the one hand, why go to him Nobody would know how he will behave with an alien man, and even more, suddenly he again puts something in Mo Fan’s soul No, for sure, you shouldn’t go!

Still, I believe that you, as a witness to the accident, can help us understand the reasons for all this. Then we can take precautions to eliminate such situations, said Tang Yue, walking alongside.

Sorry, but I don’t want to get involved in this level of business, said Mo Fan.

How so? Do you refuse to help me?Asked Tang Yue.

Not that. Wait a moment, when did I say that I will help you? Mo Fan was dumbfounded. It’s important, you have to help us, said Tang Yue.

Mo Fan was on the verge of bursting into tears.

Simply put, he was simply deceived!

On the other hand, he can use the fact that Tang Yue revealed such a big secret to him!

Well, tell me what to do there with a smile said Mo Fan.

Once every ten years, the spirit begins to molt. In the present period, it is about to begin. The chairman of the magical court and Haye Feng instructed me to find a resourceful assistant. During molting, the spirit becomes very vulnerable, which some individuals can use to attack it. The spirit becomes overly sensitive to such an extent that the presence of even a small threat can provoke it to action. And this is the main reason why he appeared then in the city. At normal times, we don’t open the press, so he cannot get out, said Tang Yue.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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