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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 399 Cold-blooded Lord of the Sky Read Novel

Chapter 399 Cold-blooded Lord of the Sky VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 399 Cold-blooded Lord of the Sky VERSATILE MAGE

In the heavenly space of the city, two people, Li Tien and Yun Feng, were surrounded by a water shield. Feathers as sharp as blades were already flying in them The water shield could hardly resist the attack of these shells Nevertheless, many small scratches remained on the human body

The silver lord of the sky was cunning, he perfectly understood the order, according to which magicians release their magic.

Feathers, like blades, surrounded his body with a sphere. They formed not only an excellent defense for their master, but also served as a means of attack, striking precisely at the target according to the commander’s command.

These small feather-blades were a real obstacle for magicians: every time they tried to release magic, these feathers were right there, preventing wizards from creating a star galaxy!

A star galaxy was made up of 7 star clouds. However, there were very few magicians who could quickly connect the clouds into a galaxy. Even Li Tian, ​​Tan Zhong, Zhu Meng, and Yun Feng did not keep up.

All four of them were excellent high-level magicians, and quickly controlled their magic. However, there was one thing: the power of such magic was not enough to break through the commander’s armor, consisting of metallic silver feathers. Any destructive magic that strikes at protecting the bird dissolved like smoke.

What is to be done? His spherical defense is very durable, we can not do him even the smallest harm! said Li Tien, frowning eyebrows.

High-level magic had no effect.

Even if it is impenetrable, we must destroy its protection! Shouted Zhu Meng angrily.

Among the beating magicians, he was the most excited. Under the cover of Wu Ping Jing, he managed to advance far enough, now Zhu Meng has already controlled 5 star clouds!

His speed was simply unbelievable! Numerous constellations, star systems and star clouds covered the whole sky No ordinary magician can do such a thing!!!

It seems he is now carefully looking down! To the ground! Zhu Meng, this is a great opportunity! Shouted Wu Ping Jing.

Wu Ping Jing was already ready too. It was impossible to think that something would happen on the earth that would attract the commander’s attention in such a way!

Now the magicians had no time to consider what is there on earth that attracts attention. Zhu Man had only two star clouds to complete!

Seven clouds were completed Numerous stars formed a silver rut in the sky

Constellation to constellation, system to system, cloud to the cloud They all formed a star galaxy that covered the whole sky!

Immediately around Zhu Meng there were electric lightning that surrounded his body within a radius of 100 meters!

Huge lightning bolts became even bigger in movement!

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Lightning-fast columns one after another drew a brilliant trajectory! They immediately began to strike at the commander’s armor The spell of the violated prohibition cordoned off a silver eagle

Lightning punishment: violated prohibition cannot be compared to that used to imprison the totem snake * (then the simultaneous magic of several magicians), but even that was enough at that moment.

Sensing the attack of numerous lightning bolts, the silver eagle immediately tried to defend himself, but it was not so easy to break through the electric lock.

His body began to sink down under the pressure of lightning

Lightings violations of the ban weakened the ability of the commander. He made a terrible scream that reached all the white magic eagles.

The white magic eagles, having heard the call of their commander, immediately began to stray in packs.

What is he does? Does he really want to break the spell by collecting all his subordinates here? asked Zhu Meng.

Zhu Meng did not have time to ask a question, when he saw that a huge network of white magic eagles began to crowd the spell of the violated ban in a crowd!

The first blow was dealt about 100 individuals that made up one nest. A lot of blood spread around the area after the blow.

After the first batch of birds completely died, an even greater concentration of white magic eagles struck lightning. Among them were also birds of the leader level of the flock. The same fate awaited them all

More and more birds flocked to the call of their commander they all tried to attack the spell. They all died In just a few seconds, the number of dead individuals exceeded one thousand! Drops of their blood filled the entire heavenly space

Zhu Meng was dumbfounded by what he saw! He could not have imagined that all subordinate animals would turn into sworn suicides on the orders of his commander!

Finally, the spell under such an onslaught began to give slack. The commander, seeing that the effect of this attack appeared, began to summon even more white magic eagles!

Against this background, all low-level eagles were just miserable creatures!

Power spells was very large, but its duration was also limited. For the sake of saving the silver eagle, more than a thousand birds have already sacrificed their lives!

The silver lord managed to break free! He flew high and high into the sky, and from there he directed many of his sharp feathers towards these five magicians!

Not a single ordinary protective artifact can withstand the attack of these blades. Wu Ping Jing, as usual, primarily defended Zhu Meng. To do this, he already used a magic tool and a protective artifact at the same time. However, they could not stand the attack of metal blades.

Wu Ping Jing’s body was wounded His blood had already sprayed Zhu Meng.

Zhu Meng was also wounded in the left shoulder He hardly looked at Wu Ping Jing’s suffering He hastened to drag him out of this deadly rain as soon as possible

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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