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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 390 It’s About Time to Tear Weed Read Novel

Chapter 390 It’s About Time to Tear Weed VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 390 It’s About Time to Tear Weed VERSATILE MAGE

Beware, to the north of you are white magic eagles of a rather high level, they fly to you. Hold your breath as quickly as possible, in no case let them hear you, or smell a human smell. I will not be able to contact you later, as this gives them an extra chance to smell you. Good luck with your journey, we’ll contact you later.

Lin Lin’s voice calmed down, Wang Xiao Jun looked north.

A flock of white magic eagles circled over the northern mountainsides. to the ground, they let out a shrill, making Wang Xiao Jun tremble, screeching.

Wang Xiao Jun held his breath, crushed a tiny pearl with his right hand, this ball was used by the military to hide at the right time: he is able to hide the smell of humans.

Wang Xiao Jun with an ashen eagle hid in the thickets of shrubs, heed of watching them fly over the white magic eagles. As they flew, Wang Xiau Jun moved on, but suddenly remembered the stories of old people, they said that swarms of eagles circled over their territory, circling twice, from which other animals could not settle on their territory.

Wang Xiao Jun barely restrained himself, and again began to wait quietly. Indeed, the roar of wings again rang out over the tree crowns, and if he ran out thoughtlessly now, they would have definitely noticed it.

After waiting for a wave of eagles to fly, Wang Xiao Jun, together with the ashen eagle moved on.

Moving along the ridges, Wang Xiao Jun, relying on his memory, looked for an eagle red leaf.

Must be ahead, God forbid to stumble upon a high-level white magic eagle Wang Xiao Jun said to himself.

High-level white magic eagles can recognize the pulse of an ashen eagle.

An ash eagle can sneak up to white magical eagles only if it is not monsters of the level of the commander-in-chief or the leader of the pack will see or not learn.

Very soon a familiar mountain-wooded forest appeared before my eyes stnost, Wang Xiao Chun pointed out a bright red light, like a flame, on the hillside. The slope was steep, and several noisy white magic eagles still roamed around.

Wang Xiao Jun ordered the ashen eagle to fly onto the slope, and buried itself as far as possible in the gray plumage. White magic eagles flew up to them. Wang Xiao Jun ordered the ash eagle to move away from them, and he climbed down to the ground, and covered himself with the body of an eagle, began to collect the eagle red leaf. The number of infected people has already reached tens of thousands, and a red eagle has required a lot.

The military gave him a special bracelet in which it was possible to stick a lot of stems.

The eagle had tough, and he didn’t take gloves, and all his hands would be streaked with bleeding wounds.

The worst thing is if the blood goes, that the smell of blood blows in the neighborhood and attracts white magic eagles.

Eagles walking nearby turned their heads.

It’s terrible, they found us They did smell the blood from my hands, Wang Xiao Jun spoke to himself, hiding behind a stone nearby, and quietly said to the ashen eagle: Distract them, then come back here.

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The ash eagle spread its wings, touched the white magic eagle, deliberately provoking it to conflict.

A retaliation hit him, white the magic eagle pecked the ashen in the back, very soon they started a fight.

The ash eagle flew up into the air, the white magic eagle rushed madly after him.

Like that Wang Xiau Jun said in relief.

Those few white magic eagles were distracted, and Wang Xiao Jun could continue to collect without fear. He cut off his sleeve and wrapped it in a bleeding palm. Although he was terribly ill, he had to endure and in no case attract the attention of white magic eagles.

However, each time, the tear became more painful and painful, as if you were tearing up a thorny bush with bare hands. Wang Xiau Jun’s tears flowed from the pain. He himself did not count how much he managed to pluck, but little by little, the bracelet was filled with eagle red-leafed.

** Squeak **

A familiar sound sounded in the air.

Wang Xiau Jun was extremely happy, the ashen eagle returned just in time, and finally, it would be possible to depart back to the western fort. Having flown quite a bit, a ringing squeak of white magic eagles was heard behind them.

Faster, fly a little faster, do not let them catch us, Wang Xiao Jun prayed to the ashen eagle.

An ash eagle energetically flapped its wings, he knew what would happen to them if they were caught up with white magic eagles. Fortunately, the pursuers quickly scored on them, but if they knew that a man was flying on an ashen eagle, they would by no means fall behind.

On the back of an ashen eagle, Wang Xiao Jun was smiling with all his mouth, even though all his hands were wounded, but the order was executed, the red eagle was collected quite a lot, and you can go back and report on success, only on the way back you need to continue to be careful.

Xihu Lake.

Mo Fan raised his head and looked up at the sky, the military fought with white magic eagles, the military theater action is approaching Hangzhou.

A stone fell from his soul when he learned from Lin Lin that Wang Xiao Jun was returning with full hands.

Here with two oil trucks That is, a hemopreparation for a totem snake. He almost finished it, but he suddenly fell into hibernation, the wounds on his body glowed red, it seemed as if it had become worse. Mo Fan could not understand why, whether or not this deputy could recover.

Tang Zhong called Tang Yue. And he himself replaced her at the post of support of the snake.

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