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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 402 He Is Our Keeper Read Novel

Chapter 402 He Is Our Keeper VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 402 He Is Our Keeper VERSATILE MAGE

Looking up, Zhu Meng could not believe his eyes. The serpent, whom he had been trying to rid of the world for so many years, now stood on the defense of the city.

Now he understood why the guardians of the totem call him a protective spirit his strength is really enough to protect the whole city! It’s simply impossible to believe!

White magic eagles still couldn’t make their way through the poisonous cloud, the silver eagle was thrown to the outskirts of the city, and the totem snake, it turns out, was superior to it within the general’s level by a whole rank!

On the western outskirts of the city were provincial roads that led to another 6 cities. The silver lord of the sky rose to a height of 100 meters, but even at this level, the totem snake can easily get it. However, the eagle flew already at a distance of almost a kilometer, so the serpent watched him with an angry look.

Having reached a height of 1000 meters, the silver eagle continued to rise to a height convenient to him.

The totem has been on the ground all this time, but suddenly it began to evaporate

It disappeared!

The huge silhouette disappeared

Eagle- the commander watched the snake all this time. However, the fact that the snake disappeared did not at all reassure him.

Suddenly, a black snake fog appeared above the head of the bird! The black fog was spread by the sea, and the eagle was like a swimmer in it!

The serpent outlined a huge circle in the air, in which its silhouette could be seen.

The silhouette covered an eagle within a radius of one kilometer. On all this black fog lay the seal of a serpent. From a distance it seemed that this seal of the curse lay on the eagle!

This spectacle began to harden gradually, becoming like stone statues and astonishing people’s imagination.

Each stone statue reached sizes up to 10 meters, and was strewn with snake patterns. The whole sky was soon covered with similar stones!

These heavenly seals began to fall down, and this stone rain could also be seen with the naked eye.

Stone heavenly seals hit the eagle on him torso, falling to the ground and arranging a real wreckage in the city!

The eagle commander, under the blows of seals, fell to the ground. The seals belonged to the magic of the earth and had tremendous destructive power!

The soil also began to sag, forming a circular abyss!

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This abyss was located between two wide roads, the surface of which was splashed with the blood of an eagle!

The totem wasn’t even going to let the eagle fly into the sky, he decided to bury it deep in the ground!

Wow, is this really all the power of a snake? Mo Fan said in amazement, sitting on the head of the snake and looking into this huge bottomless pit in the ground.

Now it is clear what Tang Yue had in mind when she said that she only had to wait for the end of the molt of the snake, and then the assessor will not be able to find places to hide from him.

It became clear that such a beast is clearly at the top of the food chain, but the question arose: where did the threat to the city come from?

The stone seals covered the pit, and the silver eagle was still trying to get out. Traces of fresh blood were visible all over his body, and his protective sphere was already destroyed at the end.

A huge number of people saw the state of the silver lord of the sky!

The inhabitants were originally greatly frightened by his appearance in the sky, and the appearance of white magical eagles accompanying him. However, when they all saw how the snake sets the bird in heat, they began to shout joyfully.

He really protects us! He really is our protector, guardian! residents shouted joyfully.

Yes, we were wrong about him! The elder said that he had been watching the snake for a long time.

This elder and most of those present earlier were on the side of Zhu Meng, and before that they also chanted that the totem should be destroyed. However, if they succeeded, then who would protect them now from the attack of a large silver eagle?

Among the crowd of people stood Tang Yue, who was touched by everything that happened, tears were pouring from her eyes.

Not the totem was the cause of the epidemic, he did not kill a single person. Yes, it is huge and inspires fear with its appearance, but all this time he lived quietly in Lake Xihu, protecting the city and its inhabitants.

But now it became clear to everyone who he really was, now everything will be fine!

The wave of white eagles has already weakened quite a bit. They no longer had thoughts of fighting against this poisonous cloud all the streets on the outskirts of the city were already strewn with their corpses.

The eagle commander also changed his mind about attacking the city again, calling on his white wards, it’s hardly flew away towards the western ranges

What is he capitulating? Will it just go away? Asked Lin Lin.

Of course. He no longer dares to approach the totem snake, what else remains for him except surrender? answered Mo Fan.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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