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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 371 Fifth Among the Gifted Read Novel

Chapter 371 Fifth Among the Gifted VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 371 Fifth Among the Gifted VERSATILE MAGE


Liu Lin did not have time to get his protective artifacts, malicious electric lightning already pierced his body. Even his insides were exposed to these electric discharges.

Liu Yi Lin could not make a sound, he was all pale, and his face was tormented.

In Liu Lin’s eyes, who looked at Mo Fan, reflected nothing but pain and bewilderment. Perplexed by how this guy was able to silently end up next to him? Why is there some kind of dark fog surrounding him? And how was he able to do away with the incomparable Dong Fang Min, an intermediate-level mage, in less than 15 minutes?

I told you, I will see you again cripple! Said Mo Fan, looking at Liu Yi Lin and stamping his foot.

Liu Yi Lin could not move. From kicking near his face, all the stinky dirt on Mo Fan’s shoes stuck to Liu Yi Lin’s face, making him feel like he was dipped in a cesspool.



Liu Yi Lin hated Mo Fan. Even tearing his skin from him was not enough to express all the anger of the disgraced.

Mo Fan was never afraid to offend and humiliate people. He wasn’t even affected by the tricks of the Black Church dogs, would he be afraid of some high school student named Liu Yin Lin?

If you think this is the greatest humiliation in your life, then relax! If you decide, you can find me and take revenge, although it may mean nothing to you. You know, I don’t know what kind of shit my shoes went to, but there are poultry farms in Bai Zheng, and I ran in spite of the road You see, there was no time to look for roundabout ways to put my shoes on something worthwhile, and your face, it is so snow-white! after completing the execution, Mo Fan left.

Having dealt with Liu Yin Lin, Mo Fan switched to the battle that Tang Yue was waging.

A high-level mage he’s Africa is a high-level magician, so Tang Yue’s elemental star system was much faster than the rest.

A bright red flame began to form around her, creating a ring of fire. The ring suddenly began to tighten, accumulating all the energy at Tang Yue’s left arm.

The Burning Fist: Nine Palaces!.

The Burning Fist of the third stage was masterfully released, and seething magma began to pour out in that place.

A raging flame blinded the eyes in this night darkness. 9 columns of fire made up the very same nine palaces of the spell. Magma poured intensely in the gap between these pillars of fire. Flaming spray fell down like raindrops This whole lawn, under the influence of the spell of the burning fist of nine palaces, turned into a burnt ashes.

Liu Zhong Ming and another accomplice lay on the scorched earth. Their defensive magic items were destroyed by the heat of a blazing fist, and if it weren’t for Tang Yue who stopped all this, the two would have been burned alive by a spell.

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Tang Yue’s head was spinning and white cheeks heated by the surrounding flame. She looked a little haggard.

After the spell of nine palaces in the district there was silence: 4 trainees of the magical court and another trainee were disarmed. However, most of all, Tang Yue was afraid of the palace guards.

We leave, they are close, said Tang Yue Mo Fan, looking at the pearl in which the totem snake was located.


The agile wolf was wounded, so they could get to the White Mountain only with shadow magic.

The White Mountain was already very close In the night darkness two shadows headed toward her.

After a while, the palace guards, riding a blue outlandish bird with 10-meter wings, reached the scene of the incident.

Wu Ping Ching, seeing four people to lying on the ground, upset.

You also said it was necessary to just hold them off! said one of the palace guards in an angry voice.

I I thought that their forces are ordinary said Dong Fang Ming, barely rising to his feet.

Dong Fang Ming, and you still consider yourself a person after that? Tang Yue is a high-level mage, decided to compete with her? heard the furious voice of Li Jin.

Dong Fang Ming was a subordinate of Li Jin. All four children were included in the case at the invitation of this person. Initially, the guys thought that the pursuit of Mo Fan and Tang Yue would entail a huge reward, but in the end, they also fell under the distribution of magical judgment.

He was taught a lesson by the guy, said Liu Jun-min.

Liu Jun-Min could not hide this fact, because they acted on instructions from above, and Dong Fan Min, disobeying the order, got into trouble.

Mid-level mage? asked Li Jin.

This question put Dong Fang Ming in an even more difficult position, he did not know how to answer it.

Wu Ping Jing, looking at of all these rumpled guys, said: Do you think that there will be a wimp next to Tang Yue?

Naturally, Wu Ping Jing has already looked through all the data about Mo Fan and found out that he has a direct relationship to the tragedy in the city of Bo and the purge of adherents of the Black Church in Shanghai. Mo Fan simply could not be an ordinary magician.

He is the fifth among the most gifted a born two-element mage, the most powerful student at Mingzhu University. The double collapse of the plans of the Black Church is directly related to it. You could not resist him and 15 minutes! You are the offspring of the Dong Fang fiery family, and if all you have is your arrogance, you can forever forget about becoming a member of the magical court! Li Jin said angrily.

Dong Fang Ming also received a thrashing from Tang Yue, but he was most worried about the failure of Mo Fan, a middle-level mage.

Li Jin repeatedly said to Dong Fang Min, that there is no limit to perfection. However, this time he did not listen to him, having made an unforgivable mistake, because of which Li Jin would not be able to shield Dong Fang Ming in front of a magical court.

You all need to recover. Go ahead. And henceforth, do not dare to claim a place in a magical court anymore, said Wu Ping Jing in a cold voice to these four.

Okay, these guards, but if this matter reaches Zhu Meng’s ears, he will also expel them from the magical association too!

Next time I will pay him tenfold! said Dong Fang Ming, gritting his teeth.

He was still worried about the fact that he had lost to the young guy. Even Zhu Meng’s reaction didn’t bother him like that.

Liu Yin Lin was also offended by Mo Fan, but when he found out how he noted Dong Fan Ming, he became even more afraid of Mo Fan.

However, Liu Yi Lin was not so rude as Dong Fang Ming, why could he offend Mo Fan so?

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