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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 403 All around trembles with fear! Read Novel

Chapter 403 All around trembles with fear! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 403 All around trembles with fear! VERSATILE MAGE

The totem serpent is really very strong. We can say that this is the most powerful creature that has ever met Mo Fan. The ash wolf, the monster plant, the swamp armor-clad monster, the poisonous scolopendra they were all like insects against the backdrop of a giant snake. If the animal does not die from one of its poisonous bites, then this can be safely attributed to the features of the beast!

Fortunately, the snake was not vindictive. After what Zhu Meng and Luo Mian did, and also after the confrontation between the residents of Hangzhou, he was not angry with them all. And if the totem did not defend the city against the silver lord of the sky, then Hangzhou would now be in ruins. The eagle commander, against whom the best magicians could not resist, was defeated by a totem snake. The serpent fought alone, he did not need help its destructive power was so great.

Having defeated the eagle, the serpent did not think to catch up with him. Throwing his head proudly, he stunned the entire heavenly space with his cry.

These sounds reached the far, distant places: the sound spread beyond the western ranges, reaching plains and large water sources.

It was as if the serpent informed the inhabitants of the western ranges that their commander was defeated, and he warned all other magical beasts: he is in this city, which means that none of them dare to snoop here!

Now the city was again under its protection!

The totem snake was unshakable no one could overcome it. All this reminded Mo Fan of the very fresco on the island in the middle of the lake.

He remembered that there was depicted an even more huge and beautiful snake, which also belonged to the defenders of the city.

While the white magic eagles with their leader hurriedly returned to their nesting places, the frightened residents of the city gradually came to their senses.

People who were within safe boundaries, already returning to their residential areas. The defense of the western fort was restored again, and the magicians with their eagles in other places were already returning to their routine. The whole city of Hangzhou was once again prosperous.

The main question now concerned the heavenly eagles

The hegemon of magic eagles from the western ranges never before went beyond their domain. Recent events have shown everyone, and people in the first place, that white magic eagles and sky eagles can rebel.

Sky eagles were the main fighting force of military magicians. Nevertheless, at the moments when the eagles become obsessed, the whole heavenly space becomes a place of revelry of all evil spirits.

Fortunately, the totem snake was able to prevent disaster, otherwise who knows what the damage might be.

People returned to the western fort, and white magic eagles to the western ranges. However, the retreat of the eagles did not mitigate the military vigilance.

In the north of the western ranges there was a large forest, which other magical animals had already visited (while there were no eagles), so after the battle was over, the showdown in the forest had just begun.

It is strange why these magical animals did not decide to take advantage of our weakness at the very beginning and attack us? Now the white magic eagles attack them! Yun Feng said, peering closely into the distance.

I think the influence of the totem snake is also traced here, Tang Zhong replied.

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Apparently, the cry of the totem snake was heard not in vain. All the magical animals that hunted in the vicinity of the other three forts, eastern, southern and northern, then retreated a few tens of kilometers from them!

Zhu Meng has not yet fully recovered, his expression was alarmed.

Zhu Meng the magical court chairman Li Tian began to say.

Zhu Meng got ahead of him: Relax, my strategy will no longer touch the totem snake. And without words, it is clear that it was he who saved us all. I have to thank him!.

Having said this, his gaze involuntarily rushed through the tower where the serpent was located.

As if feeling a fixed look on himself, the totem woke up and slowly raised his head.

He fixed his eyes on the people on the observation tower, and suddenly opened his huge mouth.

Zhu Meng, stroking his beard, slowly rose.

Suddenly, the totem burped something. This something, shrouded in the aura of serpentine gastric juice, rolled at the feet of people. Mo Fan pinched his nose in disgust, it seemed he knew it.

It seems this is a man said Tang Zhong in surprise.

Zhu Meng, angry, shouted towards the snake: Well, that’s it! Now do you eat people? I must immediately punish you in accordance with the law!.

Although Zhu Meng threatened to punish the snake, he knew very well that he could not resist him.

Mo Fan, looking at this ridiculous appearance of Zhu Meng, said: Calm down, this is assessor Luo Mian.

Only now everyone could see that this person in a pool of stomach acid shows signs of life. The large surface of his skin was corroded by gastric juice. He was greatly tormented, his hands grabbed hold of Zhu Meng’s leg.

From an outstanding figure and magician, he turned into a semi-digested creature. People did not have the courage to look at it, and only Mo Fan, Lin Lin and Ling Qing clearly understood that all this was well-deserved.

So this is our Luo Mian! So how did the bracelet that we handed over to Wang Xiao Jun end up in your hand? Zhu Meng asked with a grin.

Luo Mian begged them all for mercy. At first he begged Zhu Meng, but when he saw that this did not give any result, he headed towards Tang Zhong.

He did not dare to say something, because he perfectly understood that the snake cares most about Tang Yue, and any of her words can be decisive.

Tang Yue watched on this old man whose body was disfigured. She remembered begging him to save the life of a snake. Suddenly stripping the bracelet from his hand, she said: All glory and honor to the one who got it will never belong to you!.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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