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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 372 Delivery completed Read Novel

Chapter 372 Delivery completed VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 372 Delivery completed VERSATILE MAGE

After passing several mountains, Tan Yue released a totem snake.

There was almost no living space inside the pearl, so the snake needed to be released outside.

Tan Yue pulled out a pearl, and a thick fog came out of it.

The fog was black. Mo Fan intentionally stepped away from this place and watched, because who knows, maybe this fog will decide to pursue it.

In this pitch darkness, Mo Fan suddenly realized that something was stirring.

Suddenly something pushed him.

He felt for his stirring with his hand and realized that it was a snake! The snake conveniently perched near Mo Fan! He jumped out of fear and ran up to a higher stone.

Standing on a stone, Mo Fan looked down and watched a black thick fog envelop the entire peak.

A huge snake the body turned over from time to time. The scaly-shaped body of the totem snake looked like a painted wall.

All the time before this, the snake was a kind of fence with its body. Now there was no need to enclose anything, and the serpent lay, as he pleased, bubbling with pleasure. However, Mo Fan did not dare to look down.

After a while the black fog cleared, and the huge snake carcass remained to lie between the mountains.

The wriggling body of the snake curled up, it crept across the ridge From all this pressure, the rock could collapse at any moment.

Mo Fan specially climbed a stone top in order to give the totem snake more space. Who knew that from any point of looking down one could only see his immense carcass.

Mo Fan, run here! The totem serpent will lead us to the cave! Tang Yue just as bravely continued to stand on the head of the snake, calling Mo Fan.

This is the case I brought him here, and that’s enough for me, Mo Fan said in fear.

And even worse is when you are standing on top, and all that is below is snakes! And although there was one single snake below, out of fear, it equated to millions of ordinary snakes!

Faster here, otherwise I will ask the totem snake to bring you! Tang Yue said.

Hearing these words, Mo Fan ran scared down. He ran to the serpentine head, which already had Tang Yue.

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This huge head was the size of a football field, and Mo Fan did not have the courage to look into these eyes.

Relax, he knows that you are helping him in this difficult time for him. Otherwise, he would not have let you just climb onto his head, said Tang Yue, looking at the frightened look of Mo Fan.

Well, yes, this snake was never obedient, but then he was released and he immediately became a good fellow? Tang Yue said with a smile.

Not worth gratitude.. squeezing himself out, said Mo Fan.

Let’s go. Serpent, you are safe now, said Tan Yue, who loved to sit between the eyes of the serpent, not without pleasure.

Mo Fan was shaking with fear, and he simply closed his eyes.

A huge serpent headed through the mountains. What looked like a ridge in the eyes of ordinary people was just a bumpy path for a totemic snake.

The high mountains instantly were behind, although for the snake it was the walking speed.

After some time, a large unusual mountain appeared before their eyes.

The purpose of the arrival was just this huge mountain. All the mountains before that for the totem serpent were just stones, and this mountain was just a mountain.

The cave could be seen from afar, it was located right in the middle of this huge mountain.

Mo Fan did not want to go inside with the snake. Who knows what’s inside: maybe some evil spirits, maybe numerous labyrinths, or even the whole underworld.

Serpent, you have a good rest and recover. And we have to go, said Tang Yue.

A snake hissed and the totem stuck out its huge forked tongue, as a sign that he understood the request of Tang Yue.

Oh yes, you still have to give me some of your blood, said Tang Yue.

The serpent dodged and bit itself in the middle, two drops of blood appeared. Then the serpent opened its mouth, which was full of blood.

We don’t need so much, Tang Yue swore.

Mo Fan could not look at this picture without tears: the amount of blood that the snakes offered would be enough so that Tang Yue could take a bath in her!

What do you want to do with his blood? asked Mo Fan.

The epidemic is getting worse. There must be some antibodies in his blood, so you need to deliver it back. Perhaps this will help solve the plague situation, answered Tang Yue.

Now that the totem snake is in a safe place, Tang Yue can fully devote herself to solving the epidemic problem. The main venom of the snake is in his blood, and if the cause of the epidemic is really in the totem, then you can find a way out thanks to his blood.

Cmon??? We have come so hard here, and now must we return? complained Mo Fan.

Well, what can you do? We cannot just look at how the epidemic is rampant, we must find its cause. Let’s tell the palace guards to seize us and deliver us back, Tang Yue replied.

But is it possible to come up with a wiser way? I still think that they will want to get even with us, Mo Fan insisted.

We don’t have time. More people are getting infected every minute, and his blood can help, Tang Yue said.

If his blood turns out to be effective, this will mean that the snake is the source of the epidemic, and then Zhu Meng and his henchmen certainly will not leave behind for nothing.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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