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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 383 Major Breakthrough Read Novel

Chapter 383 Major Breakthrough VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 383 Major Breakthrough VERSATILE MAGE

Western Fort.

All this time the young man was only doing that with a bucket and a mop he wiped the floors from blood.

I want to battle, even more, I don’t want to be a cleaner! the young man said very angrily, throwing the broom aside.

We need to get rid of the corpses in a timely manner, and if this is not done, then a real plague will begin very soon, in Hangzhou it’s already an epidemic, and if now here, at the western fort, said Wang Xiao Jun.

He didn’t have time to finish, when suddenly a terrible cry rang out in the middle of the barracks.

Several young men froze in surprise I, completely not understanding what was happening.

Wang Xiao Jun rushed into the barracks in a hurry, reaching the door, he saw a terrible picture. Several people fought against the wall in fear, as if they were turning inside out, as when the demon was infested.

What is it, what happened? Asked Wang Xiau Jun.

Epidemic, epidemic, Yes Lee, his body rotted before our eyes!! said one of the crowd.

Wang Xiao Jun squeezed inward, saw a man sitting in a corner knees, a young man. Over and over again, he pulled off his rotten skin, scratched sores to blood. The room stank of blood.

All those present in the barracks were scared to death, and tried to squeeze out.

They all knew how contagious it was. And if an epidemic suddenly appeared in the barracks, then most likely they are all already infected!

Brother Lee, how are you?, Wang Xiao Jun went over, cowardly, approached the patient.

Why did you come, quickly, get away from me!!, the young man growled.

I I just want to take you to the medical department it’s not necessarily an epidemic, maybe it’s from a mouse bite, your blood smells appropriately, Wang Xiao Jun tried to comfort the young man.

Wang Xiao Jun, there is nothing for you here, leave quickly. The doctor will be arriving soon! The officer approached, pushing the young man away.

The officer was also cowardly to be near the infected.

Wang Xiao Jun, rubbing his backside he left the barracks in a whisper: This is not an epidemic, but the action of poison from a mouse bite!

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Just when Wang Xiao Jun whispered this, a girl dressed in a black and red coat ran past him.

Why did such a lovely little sister suddenly appear in the fort.

Hey, did you just say that? asked the girl arrogantly and coldly, approaching him.

Show some respect, call me your elder brother! said Wang Xiao Jun.

Stop babbling here, rather tell me what you just said, where did you get that this is not an epidemic?, asked Lin Lin Zhi.

There was no epidemic from the start. I once caught mice, and behold, they often bit me. After the bite, similar poisonous wounds remained on the hands to heal them with enough juice of the red eagle leaf, and they would not leave a trace!, Said Wang Xiao Jun, appreciating this arrogant lolita.

Are you telling the truth? She asked again.

Lin Lin was always on western fort, studied the origin of the drug.

At first she was very doubtful about the relationship between the drug and the epidemic, but now she seemed to understand everything!

The origins of the epidemic are definitely related to this a preparation for treating wounds, and just this infected young man himself proved it, Lin Lin saw with his own eyes how he, having just returned from the war, received this strange hemopreparation at, and suddenly covered with blisters after admission.

Inspection during admission to the fort is very strict, so that accidental infection is excluded.

And as soon as the sick appeared, Lin Lin is here like this.

Unfortunately for this brave young man, he drew attention to interrogate Lin Lin.

Why should I cheat on you. I fed the ash eagles, this is not a purebred subspecies, and the tamers do not like and underfeed them, and here our squad sometimes makes forays into the forest and catches large rabbits or mice, and feeds them. And several times I met a similar mouse poison that causes similar ulcers on the skin. One of the ash eagles in the mouth had this eagle red leaf, which he gave me. This plant is found only on the western ranges. And after a few days everything went away, and after that, when I came across a similar poison, it no longer acted on me, Wang Xiao Jun said with a serious look.

Do you still have these eagle red-faced? asked Lin Lin Zhi.

No. The red-headed eagle does not grow in our region, and on the western ranges it is considered a simple weed. Previously with difficulty, but it was possible to get an eagle red-leafed, now nothing. The white magic eagles went wild, settled in the western ranges, and also came to the city said Wang Xiao Jun.

Follow me, Lin Lin said so easily, grabbed her sleeve Wang Xiao Jun led to the observation tower.

Mo Fan sat on the edge of the observation tower, looking into the distance at the white western ranges.

It seems that white magic eagles became more and more, they, like people, accumulated military power, continuing to overrun the peaks of the mountains

And it is not clear when they will attack next time, and how many such forces we’ll take their lives in Hangzhou.

Mo Fan, I found something very important! said Lin Lin, bringing Wang Xiao Jun to the arm of Mo Fan.

Wang Xiao Jun saw that Mo Fan in officer uniform, stood up at attention: Hello, officer!

Lin Lin told all that Mo Fan heard.

Mo Fan incredulously clarified some details.

The eagle has a red leaf on the western ridges, now look at them White magic eagles filled them, wrapping their greens in white like snow. Without this herb, how can we prove his words? said Mo Fan.

Lin Lin shook her head and grumbled: Dumb, we don’t have the opportunity to be on the western ridges, but we can send this guy to catch a poisonous mouse for experiments, this will prove the similarity of ulcers from the epidemic and from the mouse poison!

Mo Fan’s eyes sparkled, he jumped with joy, picked up Lin Lin and swirled, then kissed her: Haha, I would never have guessed Guy, what would you call, let’s go, let’s go, urgently go catch a mouse, no, I’ll go with you, you can inadvertently die with your strength.

Then we go to the forest, I have lan, how to lure these strange mice out, said Wang Xiao Jun.

Mo Fan nodded and summoned an agile wolf.

If this guy was not mistaken, then the thing the Hangzhou epidemic will finally get a major breakthrough.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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