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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 404 Innocent Soul Read Novel

Chapter 404 Innocent Soul VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 404 Innocent Soul VERSATILE MAGE

The bracelet with the red eagle was delivered to the quarantine isolator. Although much time had already passed, the second stream of infected people could still be saved.

Mr. Lu hastened to get the plant extract as soon as possible and try it on the sick. Those who had a low degree of infection returned to normal almost immediately, but those who were very infected took several days to recover, and then they were allowed to go home.

There was a joyful cry in the quarantine prison. Those who had to go through this epidemic have now begun to value their lives with renewed vigor.

Only now they all did not realize that they owed their lives to one young kid and his half-eagle.

The half-eagle was buried in a secluded corner. Now he will protect this city like a totem snake. Despite his weakness and lack of a purebred pedigree, people will remember him for thousands of years.

The young guy who flew on the back of his ashen eagle, thanks to which thousands of lives were saved, will never wake up anymore He he will remain an eternal sleep in the medical part of the western fort.

Now his soul can rest in peace, but this soul is revered by all the military of the western fort!

As well as his ashen eagle, Wang Xiao Jun did not have any military ranks, however, he decided to contribute so much.

Seeing how all the military honor the memory of this young youth who was not distinguished by physical strength and military regalia, people also involuntarily began to think about this innocent soul!

Who can know? Perhaps, in the most difficult times, universal salvation can come from a simple-minded person!

This crisis period made people think a lot, helped them learn life lessons.

One can only hope that Hangzhou will never again have to face such a disaster, and that there will be more brave guys like Wang Xiao Jun. They boldly engage in battle with magic eagles, even without a military rank.

But we must fight not with strong enemies, but with that human rot, which, like a plague, can spread through human hearts

Are you really saying that he can be resurrected? Lin Lin did not believe her ears. She stood by the bed with the body.

Mr. Lu shook his head: The highest level of magic of the healing element uses the power of resurrection. I am already old and have not reached such strength, but there are magicians in the world who came into contact with the so-called resurrection. However, for this, the soul must be perfectly preserved. Now in his body is no longer more than half the soul. Only in one place can they resurrect him.

Lin Lin asked excitedly: Where? Where’s the place? Tell me!.

Mr. Lu, paused, replied: This place is the Parthenon, the Parthenon monastery.

Mo Fan suddenly dawned.

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This is not the first time he has heard this name. In some countries there are such holy places At that moment when he was searching in vain for a method to resurrect Xu Zhao Ting, Tang Yue also called him this place.

What kind of place is this? Something like the main palace of healing magic?

If there really is a method to resurrect Wang Xiao Jun, will the Hangzhou leadership really not help by contacting these healing magicians?

If we already know where they can save him, then why not get him there as soon as possible? Lin Lin continued to be interested.

Mr. Lu shook his head again: I am not very well versed in the procedure itself, but it does not make sense to take Wang Xiao Jun there. They use the property of the soul to regenerate, which on the one hand is a very complex process, on the other they are currently rejecting everyone who addresses them with a similar request. Well, even if the chief chairman of the magical court of our country himself personally asks them to take up this matter, even this may not be enough.

So, we can’t save him? asked Mo Fan.

Now he is in deep sleep. There is a small chance that his soul can slowly recover. Even for a long time, but we can protect him, Mr. Lu replied.

Lake Xihu

Willow leaves floated on the lake, and people crowded around the lake and on the dam, hoping to see the totem snake again with their own eyes.

In one night, the totem snake turned into the main tourist lure of the city.

However, unfortunately, after that battle the totem did not appear anymore, and people continued to observe the surface of the water.

Now all the inhabitants were firmly convinced that they were under the protection of the spirit. Now it was not surprising that over the centuries the city was subjected to multiple attacks from magical creatures.

Calmness reigned over the city. The old men kept pacing back and forth, enjoying the beautiful view.

Hold it, this is for you, Tang Yue said with her usual charming smile.

Mo Fan took a gift and slowly began to open it.

What is it solid and black? asked Mo Fan.

What you need, Tang Yue sincerely answered.

Mo Fan thought to himself that he needed Tang Yue herself, and is this present here?

This is the totem snake scales left after molting. Now you can make yourself a protective chain mail out of it! answered Tang Yue.

Hmm, why so little? Maybe I want to make myself some sets? said Mo Fan, pretending that this skin is enough for only one chain mail.

This is an unusual skin, its scales are very difficult to melt. I could find only one blacksmith who could melt something out of it, but since you don’t need to said Tang Yue, losing her good humor.

Making protective mail from such a specific material is not easy. Only one percent of all materials obtained from magical animals is suitable for melting, and totem snake skin does not even have such indicators

There are very few magic tools made from snake molt leather. Not only because snake scales are almost impossible to forge, but also because this material is very rare.

Well, one chain mail is good, said Mo Fan, not daring to offend Tang Yue.

Scales are a special material, especially the totem snake scales. When you return to Mingzhu, you can go to the blacksmiths, then you will understand that only selected masters can work with such material, said Tang Yue.

Yeah, I’ve been in Hangzhou for so long, why shall I return to university? said Mo Fan, holding a gift in his hands.

Well, given your current success, Hangzhou Magical Court can arrange a busy schedule for you, Tang Yue answered with a smile.

What is it? asked Mo Fan.

Return to your campus! Do not mention it! Tang Yue said mysteriously.

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