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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 366 I am your Yin Zhi Ping * Read Novel

Chapter 366 I am your Yin Zhi Ping * VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 366 I am your Yin Zhi Ping * VERSATILE MAGE

(* p.p. 尹志平 one of the Taoist mentors, a doctor who saved a lot of people)

Thinking about what happened, Elder Tang Zhong had to decide on the fate of the totem.

Even if this time the epidemic happened because of him, but you still can’t take and kill the totem snake, his presence in the district is very important for Hangzhou, without him the city is most likely wear out from constant wars, it wouldn’t exist anymore.

And now Tan Zhong is asking only one thing to save his life.

Exile, so exile is much better than dying from people.

Chief Justice, you are too generous. The hidden threat strategy is decisive and irrevocable destruction. Why did you decide that this totemic serpent will not reappear in these parts, and will not pour out its fury from exile on innocent people? And if you wait until the molt is over, then by that time it will become completely uncontrollable, can it be that your miserable requests will persuade him? Sorry, I can’t joke with the lives of peaceful people, this totem snake! I can’t help but kill her! said Zhu Meng Zhan.

Well, then I’m sorry, I can’t tell you where the totem snake went, arrest me if you wish, make me guilty of an epidemic, but I still won’t disclose to you his location, Senior Judge Tan Zhong was still unshakable.

He, Elder Tan Zhong, knows the history of this wall best of all.

Spirit is the gracious patronage of the wall, not at all to blame for the epidemic. And he will blindly believe it!

Even if he committed a crime, this did not lead to such a big disaster that people had something to judge him for!!! !!!

Oh, you think that if you don’t tell, then I won’t know My spies have already reported that they found your girlfriend Tang Yue and a boy in the vicinity of Bai Zheng. In the best case tomorrow, I will definitely beheaded him and leave my head on that busy street so that people know the truth, so that people sleep peacefully! said Zhu Meng with notes of pride in his voice.

Tan Zhong frowned. Bai Zheng The location of Mo Fan and Tang Yue has already been revealed, it remains to be hoped that they can escape Zhu Meng’s bodyguards by perceiving the totem snake.


Bai Zheng, dressed in a long white robe of the imperial army, a man stood on the observation tower and looked into the distance. His eyes fell on the top of the mountain in the distance.

Captain U, where are we going? Asked one of the bodyguards.

Here we are waiting for an order, a practitioner and a judge will be here soon, but we are still waiting for the news, Captain U calmly said.

Captain, I heard the power of the totem snake is amazing, and even if we attack from all sides, it’s unlikely that we can to detain him if Zhu Meng, of course, doesn’t intervene on his own, said the bodyguard.

Calm down, during moulting the totem snake weakens and becomes like an ordinary monster. He lives the devil knows how much, having already violated the laws of nature, God is simply obligated to punish him for it. This molt is his punishment of God, Captain U calmly replied.

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Then it’s good We can only deal with Tang Yue and the guy who spins beside her, by the way, I wonder how much he Strong, said the bodyguard.

He is just a mid-level mage, Wu Ping Ching replied, laughing.

Oh, then we can easily deal with it with the judge.


And without that the snow-white mountain shone under the sun, there were almost no plants on it, it was very sheer, which made its an excellent barrier to humans and monsters.

Its mountains are a plain on which long grass grew, and there was not a single tree. The night wind blew. Tall autumn grasses fluttered at the foothills, a very magnificent sight.

A blue wolf rushed through the grass field at an insane speed.

Faster, faster! Tang Yue, turned her head, and looked at the shadow behind her.

Much faster Be careful ahead! Said Mo Fan.

Only the speech was interrupted, when suddenly a silhouette appeared in the tall grass, countless vines grew out of nowhere. They coiled into a huge cage, waiting for Mo Fan and Tang Yue to drive themselves into it.

More and more vines rose from the ground, they quickly and tightly tied the limbs of a fast-moving wolf, like steel cables, tighter and tighter tying their paws. And they cut the air with a whistle, like blows from a whip.

The swift wolf tried to dodge to the side, lianas more and more whipped in the air, falling to the ground with noise, leaving long traces on it.


Lian was too much, and from all the fast-moving wolf there was no chance to evade, blows left bloody spots on his head. He could no longer stand on his feet and fell to his side. Tang Yue and Mo Fan fell head over heels directly into the tall thickets of grass.

Creepers rose with great madness higher and higher through the body of a fast-moving wolf, eventually wrapping tightly around the body of a fast-moving wolf, and so that he couldn’t even lift a finger.

Beware! This is a very powerful magic of the plant element!, Tang Yue got to her feet, looking worriedly at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan nodded, he also felt that it was the magic of the plant element.

** whistle **

** whistle **

Suddenly, two more creepers appeared in the air, flying to Mo Fan and Tang Yue, on this time they looked like a rifle barrel aimed at them with a muzzle.

Mo Fan’s heart fluttered, this trainee was just tin, a killer, right!

Burn this grass! shouted Mo Fan.

The thickets closed the entire review, and in them this trainee with an element of plants felt like a fish in water, since he could use any of the plants for his own purposes.

It’s impossible, more people will chase us! said Tang Yue.

How else to reveal it, Mo Fan looked around.

These thickets played into the hands of the magician of the element of plants whose purpose is to restrain them and prevent them from penetrating the mountains.

Are you asking me? I’m from where I know Carefully, ahead! Tang Yue said.

Mo Fan turned his head and saw an approaching vine. Mo Fan reacted with lightning speed, taking the form of a shadow, drowning in the glare of the moon on tall grass. Liana whipped the void and hid among the thickets, not giving even a chance to understand Mo Fan and Tang Yue from where to wait for the next blow. Mo Fan in the dark.

Tang Yue taught me a lot modest Mo Fan.

I’ll cover you from here, you use Shadow Absorption to track him down, just look do not cripple, use the Shadow Spikes: Fetters to prevent him from following us, said Tang Yue.

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