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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 383 Listening to the assessor Read Novel

Chapter 383 Listening to the assessor VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 383 Listening to the assessor VERSATILE MAGE

We do not seem to have found the cause of the epidemic, right? Mo Fan asked with a frowning eyebrow.

The source of the disease was never established, it was only clear that assessor Lu Mian was somehow connected with the sale of the fake blood product, but the residents of Hangzhou would not get a solution this problem.

Relax, I already slipped a bug to one of them, said Lin Lin.

What a sneak you are, replied Mo Fan staring at her.

The bug transmitted sounds very clearly, thanks to which it was possible to hear the voices of each of them. The coarser one most likely belonged to the deputy chairman of the magical court, Wang I.

Wang Yi and their minions followed Lo Miang to the quarantine ward.

Mo Fan thought about what a traitor was Luo Mian Tang Yue, Tan Zhong, Hei Yu believed that he was the guardian of the totem, while he simultaneously made his plans with Zhu Meng.

Behavior of Luo Mian already before that, it was suspected by the chairman of the magical court, Li Tian. In addition, Leng Qing and Li Tian were already supposed to dig up some evidence against him.

Hangzhou quarantine.

Under the dome of the white tent, there were cries of sick people, which lay in hospital beds in rows.

Purulent inflammations on the bodies of patients became more terrible, even antibodies obtained from the blood of a giant snake could not completely overcome the spread of these pathogenic bacteria.

There are dead, no change in quantity is expected in the next 24 hours, said the healing magician to Mr. Lu.

I know, Mr. Lu exhaled, these pathogenic bacteria are in the blood of the diseased. Circulating throughout the body, they infect the most important organs — the heart and brain, so use the usual methods of treatment with caution.


Resident Lo Mian arrived at the quarantine isolator.

What does he want there?.

Mr. Lu entered the quarantine zone and saw assessor Luo Mian in the circle of his subordinates makes an inspection tour of patients. A flare of anxiety could be seen on his face with a bunch of moles.

Luo Mian walked between the bunks and, unlike the others, did not put on a protective mask.

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Please save us as soon as possible a middle-aged mage said in an imploring voice, with his right hand he held his child, who was not yet ten.

The bodies of these two were covered with wounds, and there was an expression of horror on his face.

Subordinates Luo Mian, seeing how the patient grabbed the assessor’s hand, sharply drew him.

Hands! How can you be so arrogant? said Lo Mian, pulling his hand.

Bearded Luo Mian, putting on a fake smile, said: Brother, you are still being treated here. We need to wait until we kill that snake, then you will quickly get better However, now our forces are not enough to attack it right now.

They say that this serpent was fed by the inhabitants. Interrogator, is that true? So all those people are also contagious, and they need to be destroyed along with him! The infected man shouted.

His anger turned into the discontent of all the sick there.

I ask everyone to calm down! We cannot help everyone right away. There are certain medical costs I have already filed a government petition for this. The fact that you are here was organized by me. I beg your patience, very soon we will be able to figure everything out, said Luo Mian to the sick.

The meeting deserves our trust!.

That’s right! That’s right!.

After such a speech, Luo Mian, the situation inside the quarantine isolator soon subsided.

Mr. Lu, noting this, made a polite attack on the side of Luo Mian: That’s it -so our judge is so determined, such a fortitude!.

What are you talking about! I just put myself in the shoes of these patients, said Lo Mian, giving his subordinates a sign of moving away to speak with him in private, Mr. Lu, do you have any potent poisons here? You know very well that the cause of the epidemic is a giant snake Because of this, we imprisoned him with the magic of the element of lightning, but due to the fact that the main forces were transferred to the western fort, we can not kill him now. You yourself said that you need other types of snake secretion If you give us poison, we can kill the snake, thereby saving lives.

Mr. Lu understood the meaning of Luo Mian. Shaking his head negatively, he said: You apparently do not understand the whole essence The totem snake is the progenitor of poisons. If you give him some more poison, then for him it will be akin to spring water, so it makes no sense to use poison against him.

Luo Mian frowned. By his appearance one could guess that he did not believe what he heard.

Then what can we do? See how many people suffer said Luo Mian.

In truth, we found that snake blood and pathogenic bacteria are not common in nature, so I think the causes of the epidemic are not to the snake, said Mr. Lou.

Really? Luo Mian changed face.

Well, I’ll go, I still have a lot to do, Lu said.

Luo Mian’s face became angry after Lu left.

The situation worsened every minute. First, the military administration took the blood product for the needs of the fort, now Mr. Lu cited evidence of the serpent’s involvement in the epidemic If you do not speed up the process, then all plans will collapse!

Come! said Lo Mian menacingly.


We act according to our original plan!.

That’s right!.

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