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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 396 Wrath of the Serpent (continued) Read Novel

Chapter 396 Wrath of the Serpent (continued) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 396 Wrath of the Serpent (continued) VERSATILE MAGE

A dark shadow slipped between the grasses on a small plain. It was the assessor Luo Mian, who killed Wang Xiao Jun, and whose shadow element magic was at a very high level.

Resident Luo Mian, people were already waiting here a man stood in the grass with an inadequate physiognomy. He was surrounded by several other people, according to the magical energy of which it was possible to assume that they were all high-level magicians.

Luo Mian stepped out of the shadows, the same good-natured smile was pulled across his face, over which you can’t say that this man recently killed a young guy!

I already have the item. You must be very happy about this. I hope that honors and authority await me soon! said Lo Mian.

A person with an inadequate physiognomy and the people around him laughed. One of them said: Well then, let us escort you to the quarantine isolator.

Escort? Luo Mian changed face. In his eyes, the man who said this has also turned into a lifeless shell.

A man with an inadequate face said: Zhang Hyun, there are no people in Hangzhou who are worthy to accompany the judge Lo Miang. It was he who killed the most magical animals at the level of the ruler, even in the palace there are no people who could surpass him in achievements.

No need for extra speeches. Hangzhou is now in danger, and I, assessor Luo Mian, must save him. After that, no one can doubt my significance! Ha ha ha- laughed Lo Mian.

A group of people immediately showered the judge with compliments.

Accompanied by several people, Lo Mian went to the quarantine prison in Hangzhou.

However, without taking a few steps, a group of people was surrounded by a dark whirlwind, which with a powerful air stream passed through the grass around.

A dark fog blocked their path.

In this dark fog you could see a huge black silhouette!

The dark fog was gradually dissipating, and behind the veil of this haze one could already recognize giant go serpent!

The serpent laid its huge head against the ground, carefully examining a group of people. His cold gaze did not even allow them to move.

Ling Lin and Mo Fan sat victoriously on his head — they came here to avenge Wang Xiao Jun!

Mo Fan furiously glanced at Luo Mian, and then at the people around him. He seemed to have met that guy with a warped face.

At the very beginning, when Mo Fan and Tang Yue arrived on the island in the center of the lake, he met him. Now he was next to Luo Mian, which means that he is that traitor among the guardians of the totem.

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It was evident from his face that he clearly did not expect to meet the totem snake here. The man’s face was already filled with horror, exactly the same as Mo Fan gripped when he first met a giant snake.

Luo Mian said with a cold grin: Do you think that you are the same totem snake? Your molting is not over yet, so I can deal with you alone!.

The totem opened its mouth and sent a powerful stream of air to the ground, which made the soil go in waves.

The sand of this ripple began to rise into the air, knocking Lo Mian down from the feet of his subordinates.

They were all high-level magicians, so they used appropriate protective artifacts. However, the snake was on the drum, whether they had protection or not.

All their protective objects turned to dust. A huge stream of air took hold of people, circling them above the ground!

One of the high-level magicians, the one who was weaker than the others, was already at an altitude of 50 meters. At that moment, his arms, legs, head were torn off his body, and his blood spattered the entire area. In this darkness, it looked even more ominous.

The rest suffered the same fate: their bodies were crushed into the smallest pieces, and drops of bloody sauce from them filled the entire airspace.

Four people were killed instantly. The totem did not even have to make an effort for this.

The one who was a traitor from the totem guardians knew firsthand the abilities of the snake, therefore, using all his efforts, he barely survived. However, his body was bleeding, and he could already be considered dead.

Mo Fan, who was sitting on the head of a snake, could not believe his eyes!

They were all high-level magicians, but snakes, with just one movement wiped them all off the face of the earth!

The serpentine fog dissipated, leaving huge hollows on the surface land. These tracks crept in all directions and did not look like snake tracks.

In the midst of all this horror stood only Lo Mian, who said menacingly: There is at least half a month before the end of your molting! Do you want to die here with me, splashing out all your strength?

Luo Mian still could not believe that the snake had already completely recovered!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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