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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 363 Practical training for members of the magical court Read Novel

Chapter 363 Practical training for members of the magical court VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 363 Practical training for members of the magical court VERSATILE MAGE

Zhu Meng also rubbed his mustache.

In fact, this was not the first time that Zhu Meng came across a totem snake, so he heard about his hypersensitivity. Therefore, he could not use his bodyguards, whom he brought with him from the imperial palace, which means that the idea of ​​sending trainees to search for the snake deserves attention.

There were many interns in the magical court: these were those people who wanted to become members of the magical court, as well as those who received training.

How should such young guys grab Tang Yue?

Go, prepare and send guys who can be transferred. They must arrest Tang Yue, Zhu Meng gave the decree.

A group of palace bodyguards saluted and immediately set off to train practitioners of the magical court to be transferred.

In one of the dormitories Zhejiang University one guy loudly said: Brother, did you tell the truth?.

How can I deceive you? This is the first case of this kind that only trainees can complete. As soon as I heard this news, I immediately thought that you should take part in it, a reply voice was heard.

I am so grateful to you! I always dreamed of working in magical court! Even if only interns and trainees are recruited, it will be a big advantage for me on the main campus, said Liu Yi Lin with a shaky voice.

Such a chance is extremely rare. They say that if you show yourself well in this matter, then you can be made directly an ordinary member of the magical court! he answered.

Immediately become a member of the magical court? Brother, what kind of task should this be??? Liu Ying Lin asked excitedly.

I myself don’t know for sure, but they say that it’s somehow connected with that giant snake. Do not ask a lot of questions, but bring things here faster! I’m still an intern myself, so getting this opportunity was not very easy for you either!

That’s it, that’s it, I’m coming!.

Become ordinary a member of the magical court This amounts to becoming a full-time employee and raising your level to high!

What is the difference between one magician and another?

In perseverance?

Of course not!

The most important thing for any magician is the resources! Therefore, everyone is so eagerly trying to get good support from the powerful of this world.

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Magical court was the dream of every student! And then there’s such an opportunity, if you prove yourself well in business, you can immediately join the ranks of members of the magical court! Liu Yi Lin thought that his heart was about to pop out

Such opportunities come across oh how often, so Liu Yi Lin should catch luck by the tail!

Liu Lin, where are you going? Asked his bosom friend, seeing that Liu Yin Lin was soaping up somewhere.

I’m going to an important mission of the magical court, Liu Yin answered with pride in his voice.

Come on! You’re just a trainee. Although on the campus you are famous for your abilities, but do I not know that you are still far from the level of a member of the magical court! They couldn’t send you on an important mission in any way, the guy said.

I will tell you one secret: if everything goes well, then I can immediately become an ordinary member of the magical court, and then no one can compare with me at this university! Liu Yi Lin answered.

Seriously, or what? this guy with red hair asked, now without a hint of a grin.

Of course!.

Heading west, Mo Fan thought that he cannot summon his mighty wolf now, so she will have to walk with Tang Yue.

Having reached the suburb of Hangzhou, Mo Fan saw that it was already light, and Tang Yue was sweating. With a grin, he said: Your spirit is more submissive compared to my little Lolita.

What kind of little Lolita? Tang Yue’s question was heard.

A place of honest hunting *, my little partner, I haven’t seen this girl for a long time and already missed her, answered Mo Fan.

Ah, you’re talking about sister Ling Qing. Among young girls, outstanding talents of the magical court, I especially respect her. I could not do anything when the Black Church wanted to destroy you. Then Lan Qing told me to find a place of honest hunting * (p.n: incomprehensible turn, perhaps there will be further explanations), but I couldn’t even think that this was a man Very strange All such places are usually written down how she got there, I don’t understand, said Tang Yue.

I don’t want to hear such words, it likens me to ordinary people, said Mo Fan.

Tang Yue laughed. She first looked at the pearl with the totem snake, and then she looked at the city that was left behind.

Teacher Tang Yue, don’t worry so much, you have me, Mo Fan, which means that you can easily reach this cave in the white mountain, reassured Mo Fan Tan Yue.

Thank you. Tang Yue didn’t think that things had already reached such turns when even the name Mo Fan was already on the list of those pursued by magical courts.

At the very beginning, when Tang Yue pulled Mo Fan into this case, she thought that, although Mo Fan was not of their kind, she could completely trust him. She did not think that Zhu Meng had already attracted the authority and resources of the two strongest magical organizations in the country to send them against the two. I think you can thank me only by marrying me, Mo Fan said in an ordinary voice.

He looked at Tang Yue, whose buttons came off on her blouse — her breast was so beautiful, and even these buttocks, which were so round that even the skirt on them went in the hills. He recalled the very first lessons when he mentally went into his fantasies. Mo Fan thought that this is the girl who deserves to continue the family of Mo.

Well, if this time you really prove to be useful Tang Yue bit her lip I can agree.

Mo Fan almost fell.

Tang Yue really ready to marry him???

Teacher Tang Yue, are you kidding? said Mo Fan.

Tang Yue looked into Mo Fan’s eyes. There was not a hint of a grin in her look: My father left me very early, and every time I wanted to talk with him, I realized that he was not there. He said that he would always protect me. I did not understand his words until a totem snake appeared in my life. Mo Fan, I understand that you can not believe that the serpent protects the city, and I can not guarantee that it is not capable of all evil. But I can definitely say that he protects me, constantly. He protected me for so many years that now I have to help him in such a dangerous period for him. It is so important to me that I will accept any condition that you put forward for risking your life for me now.

Mo Fan hastened to console Tang Yue. It seems that this boss snake is really very important for her, like her father, who was guarding.

He can not take advantage of the difficult situation of a person!

The words of Tang Yue did not particularly touch Mo Fan, but he felt that he had crossed some lines with her. Who knows, maybe one day this totemic snake will devour him, not even leaving bones

In dealing with people you need to know the borderline. You can’t argue with women, so you shouldn’t particularly believe their words

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