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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 377 Crush of the Serpent, Kara of Lightning: Violated Prohibition Read Novel

Chapter 377 Crush of the Serpent, Kara of Lightning: Violated Prohibition VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 377 Crush of the Serpent, Kara of Lightning: Violated Prohibition VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan looked with horror at all these palace guards and members of the magical court, scattered across the dam. According to their aura, one could understand that their cultivation is at least a level above it!

In ordinary life, it is unlikely to meet even two high-level magicians, but here there are 2 whole detachments!

The situation was amazing. The totem serpent also sensed how strong the people on the dam were. He opened his huge mouth like a cave and let out a wind cry, from which the willows in that place collapsed. The leaves were flying, the water was raging, as if a hurricane had begun.

Start The judgment of lightning: Violated ban! Lo Mian commanded once more.

Suddenly a powerful lightning appeared overhead!

Mo Fan saw a huge purple lightning piercing a black cloud! Before that, he had barely noticed how numerous stars instantly formed into a system.

The star system behind the star system They formed a beautiful star cloud.

The star cloud was under a black cloud. It looked like a three-dimensional image.

A high-level star cloud.

Mo Fan thought about how much magical energy this magic required! Mo Fan himself would have long been exhausted. He saw 243 stars making up one star cloud, and 6 more continued to form nearby!!!

Seven stars made up the constellation entry-level magic.

49 stars made up the stellar elemental system mid-level magic.

243 stars made up 49 constellations, 7 elemental systems that made up the star cloud high-level magic.

In the sky over Sihu now hung as many as 7 such star clouds They were all like a star palace over a lake

This is a star galaxy! She sparkled majestically over the city, reflected in her indescribable light in all the dark corners of Hangzhou!

Mo Fan was speechless. Even its elemental system possessed tremendous destructive power, what kind of deadly energy should this star galaxy have in it???

The huge violet galaxy was so huge that it seemed that it could be reached by hand 7 star clouds filled the entire sky!!!

Countless electric discharges formed one powerful stream, which seemed to be enough to pierce the entire thickness of the clouds!!!

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Deafening the thunder sounded as if the firmament had fallen to the ground! The most powerful energy of lightning directly pierced the black water surface of Sihu!

The bright purple sky attracted the attention of everyone who was in the city, people watched what was happening even from their windows

Even knowing that the whole world was awash with magicians, sorcery, all sorts of magical evil spirits, people simply could not take their eyes off the action of this spell

Is this Is this also magic?.

What ominous lightning As if they were here to punish humanity!.

What is happening in the lake that you needed to create such an electric column?.

This column of lightning could be seen by everyone, even people from remote areas.

Electric power, piercing the horizon, fell sharply, like a meteorite

The electric column consisted of nine clusters of lightning that collapsed into the water, exactly where the totem snake was. The lightning accumulations acted continuously, without weakening their effect for a moment

*** Electric crackle ***

Lightning, electric arcs, electric circuits

Mo Fan saw only this awesome purple color and this boundless power!

An electric pole piercing the surface of the water made the water literally boil, trying to immobilize the totem snake

Electric energy, each time striking the totem’s body, as if ricocheting and striking the snake again with new force

*** Growl ***

Black giant The snake has been trapped. He constantly resisted, which is why the magic of his punishment was even stronger. His tormenting screams roared throughout the district.

My God, as if I had a terrible dream!.

Snake, this is a snake!!! A huge serpent!.

A giant serpent, the very one that appeared in the city then!.

God! So it really exists in the lake!!!

Now the townspeople were already crowding at a great distance from the coastal zone. And although they were very far away, both the kite and the electric column were so huge that what was happening could be observed from anywhere.

The echoes of what was happening reached all corners. People were in fear

The existence of a giant snake was now proved It could be seen under the lightning as under a spotlight

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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