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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 376 Assassination Totem Read Novel

Chapter 376 Assassination Totem VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 376 Assassination Totem VERSATILE MAGE

Autumn Lake Xihu has already been painted with beautiful scenery. The water in the pond was very cold and clear.

Prior to this, the vicinity of the lake was always teeming with tourists and ordinary residents of the city, now it was deserted.

On the one hand, all residents the cities were already frightened by the raging epidemic, and therefore did not agree to leave the house under any pretext, fearing infection. On the other hand, all the entrances and exits from the city were already completely blocked, so no one could get into this already deserted place from the outside.

Lake Sikhu is huge like the sea.

From the blowing wind, willows on the Su Guna dam * (* a famous attraction on Lake Xihu) gently swayed, like the movements of young girls who just got out of the water.

On this long dam Zhu Meng and the palace guard captain Wu Jing looked at the desert of Hangzhou.

The coastal zone of the lake was literally studded with numerous scoops of various architectural styles. These buildings were beautifully reflected on the smooth water surface, creating an indescribable sight.

A huge black cloud appeared in the night sky, cast with a silver-gold moonlight. In this glow, one could clearly see the contours of the cloud, which seemed to hang specially over a skyscraper with a glass dome, incorporating the light of the building. As a result, it seemed as if high and high above the clouds there was a huge powerful spotlight that highlighted exactly this place.

Suddenly, in the middle of these night skies a light black fog appeared, which after a while began to thicken. It was as if he had absorbed the entire golden-silver glow of the crescent. It seemed that even the light of countless lamps blocked.

The sky turned completely black.

Black fog gradually began to approach the space above Xiu.

Zhu Meng stood at the dam, Wang Jing, Mo Fan, Tang Yue, Tang Zhong, Leng Qing, Li Tian, ​​Li Jin, Luo Mian and others. They all carefully looked up, their heads lifted, watching the black fog approaching here.

So this is how this spirit could suddenly appear in the middle of the city, and then also silently disappear said Lan Qing.

Lan Qing is an extremely charming and attractive girl who is also the little sister of little Lolita.

This day, Mo Fan first saw her. He did not suspect that she was the deputy chairman of the magical court, and her abilities were amazing.

He is here, Tang Yue said with a smile. All she had to do was blow into the zither, which was made from the totem snake scales, for the snake to come in.

The snake was back, but its molting period had not yet ended. The black fog is a cloud hanging over the very heart of Lake Xihu. Then, turning into a bolt of huge black lightning, it sank into the lake.

At the moment when the snake was completely immersed in water, a large white wave appeared on its surface with a bang.

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Splashes of water clouded the entire space. A huge wave that rose in the center of the lake hissed toward the shores, almost flooding the sight on which people stood.

People stood with their mouths open. Many of them first encountered the phenomenon of the totem snake.

The lake remained at rest all this time, but now, with the return of the snake, the surface of the water was bubbling again, a black silhouette of the spirit was seen that was eye-catching.

Serpent, is your molt over? Tang Yue said to the totem in the water.

The serpent swam to the dam. His head and neck were much larger than this dam. You could see his huge eyes with which he looked at the people who were there.

And although his attention was turned only to Tang Yue, it seemed that he sees absolutely everyone, as if in the palm of his hand.

It’s not over yet, said Lo Mian, glancing at the totem snake.

When the molt is over, the patterns on the body of the snake will become clear. Now they were blurry and somehow whitish.

Moreover, this could even be felt from his weakened breath, which Luo Mian sensed.

This the moment Zhu Meng turned and looked at Luo Mian.

Luo Mian nodded his head, some mysterious meaning could be seen in his eyes.

Suddenly, Zhu Meng raised his right hand, his palm was clenched into a fist.

This was his gesture, which signaled the beginning of action!

Soon, many silhouettes appeared on the entire dam. It became clear that they had been hiding here for a long time, waiting for a signal from Zhu Meng!

Some of the people were dressed in the uniform of the palace guard it was Zhu Meng’s personal magical group.

The rest were dressed in the robes of a magical court. By the color of their form, one could understand that they were subordinates of Luo Mian!

They were everywhere.

Take it! Zhu Meng shouted loudly.

Proceed to the punishment of lightning: Violated prohibition *, do not give him a chance to leave! at the same time, Lo Mian commanded. (* magic of the highest level lightning element).

Tang Yue, Mo Fan, Leng Qing, Tang Zhong, Li Tian and others were discouraged by the suddenness of what was happening.

Seeing, that among the attackers were entirely top-level magicians, Tang Yue could not believe her eyes.

What are you going to do? Shouted Tang Yue.

Those two didn’t mention anything about this ambush.

Tang Yue, you did a good job. She passed the life of the totem serpent directly into our hands, with a smile stroking a beard, said Luo Mian.

We must destroy him! Then the epidemic will completely disappear! said Zhu Meng.

This day will also be the day of his death!

Tang Yue was confused, she could not think that these two would conspire to deceive everyone

Luo Mian was against both Zhu Meng and the totem snake

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