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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 362 Hypersensitivity Read Novel

Chapter 362 Hypersensitivity VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 362 Hypersensitivity VERSATILE MAGE

Hello, Xin Xia, I’ll be gone for a while, take care of myself Mo Fan called his sister while Tang Yue was messing with the snake boss.

Good, you be careful too, was heard the soft voice of Xin Xia.

Relax, everything will be fine. Are you at home and what kind of screams are there in the background? Mo Fan heard female screams in the receiver.

I am now in a student dormitory, several students were struck by a strange disease. I am here to provide them with treatment, but the healing element against this disease is not very effective. There are more and more sick people, said Xin Xia.

Xin Xia had an element of healing, so she was like an ambulance on campus.

You also be careful. Strange diseases are usually very contagious, said Mo Fan.


After hanging up, Mo Fan did not notice how the giant snake had already completely entered to the pearl. Before that, the pearl shone with a light yellow color, but after the snake was inside it, it turned black. One could see with the naked eye how something inside the pearl moves.

Did he really fit completely inside? Mo Fan asked, wiping the pearl.

We need to leave faster before the people of Zhu Meng caught us, said Tang Yue.

Mo Fan nodded and they headed west to Hangzhou.

Tang Yue had already managed to map out a route. She planned to move the totem snake to a small town called Bai Zheng, which is located on the safe borders of Hangzhou.

Bai Zheng was located in the westernmost part of the city. The distance from Hangzhou to him was very large. There was a hidden cave in the white mountain of Bai Zheng, the existence of which was known only to the elders of the genus of the totem guardians. This cave was used only in the most emergency situations.

No matter how far this white mountain was and how long it took to get to it, the main task of Mo Fan was to bring Tang Yue and the totem snake to this cave.

The White Mountain was among other mountains, and the cave was one of a thousand caves. Even if Zhu Meng’s companions come here, they won’t be able to come back.

Okay, let’s go!

Let’s go!.

Two people with a totem serpent in their bosom left Hangzhou, heading west of the city.

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Zhu Meng violently threw an expensive tea cup right in front of his people, who at that moment did not dare to utter and words before him.

You are all worthless! Nothing! Such a huge snake! Well, if you could not make out! I told you to keep track of people from the guardian clan! What did you do??? Shouted Zhu Meng furiously.

As you said, we followed all the key personalities of the totem guardian clan, but we couldn’t even guess that they had already managed to pass the snake to a girl named Tang Yue. Her abilities are not so outstanding compared to the rest of the kind, so we did not give her much attention, answered the bodyguard from the Imperial Palace of Witchcraft.

This Tan Yue is a member of the magical court. Then she dared to openly argue with me. We can immediately seize her, and if there are any objections from the side of the magical court, we can immediately seize all those who object! angrily said Zhu Meng. He could not have thought that his plan would be destroyed by some inconspicuous girl.

Interviewer Zhu, you should not punish your subordinates like that, said the old man in a classic ancient robe. In his hands he carried a teapot of fragrant tea, and his beard swayed to the beat of his movements.

Bodyguard Wu Ping Jing did not understand why assessor Lu appeared, and looked strangely at how the elder had something mumbles.

Ping Jing, you are too young. Everything is either black or white for you, said Lo Mian, stroking his beard.

Lo Mian is one of the supporters of our hidden strategy in Hangzhou. But, being influenced by the Hangzhou magical court, he did not want to openly spoil relations with the totem guardian family, said Zhu Meng.

Wu Ping Jing opened his mouth in amazement.

The relationship between the assessors was very strange. Openly feuding at the meeting, Wu Ping Ching initially thought that Luo Mian was a supporter of the totem guardians. Who knew that he had already managed to agree on everything with Zhu Man before that.

Is it really Luo Mian who leaked the information about the beginning of molting the snake?

Yesterday I knew that this girl Tang Yue should take the totem snake away. It seems that the chairman of the magical court, Tang Zhong, suspects me, because he watched me all night, and I could not contact you to provide information This Tang Zhong is not so meek Luo Mian said with a grin.

No need to talk. This time I called you to consult. Earlier, I had arranged my people so that they cordoned off all the important places. I just don’t understand how this Tang Yue was able to leave the city? said Zhu Meng.

Wu Ping Jing shook his head. This question most worried the bodyguard. They watched Tang Chung, Hei Yuyu and other main personalities of the clan, cordoned off the lake. Tang Yue is just a high-level mage, how could she get past the guards?

I only found out about it myself. Although during molting the strength of the totem snake decreases, its sensitivity is enhanced at times. He can smell the animal level of the ruler or a high level mage at a distance of 20 kilometers this is his protective function for the molting period. He can feel danger in the distance. Tang Yue most likely took advantage of this characteristic of him to leave the city, Lo Mian replied.

Zhu Meng frowned his thick eyebrows, making a surprised expression on his face.

Wu Pan Jing is also speechless.

The totem serpent belongs to animals of the general’s level, how can it not have specific skills? So all the high-level magicians that you sent to look for it’s not difficult for him to calculate all of them, continued Luo Mian.

That is, you want to say, said Zhu Meng.

The main part of the magical court is the interns. We’ll send them in search of those guys, they will seize them, and you just send your bodyguard, then Tang Yue will not even be able to resist, said Luo Mian, who had planned this plan in advance.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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