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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 365 Victims of the epidemic Read Novel

Chapter 365 Victims of the epidemic VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 365 Victims of the epidemic VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan and Tang Yue had problems in Bai Zheng.

It’s been quite a while since they arrived in Bai Zheng, but all the exits from it were already blocked in order to prevent the further spread of the epidemic.

Mo Fan and Tang Yue did not know what to do. Initially, they planned to just relax in Bai Zheng, and then go along with the totem to White Mountain.

Regardless of whether the totem was the source of the epidemic or not, it was the most suitable idea to take it from Bai Zheng.

Who knew that the city would be blocked, and anyone who wants to leave this suburban town on their own will risk being discovered. Tang Yue and Mo Fan only now realized that they were stuck here.

That will not work, we will have to break the ban. If this spirit is really the source of the epidemic, then the situation in the city will only worsen, said Tang Yue.

Yeah, we will move forward with the arrival of the night. However, the city is full of military magicians they can find us, said Mo Fan, shaking his head.

It’s okay, the totemic spirit in the distance can feel the palace bodyguards and members of the magical court, they can’t catch us. answered Tang Yue.

With the arrival of the night, Tang Yue and Mo Fan decided to act.

The city had a protective wall, which was a magic barrier. Any contact with the barrier will be immediately discovered by the military.

Mo Fan, without thinking twice, called on his nimble wolf, and, having mounted on his back with Tang Yue, ordered him to transport them across the barrier.

Under the cover of the night on the streets of Bai Zheng there was not a soul out of fear of the epidemic no one dared to go outside. The situation in Hangzhou during the day was calm, but by the evening more than a hundred people who were victims of the epidemic were discovered.

The epidemic was spreading very quickly, the pharmacists were simply stunned no one had to deal with such a serious plague. The healing element was also powerless against the epidemic, and all previously invented recipes and drugs only exacerbated the course of the disease.

The epidemic was a disease with a latent incubation period, slowly causing deterioration in the body. Then there was an infection of other people. In addition, it did not have specific symptoms other than other diseases.

Spreading very quickly, the disease worsened more slowly, as if allowing infected organisms to produce antibodies. However, those people who were infected a week ago had already completely covered themselves with whitish blisters, which seemed terrible. It seemed that these blisters would not let people survive until the next morning.

While Tang Yue and Mo Fan crossed the border with the totemic spirit that was probably the cause of the epidemic, three people died in hospital beds who fell victims of this plague.

This the event stirred up all the doctors. After some time, medical experts were already in the hospital at the magical association. They were all in protective suits and already examined these seriously mutilated corpses.

After the blisters on these three corpses burst, the bodies began to decompose very quickly. And if during the day they still looked like people, then at night it was impossible to find the similarity of these bodies with people.

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Mr. Lou, what do you think? Asked Zhu Meng.

Mr. Lu rubbed his hands and signaled to the nurses to close these corpses, because looking at them like that was already unbearable.

This is the worst plague disease that I seen in the last 10 plus years. We have already calculated that seven days elapse from the moment of infection to this state. Seven days!!! This is too little!!! Mr. Lu turned to the doctors around him, among whom were the strongest magicians of the healing element. Even they could only shrug their hands in fright in the face of this disease.

President of the magical court, I hope you know that thousands of people are already infected? said Zhu Meng, referring to Tan Zhong.

I know Tan Zhong nodded his head.

And looking at these three corpses, you continue to think that I, Zhu Meng, are joking, playing with people’s lives and saying that the reason is your spirit? Zhu Meng said, pointing to bodies covered with white sheets I, Zhu Meng, never resort to such methods! If you still think that your serpent is innocent, then how do you explain the death of these people?!

The chairman of the magical court was silent.

Tan Zhong himself did not expect such an outcome. Those first two corpses that were discovered a week after the appearance of the snake he and the genus of totem guardians believed that these were all tricks of Zhu Meng. But now, after seeing three more who died from the epidemic, Tan Zhong was shaking with horror.

These are not all the tricks of Zhu Meng

Is it really because of the totem snake?

Has the serpent already lost control of itself during molting?

Information has already spread everywhere all attention was focused on the city of Hangzhou. In addition, if information about the corpses leaks, then all Hangzhou residents will certainly hate the totem snake!!!

All this time, representatives of the totem guardian clan did not disclose information about the totem snake. If a snake caused a disaster, and neither the administrative leadership, nor the magical court can deal with it, then people themselves under such great pressure will find a council for a giant snake. Throughout this time, nothing like this has happened. I think that we should once again investigate everything and figure it out, said Tan Zhong.

Tan Zhong! Zhu Meng shouted furiously Are you still protecting this snake??? Do you even realize the current situation? The number of infected has already reached 1324 people, which in a week will turn into 1324 corpses! How much can you close your eyes to all this??? You are the chairman of the magical court!.

The totem serpent has been living in the heart of our city for centuries. Our people were able to survive in this place, which is teeming with monsters of the level of ruler, only thanks to the protection of the totem snake. And for all this time not a single similar case has been recorded. I ask you to give me some more time, I will ask Tang Yue to bring to the city a little secretion of the totem snake obtained during his molting. Perhaps then we can bring out antibodies to stop the spread of the epidemic. Please, Zhu Meng, you shouldn’t hurry up a fatal verdict! answered Tan Zhong.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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