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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 361 Leaving the Boss! Read Novel

Chapter 361 Leaving the Boss! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 361 Leaving the Boss! VERSATILE MAGE

After leaving the conference room, Tang Yue and Mo Fan went straight to the three lunar abysses.

This time, Tang Yue took a black pearl with her. Tan Zhong summoned a totem snake with this pearl, and also, it could be used as a vessel for carrying it.

There was a lot of space inside the totem pearl, so the giant snake could even rest there.

In fact, the totem pearl was a spatial vessel, however, most of its space could not be used by living beings, so it underwent a change. After that, the space was completely ready and could accommodate living soul essences, so it was suitable even for carrying a giant snake.

If there is not enough living space in the pearl, then the snake can simply die inside this vessel, which originally intended to collect dead souls.

Naturally, Zhu Meng had no idea about the existence of such totemic pearls. He was busy with his plan and could not conceive that Tang Zhong had already thought out everything beforehand, instructing Tang Yue and Mo Fan to take the totem snake as far as possible.

It was not imagined to bring the totem snake to white light challenging for Zhu Meng. But he did not intend to just pull him out for public display, he wanted to completely destroy him Well, of course, the magical beast that protects the inhabitants he must drag other snakes sooner or later to kill everyone!

Tan Zhong thought that Zhu Meng specifically chose the period when the totem is very vulnerable, in order to kill him! That is why Tang Yue must take him away from here as far as possible!

One has only to wait for the molting period and then this coward Zhu Meng will never dare to approach him again!

Zhu Meng is plotting against you, so I have to get you out of here to a safe place, can you hear me? Tang Yue quietly whispered over the water near the three lunar abysses.

Mo Fan was standing on an island, inside him there was still a slight fear of a serpent.

On the surface of the water became circles diverge. In terms of their size, it was easy to guess that what was coming up should just be huge.

As a result, the very totemic snake appeared on the surface. Mo Fan did not dare to believe that a creature of such dimensions could be found in such a small pond.

It is clear that the inner space of the three lunar abysses must also be compressed to accommodate the snake. But how compressed???

The black shadow continued to stretch out of the water.

A huge snake head appeared on the surface. The gleam of her skin reflected the light of water.

Seeing that the totem snake heard her, Tang Yue smiled. There was not a drop of fear on her face. She reached out and touched his head.

The head of a snake was the size of a room measuring 100 square meters! His nose was like a cave, and his mouth was so wide that it could scare absolutely anyone.

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Tang Yue is still that brave, man! Without hesitation, she ran up to the head of the snake, continuing to tell him something and laugh.

And if the image of Tang Yue in the heart of Mo Fan was a look of an adult sexy woman, now, on the head of the snake, she looked like a mischievous girl.

This is my student! A bad student who does not listen to lectures at all. His name is Mo Fan, said Tang Yue, pointing to Mo Fan who had remained on the islet.

The totem snake looked closely at Mo Fan, sticking out its long snake tongue.

Mo Fan, it looks like he remembers you! laughing, said Tang Yue.

Let’s finish the job sooner! Mo Fan said almost crying.

Do not rush. I have to talk to him carefully. During molting, he is very sensitive, so I must first calm him down, answered Tang Yue.

Good, good. Communicate all you need! said Mo Fan.

The surface of Lake Xihu began to cast a beautiful night light with a silver tint.

A strange picture: in the moonlight a girl walks around huge black head and frolic tells her a lot of things. It’s like a girlfriend whom I haven’t seen for a long time.

And this huge totem snake at the moments when Tang Yue is silent, moves his head as if about to speak.

Mo Fan seemed to observe the picture when Tang Yue, as a child, communicates with a giant snake

Tang Yue spent so much time with this snake that it was clear how much she should have been lonely without a father.

Well, he agrees! Shouted Tang Yue Mo Fan.

Then take him away faster! He answered.

Tang Yue did not really hear that Mo Fan was screaming there, so she started letting the totemic snake inside the pearl.

The totemic snake quietly fit into the pearl, and Mo Fan wondered how such a thing was possible???

It seemed that the totem snake was not as huge as it seemed in their first meeting with Mo Fan.

During molting, it decreases in size, Tang Yue explained.

And what can become a very small snake? Mo Fan still could not understand what was happening.

Now he seemed even smaller than a carapace monster and a poisonous scolopendra!

It is quite possible!

Well, if he is already in the pearl, then we should leave here, without unnecessary ceremonies! said Mo Fan.

I mean, without any ceremony?

This time it was not just an escape from a guy with a beautiful girl, this time there was also the Boss the totem snake that they must take away from here!

Well, shouldn’t there be any soundtrack in the background with such a beautiful landscape?

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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