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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 373 Trouble Does Not Come Alone Read Novel

Chapter 373 Trouble Does Not Come Alone VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 373 Trouble Does Not Come Alone VERSATILE MAGE

In the white tent was an insulating casing, in which, in a row of bunks, lay the infected. The bodies of the victims of the epidemic were densely covered with abscesses, and the organisms themselves were extremely dehydrated. No matter how much water the patients drank, the situation did not improve, on the contrary this led to the fact that the pus in their boils became more and more.

The isolation building was filled with painful cries and moans. The epidemic did not spare anyone: here one could meet old people, women, children, and adults. The eyes of the sick were filled with horror in the face of this plague, and only magicians of the healing element made a detour from time to time, hoping to somehow improve their condition. However, the efforts of even such powerful healers did not give effect. Only the children ran between the bunks, completely unaware of what lay ahead.

Next to the epidemiological isolation ward there was another temporary tent, which was used by the magicians of the healing element for meetings and discussions. Mages have never been so powerless before the disease: they could not offer the infected people an effective treatment, and the time remaining for the sick became less and less.

Mr. Lu, there are only three days left until the moment when the first the stream of infected will turn into a mountain of corpses, similar to those that we saw that time. Total strength, the voice of a middle-aged man in a white uniform was heard.

Mr. Lu made it clear with his hand that he did not want to hear a further report. He knew better than the rest how many people make up the first stream of infected people. He was even more worried that there were even more infected in the second and third streams, and their number continued to grow rapidly. It was already difficult to calculate their approximate number, but there was one thing for sure the epidemic has already reached all corners of the city of Hangzhou.

Mr. Lu, if we recognize the causative agent of the disease, we can develop a cure for the epidemic. And since everyone already knows that the beginning of the plague is connected with the appearance of that huge snake in a public place, isn’t it easier to start researching? said the man in white uniform.

At the moment when the man finished talking, the chairman of the magical court Tan Zhong entered the meeting tent. Mr. Lu said nothing, as he also knew that the giant serpent was the guardian spirit of the city.

Together with Tang Chung, the assessor Zhu Meng also entered the tent, whose appearance was very concentrated. From his gaze it was clear that he had come here to confront Tang Zhong.

Tang Zhong! Do you really want to turn all of Hangzhou into a mountain of corpses?! You just have to sit and do nothing, and then your expectations will come true! You are the enemy of every resident of Hangzhou! Now I don’t care about anything other than solving this epidemic! said Zhu Meng.

Tan Zhong did not look relaxed either. All this time, he, too, was alarmed only by this plague, hoping to find a way to stop it as soon as possible, so his gut was at the limit too.

At the moment when assessor Zhu Meng was gathering something again to pronounce, one of the palace bodyguards quickly entered inside and said something in his ear.

The face of the assessor changed sharply, he asked: Have you got the totem pearl?.

The guard quietly replied: The subordinates failed the task, you must punish them.

Zhu Meng’s face was blocked by rage This case was sent but there are so many trainees, couldn’t they all deal with two people?!

Li Jin waited for Zhu Meng to calm down a bit and continued to say: Mo Fan and Tang Yue have already returned that you will take it?.

Bring them here immediately!!!.

After a while, Mo Fan and Tang Yue were brought into the tent. While they were led there, Mo Fan and Tang Yue walked and did not believe their eyes. They could not believe that in just a few days the epidemic would reach such proportions.

Zhu Meng measured the guys with his angry gaze and a cold voice said: And you are both good! If there was my will, I would have dealt with you right now! Should I take you to quarantine so that you can see for yourself what the consequences of all this are????.

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Mo Fan did not answer.

Tang Yue stood biting her lip. Everything happened too fast. They hastily removed the totem snake from the city, and when they returned, the whole city was already influenced by the epidemic, not leaving indifferent a single resident. Never in her life had she encountered such a phenomenon that could turn a once calm and prosperous city into a place of horror.

Tang Yue pulled out a bottle full of blood and handed it to Zhu Meng: This is blood if the cause is in it, then it will help to find the antidote.

Zhu Meng signaled to pass it on to Mr. Lu, who was waiting for the snake’s blood to arrive in their laboratory. They had only three days left for research.

Seize and arrest these two, Zhu Meng gave the decree.

Li Jin came over to take them away. At this moment, a man in command uniform approached Zhu Meng, saluting him, he whispered something in his ear.

Zhu Meng exclaimed: What are you talking about?.

After hearing this cry of Zhu Meng, everyone else abruptly turned to find out what hit the assessor so much.

We just got this information from the fortress. The situation there is extraordinary, so we ask the assessor to convene a meeting to assist, said the commander.

Good. I’ll give the order now, said Zhu Meng, shaking his head.

Ping Jing from the palace guard, seeing that the assessor’s face had changed dramatically, asked: Senior assessor, did something happen?.

Trouble does not come alone! That’s for sure trouble never comes alone!!! answered Zhu Meng with a bewildered look.

The commander, seeing that the chairman of the magical court and a number of other dignitaries are still here, said: A flock of white magic eagles appeared in the area of ​​the western fortress of Hangzhou County. They went mad with hunger and didn’t react at all to our attacks, not even thinking about returning to their nesting places. They rushed to fly to the city.

At that moment, Tang Zhong’s face was horrified! He had heard about the eagles living on the side of the western ranges. They were considered very humble animals that dutifully dwell in their area, and do not show a liveliness similar to other magical animals.

Tan Zhong did not understand what pushed these white eagles to head towards Hangzhou. Sudden attacks of swarms of magical animals are far from common in a well-guarded place like Hangzhou.

It looks like we are intermingled Zhu Meng said confusedly.

Tan Zhong also shook his head frowningly. This epidemic turned everything upside down, and then this invasion is just like snow on its head

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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