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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 378 Folk Wrath, Violence with the Serpent Read Novel

Chapter 378 Folk Wrath, Violence with the Serpent VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 378 Folk Wrath, Violence with the Serpent VERSATILE MAGE

It’s the same Mo Fan could not believe his eyes.

Kara lightning: Violated the ban!! The magic of this level was enough to deal with the animal level commander. It’s obvious that Luo Mian and Zhu Meng had prepared in advance for killing the serpent, said Ling Qing.

Each lightning piercing the body of the serpent caused him great suffering, because now he did not have his old skin, which supposedly would protect him. Because of this, every lightning strike remained a scar on the snake’s body.

The totem snake opened its mouth wide, trying to deal with lightning, but they hit it even deeper, reaching the internal organs.

If magic of a similar level were directed against the animal level of the ruler, then even coal would not be left from it. However, the totem snake continued to fight.

The snake was angry. He fiercely looked at the two main instigators, trying to defeat the magicians in order to swallow the two alive.

The wound on his body grew more and more, the strength of his anger also continued to increase.

He fought fearlessly, even if it was the magic of lightning of the highest level. He tried to smash all these lightnings!

Now stop, please stop! Tang Yue shouted plaintively.

Each scar on the body of the snake was given a blow to her heart.

Do you ask? Said Zhu Meng, fixing his eyes on all those people who were already crowding in the distance.

Why are you doing this? Tang Yue asked.

Zhu Meng, without any expression on his face, said to everyone: Residents of Hangzhou, this is the same giant snake that appeared recently in a crowded place, it is also cause an epidemic and lives in Lake Xihu. There are people who are inclined to claim that this serpent is a sacred spirit that protects the city! I, the judge of the magical court, Zhu Meng, today I will destroy this creature! If you support my decision, then I want to hear your voices!.

Zhu Meng’s voice was so clear and loud that it could be heard everywhere. He used some kind of magic hitherto unknown to Mo Fan.

There were more and more people, but their faces expressed horror, because of which they were afraid to come closer. Among them were students, and ordinary people, and traders, and old people, magicians, and ordinary people. All of them could not believe that all this time they lived next to such a monster. They would not have believed the rumors if they had not seen it personally today.

Someone thought that they were being deceived, and someone who did not at all reckon with them.

Kill him! Need to kill him!.

How can such a creature dwell in the lake? We need to destroy it as soon as possible!.

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He is the cause of the epidemic! We must get rid of him!.

People screamed right up to the lake.

No! Not! He is not the cause of the epidemic! He protects this city! Shouted Tang Yue, who was standing on the dam.

How could she alone resist the screams of thousands of people? All of them were scared, and like Zhu Meng, they wanted only one thing to get rid of the giant snake.

There were more and more screams and voices

The curse continued to exhaust the snake, one could see fatigue in his eyes.

The serpent was very weak, and his body continued to receive countless blows.

The serpent heard the voices of people screaming for his murder, however, he did not care much for them. Turning his head, he looked at Tang Yue, who was standing nearby.

Tang Yue looked depressed by the cries of this distraught crowd.

If it weren’t for her, then the snake would never he wouldn’t leave such a safe place during his molting.

He had lived for so many centuries, and was much wiser than people. And most importantly he implicitly trusted her, and she subjected him to this

She looked at all the wounds on his body and blamed herself more and more How could she do with him like that!

Tang Yue burst into tears. What could she do when there were magicians standing behind her, superior to her, and on the shore crowded thousands of people who voted against? How can she resist them alone?

Mo Fan heard her cry. He, like her, could do nothing.

The city was already in fear of a serpent and an epidemic. Now, when the source of all troubles has been found, people will go even to extreme measures.

Zhu Meng expressed the will of the people, and Mo Fan realized that after this incident he would surely receive great support from the people of Hangzhou. Who will care about the girl’s broken heart?

Beware! He is trying to attack! Shouted Wu Pan Jing.

Mo Fan was only now thinking about what was happening with the weakened snake, which is under direct attack of powerful magic.

Numerous lightning strikes directly into his head, and it seemed that the serpent was already feeling nothing.

The serpent brought his head closer to the dam, causing the bodyguards and assessors backed away.

Even under lightning strikes the serpent could use the power of its intimidation!

The serpent slowly turned its head to the side where Tan Yue was

He slowly pulled out his snake tongue as a sign of his concern

Tongue slowly passed over Tang Yue’s face, which did not budge.

As if with a fatherly hand, the serpent slowly stroked Tang Yue in the face with his tongue

Tang Yue looked up She looked into those eyes, which, despite all the torment, continued to glow with tenderness Even in such a difficult time, he came to reassure her!!!

At that moment, Tang Yue, unable to resist, sobbed with burning tears

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