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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 400 Totem Serpent Against Silver Lord of the Sky (Beginning) Read Novel

Chapter 400 Totem Serpent Against Silver Lord of the Sky (Beginning) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 400 Totem Serpent Against Silver Lord of the Sky (Beginning) VERSATILE MAGE

Wu Ping Jing was seriously injured. And if Zhu Meng had not pulled him out from under the shelling of the commander, then he would have already turned into a corpse.

Tan Zhong immediately rushed to cover them. Wu Ping Jing’s face became very pale blood was pouring from his wounds without ceasing. In a weak voice, he said: Senior assessor, we cannot resist him. I’ve completely lost my fighting ability, you are also injured. We must retreat and return to the city.

What are you talking about! If we step back, then what will it all lead to? Do you understand what damage it can cause to the city? There are hospitals, schools The death toll will go to hundreds of thousands! Zhu Meng angrily answered.

Zhu Meng fiercely looked at the silver lord of the sky. He no longer cared about being wounded on his shoulder

To remain unscathed, this commander did not spare the thousands of lives of his subordinates!

But people have a completely different thought about the life of each of the inhabitants

And if he was indifferent to all these residents of the city? Then how would he differ from this beast?!

To hell with wounds! The most important thing is to prevent this commander from entering the city!

Damn spawn! You will understand that attacking the city was your dumbest idea! said Zhu Meng, gritting his teeth and taking out a magic item.

Mail of heavenly thunder!

There was a glow of dawn

Gleams of light imperceptibly illuminated the city, as if dooming residents to distress

A pale lightning fell on the body of Zhu Meng, his body was covered with chain mail right away!

It was an electric protective chainmail, behind Zhu Meng a pair of fiery wings still flaunted He ascended into heaven a warrior who commands lightning and fire!

Lightning and fire were the most powerful and destructive elements. Zhu Meng flew toward the commander, while also taking out a magic instrument!

A fire flared up in his palms the flame was already surrounding him, turning into a large and long fiery spear!

The spear of the fiery horseman arose just at sunrise Zhu Meng held it directly in the sun, which is why the spear fire raged with a vengeance!

Although in the eyes of the commander Zhu Meng was too small, but in in his hands he held such power that, in contact with the metal armor of a silver eagle, turned his feathers into an ash!

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Zhu Meng was able to break into the general’s defense sphere Numerous feather-blades continued to appear in his path

Flames split the bird’s armor, burning fire marks on its surfaces All this made Tang Zhong, Li Tian and Yun Feng stunned with amazement

The protection of the big silver eagle was destroyed Zhu Meng with his chain mail of heaven and the spear of a fire rider could do it! And this was their main achievement in this battle

However, this did not mean that the commander was defeated!

The big silver eagle looked contemptuously at Zhu Meng. He spread his huge wings to drive him away!

Zhu Meng was able to penetrate the commander’s space, was able to destroy his protection with fire and lightning, but his capabilities were not enough to destroy the bird itself! The moment the eagle wings approached him, it crashed down with a purple-red meteorite!

Zhu Meng crashed down, falling on the city border, and the whole street turned into ruins from this blow!

Fortunately, there were no people there, otherwise no one knows how many people would have died!

The spear of the fiery horseman has already turned into an ordinary light, and the chain mail of thunder though saved his life, but also was already destroyed

Blood was pouring from Zhu Meng’s mouth, but he still did not stop staring intently and menacingly at the sky at silver lord of the sky!

Lord of the western ridge was too strong! Even the union of the five strongest magicians could not stand before him!

From the last forces Zhu Meng looked around the city, which would soon turn into ruins, and among the ruins there would be so many innocent dead people

And all because he is too weak!!!

Three magicians remained in the sky Li Tien, Tang Zhong and Yun Feng. Among them, only one Yun Feng had abilities similar in level to Zhu Meng, the rest were much weaker.

At that moment, a loud growl was heard below. One could see the black fog, behind which the silhouette of a giant snake could be seen.

The snake used a poisonous cloud to deal with swarms of white magic eagles something that the mages took an incredible amount of time and effort. After that, he immediately went to heaven, where the silver lord of the sky was.

All the time the commander looked down it was the totem snake that caught his attention!

That the moment when the serpent appeared before him, the commander began to utter even more terrifying cries. He increasingly urged the hordes of his white magical eagles to destroy the snake.

The silver eagle used his metal sphere to disarm the magicians, but the totem snake also had its own military trick a cloud of poison!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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