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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 381 The Secret Becomes Explicit Read Novel

Chapter 381 The Secret Becomes Explicit VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 381 The Secret Becomes Explicit VERSATILE MAGE

Is this drug related to the epidemic? Mo Fan continued to ask.

To find out, you need to find out everything. I stole a certificate from one person, pretending to be them, you can get to the drug warehouse. Due to the fact that the city of Bai Zheng was closed, the goods cannot be shipped therefore, the counterfeit blood product is still within the city, said Lin Lin.

Today we will make justice prevail! Mo Fan answered briskly.

The barn of the hemostatic unit in Bai Zheng was located on military territory. Mo Fan had the other person’s ID in his hands. With a smug gait, he went there.

The last time he saw that this military courtyard was guarded by a considerable number of people. However, after the situation with the white magic eagles, most of the guards were transferred to the borders, so there were few people at this moment.

The process of penetrating inside was not difficult. Very quickly, Mo Fan found inside people dressed in white clothes, they quickly scurried back and forth as if they were shipping something.

There were many wounded at the front, we were ordered to come here for a blood product. You have a whole barn here, why don’t you let us take it out? one commander stood at the barn door, angrily addressing one of those who were in white robes.

I already explained to you that this is not a blood product. The drug needed for your front should have been delivered by another person! the guard in a white robe answered sternly.

Do you consider me blind? Do you really think that no one will know? Your unscrupulous merchants specifically hold on to the goods, trying to prepare for the invasion of white magic eagles! the commander put it.

You should not water us with mud! We are also following the order! answered the guard with a flushed face.

Follow the order??? Yes, you are just cowardly dogs! I personally will take the drug out of this barn! And then we’ll see who dare to argue with me, the military commander. Come here, drag the whole blood product from here! a man with a black mustache stood up. According to his orders, it became clear that he was from the officer corps.

Those several security guards in white robes at first vigorously opposed this man, but realizing that the commander was in front of them, their resolve disappeared somewhere.

This commander Min Ko was a real despot. He didn’t have to repeat twice so that a group of military magicians would come up and open the barn with the medicine.

When they opened the doors, they saw that the white bottles of the drug were placed inside the boxes and the contents of the bottles gave off a glow of fresh blood.

If this is not a blood product, then what is it? Cried Commander Min Ko.

This is the same guard in white clothes could not find anything to say.

Shut your mouth! If you say anything else, I will destroy you! Our soldiers are dying in battle, but are you doing this here?? Commander Min Co spoke fiercely.

The guard no longer dared to speak. One sharp-tongued physician said: Since you are taking the drug, then at least let me report this to the deputy chairman of the magical court, Wang I. This drug is distributed by the magical association that controls its consumption.

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So what will this deputy magical court do to me? commander Min Ko laughed. He had no intention of bargaining with this military doctor, he simply ordered his people to continue shipping.

Although there were many guards, they did not dare to resist the crowd of military magicians, and simply watched one by one the boxes of the drug were taken out of the barn.

The military doctor excitedly called someone, by his expression on his face it could be understood that the plans were spoiled.

Deputy Chairman of the Magical court Wang Yi? Mo Fan heard the name of one of the key figures.

It seems that this batch of the drug was really counterfeit, otherwise it would not have been taken out of here. And judging by the fact that fierce battles were now taking place in the area of ​​the western fort, the blood product was most likely going exactly there.

Mo Fan, pretending to be another military doctor, ran ahead of the commander’s men carrying boxes with the drug.

Commander, wait!Cried Mo Fan.

And who else are you? Is the very man from above who came to stop me? Min Ko said.

No, no. Some of my guys were also injured, and I did not find a blood product in the city, so I came here to take a little. And here your guys are already taking out all the supplies, said Mo Fan.

The commander looked at Mo Fan, then at his documents, and recognizing him as a medical doctor, handed over one box of the drug to him.

Mo Fan wanted to thank him and pulled out the money, but the commander said: It’s not worth it, everything is done to protect our city.

The drug box was not cheap, so the commander made such a gesture Mo Fan. He really made sure that this commander was primarily responsible for the residents of the city.

After receiving the drug, Mo Fan hastened to leave.

Lin Lin was waiting for him outside, and seeing that Mo Fan was pulling a whole box, her jaw dropped.

Here you go. Find out whether this is a counterfeit drug or not, it’s supposed to be enough., Mo Fan handed over the box to Lin Lin.

Lin Lin needed only a small sample, but even his research took a lot of time.

Found something else? asked Lin Lin.

Do you know the deputy chairman of the magical court Wang Yi? Asked Mo Fan.

It seems that it was this Wang Yi who ordered the drug to be hidden there.

Sister must know.Lin Lin soon transmitted information to Ling Qing.

Ling Qing at that end was dumbfounded. Silence fell.

It seems that the clue to the source of the epidemic is getting closer, said Lan Qing.

What should we do, Mo Fan asked.

Mo Fan, Lin Lin, the two of you should go to the western fort and follow this blood product. I’m sure that soon the secret will be revealed! said Lan Qing.

Okay, we’ll leave right away, Mo Fan said.

I’d rather find out what became the primary source of the epidemic!

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