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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 386 A sudden blow to the truth Read Novel

Chapter 386 A sudden blow to the truth VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 386 A sudden blow to the truth VERSATILE MAGE

While the sun was setting, the white magic eagles left their nest.

The gloomy sky was covered with the snow-white wings of the eagles, they looked like clouds carried by a swift wind. This magnificent appearance made people tremble with fear.

This time the white magic eagles attacked even more fiercely. Their number was doubled, they flew like berserkers in the night, waiting for their favorite treats and bloody harvest.

They flew over the mountain peaks, flew over the western forest, and burst from the western defensive line fort, shrouded in a panic of the epidemic.

The military magicians gathered their strength, stood on the tower of the western defensive line against the creatures in the air, the vast majority of magicians were primary and secondary. They could not bring serious benefit in the struggle.

At this moment the fort could only send the best to the tower. The western defensive line this is the tower, the outpost against the invasion.

In the air above the western fort, several dim silhouettes of magicians were visible. Without celestial eagles, most high-level magicians could not enter the battle.

People against monsters. Although there are quite a lot of people in these parts, and magicians could not move away from the defensive line, because they were afraid for the civilian population. And if the white magic eagles cross the line, then the bloody bath will begin.


In the Western Fort strategic conference room, assessor Zhu Meng stood by the window and looked into the horizon. He looked very serious and was breathing heavily. He took a last drag on a cigarette, put out it, and said: Ping Jing, come with me upstairs.

Interviewer, can you go to the battle yourself? Said bodyguard Li Jing.

At such a time, not before division. If I put my hands together, then who will handle the cattle commander, said Zhu Meng.

It’s true, except that this time we have a horde of white magic eagles coming towards us, by no means we must not forget about their commander. The chairman, Wu Ping Jing, chairman Tang Zhong, chairman Li Tian, ​​the four of you will have to deal with the monster at the commander’s level, said the head of the western fort, Yun Feng.

All four nodded, ready to go to death the fight with the monster commander.

Li Tian looked at Zhu Meng, then at Yun Feng, said: Bursting a flock of white magic eagles, you did not think what they were from after the previous defeats, nor with why did you suddenly decide to attack our city again?

This cattle also has a mind, they are only they said that we weakened and decided to attack. This time, many of our people are infected with an epidemic, and combat power has been reduced. Is this not the best case for action on their part? They have long had plans for the city ripening, and the lull on their part was only to weaken our vigilance, said the head of the western fort, Yun Feng.

Zhu Meng, looking at Li Tian, said in a serious tone: Chairman Li Tian, ​​do you seem to know something else?

My subordinate, Ling Qing, along with several young men are sorting out the real picture of the epidemic. And it is reliably known that the epidemic is not a natural disaster, but a man’s handiwork! said Chairman Li Tian.

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The epidemic is not a natural disaster, but a man’s handiwork!

This phrase echoed off the walls of the strategic conference hall of the western fort, the crowd was dumbfounded in horror.

What does this mean, Chairman Li Tian?, The head of the western fort, Yun Feng, asked in amazement.

Surely everyone already knows that the epidemic began after we brought in a fresh batch of the drug. As part of the blood product, a component was found called painful blood that carries mouse pestilence, painful blood detonates in the body, leading to the epidemic that we have observed Li Tian said.

Li Tien did not have time to end, as Luo Mian interrupted him hastily: This has nothing to do with the struggle against the white magic eagles, so the story of painful blood can be postponed.

Li Tian looked at Luo Mian, and saw his heart trembling with fear, allowing himself a slight laugh, he continued: All those present must know the reason for the attack of the white magic eagles this time just the epidemic served!

Pest-bearing mice are a favorite treat of white magic eagles, they feed strength from their sick blood.

So, white magic eagles they smelled the blood of mice carrying pestilence, and immediately rushing headlong rushed after the victim. There are many patients in our city who have sick blood in their bodies.

Having said this, the head of the western fort, Yun Feng, did a pause. He could not take his eyes off the assessor Lo Mian, all this was exactly what Lo Mian so passionately desired, but he looked as if everything said in the conference room did not concern him. He will simply blame Wang Yi for all atrocities. It’s a pity that this business cannot be settled here!

That’s why the white magic eagles came out in such a big pack, all because they hold people by pestilential mice, thinking that their favorite dish is here said Chairman Li Tian, ​​proudly bulging his chest!

Hearing these words, the crowd trembled even more with fear!

You say that the reason for the sudden attack of white magic the eagles served as an epidemic?, not believing what was heard, the rocks of Zhu Meng.

That’s right, you really didn’t understand that the original purpose of the white magic eagles was our fort? In addition, when we transferred all infected patients from Bai Zheng and from the western fort, the eagles finally became Hangzhou!! said Chairman Li Tian.

Hangzhou is in terrible danger, Li Tian is still could take care of the reputation of officials, saying that he tried to expose Luo Mian, to clarify to everyone present the reasons for the war with monsters! but this does not mean that they should give their precious lives for the misconduct of others s.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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