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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 364 Epidemic Read Novel

Chapter 364 Epidemic VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 364 Epidemic VERSATILE MAGE

Bai Zheng at the very beginning was just a postal station. From abroad with a large transport hub, a small settlement gradually turned into a suburb.

A small settlement located near the military unit grew, giving shelter to a variety of people: merchants, hunters, members of the magical association, students, noble families. Of course, there were criminals among them, wanted by a magical court!

Usually the city was not strictly controlled, which made it a great place for a black market that was not under anyone’s control. Hunters could sell jewelry that they could get here, and the military could lower their earned money here.

What, some kind of check? Mo Fan said perplexed, standing in line at the entrance to the city.

Guy, you apparently are not aware. Recently, an epidemic has been raging, which is spreading very quickly. Many people have already been expelled from here. Now they’re checking everyone to see if he’s sick or not, said a tanned man who looked like a hunter.

And they make a big deal out of it, exhaled Mo Fan.

There was a totem snake, so Mo Fan and Tang Yue could not openly oppose Zhu Meng, who had already sent out information about them as criminals. Of course, it is not a good idea to check the transport hub, but if there are no representatives of the magical court, then everyone else in this town does not make sense to search for them.

Mo Fan and Tang Yue quickly checked and calmed down: their idsoul essences were not checked.

Upon entering Bai Zheng, Mo Fan and Tang Yue were surprised.

On the long street in ordinary times, life was in full swing: numerous shops, shops, kiosks, and everywhere there should be a lot of people. A place where various transactions between magicians were made. However, today it was cool outside and there were far fewer buyers than usual.

Mo Fan and Tang Yue were very tired of the road, so we decided to relax in a hotel in which they did not require proof of identity.

The hotel was more than ordinary. While Mo Fan was waiting for the keys at the reception, he heard a girl in a white respirator involuntarily say: It looks like the epidemic is very serious this time.

The girl looked at Mo Fan with a wary look, frightened by the stranger.

Pulling out the keys and giving them to Mo Fan, she no longer uttered a word.

The landlady, standing nearby, said: Well, of course, after this giant snake appeared in public, all of the outskirts of Hangzhou were covered epidemic. As for me, this snake is definitely real, what kind of shadow is it? This government is always hanging noodles on the ears of ordinary people.

How did you get the idea that the epidemic has something to do with the snake? Mo Fan asked, not understanding.

It started a week ago. And although I am not a magician, but I also know that all snakes are poisonous. Think about it, the poison of such a huge snake can spread, causing an epidemic.I believe that you need to quickly find this monster, before people began to die! answered the hostess.

Mom, well, you yourself heard it from others! said the girl in a white respirator.

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In most cases, this is true, said the hostess.

Mo Fan exchanged a couple of offers with them and went upstairs. Tang Yue, in order not to shine her personality once again, on the pretext that she needed to go to the bathroom, hurried to leave.

Already upstairs, Mo Fan asked Tang Yue: Did you hear what they just said there?

Tang Yue nodded her head but said nothing.

Are you not hiding anything from me? Mo Fan did not resist the question, seeing the expression on Tang Yue’s face.

And although she didn’t say anything, he saw some concern in her eyes.

Okay, go to the room, you are too exhausted, said Mo Fan.

After opening the room with the key, Mo Fan launched Tang Yue. She said: Go to your room, I want to be alone.

There is such a thing the hostess below said that this was the last available room for today, Mo Fan said shyly.

Tang Yue raised her head, looked at the unscrupulous guy, and said with a smile: Bai Zheng is so deserted today, do you think I will believe that there are no more empty seats?.

We will settle together, we can agree, said Mo Fan.

Go already down, issue another number. I didn’t even know that you were so disgusting!.

Teacher Tang Yue

The door slammed shut, Mo Fan heard the key turn inside. It seems that the scene from the old series cannot be embodied.

Mo Fan took another room and went to bed.

In the next room, Tang Yue pulled out a chair on the balcony.

In such apartment buildings, which later became hotels, there are always balconies.

It was already very light, you could see several people walking along the street they were all with respirators.

Near the sanitary an ambulance crammed with medical staff rushed to the station

All this time, Tang Yue thought only of the totem snake, not suspecting how severe the epidemic was ia spread in Hangzhou County.

Mo Fan, are you sleeping? Tang Yue said from the balcony to the next room.

I don’t sleep Mo Fan got out of bed.

Why did you come running? Tang Yue looked at Mo Fan, who ran out onto the balcony.

Isn’t it scary that other people can hear us like that? he found the reason.

I do not want to deceive you.

So this epidemic is really connected with your spirit? asked Mo Fan.

I I don’t know, Tang Yue answered.

So you said that during molting it is not poisonous.

It is true, during this period he has absolutely no poison.

Not poisonous, but the epidemic is spreading. You were told to remove the totem, not only because of Zhu Meng, but also in order to remove the epidemic from the city, Mo Fan laughed, making a conclusion.

Tang Yue said with some confidence in her voice: I believe that the snake has nothing to do with the epidemic.

What you don’t believe is a purely personal matter, eh, Mo Fan did not know what to say.

Mo Fan, I I do not know what to do, Tang Yue said confusedly.

Be wiser, as the hostess said. extradite the snake to this assessor. In a few days, people will begin to die. You yourself saw the situation in Bai Zheng. The death toll may exceed 100 thousand Teacher Tang Yue, even you won’t cope with this result.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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