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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 409 Fiery – First Read Novel

Chapter 409 Fiery First VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 409 Fiery First VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan was at a loss.

The teacher was extremely hot-tempered, although he changed the faculty, but consider it a nonsense

Teacher, I still I’ll sit here, Mo Fan was also not one of the sloopers, and answered in a calm tone.

If Director Xiao were here, he would personally clean up this macaque-like Wei Rong!

Wei Rong raised his eyebrows, this one, who wants to change the faculty, will still hold back??

Thousands of students of the faculty of fire respect him, even those who are ahead of them by rating do not dare to talk about real oh power.

You think you’re very cool? asked Wei Rong.

Nothing like that, but definitely better than you called me, answered Mo Fan.

This month, the checks have already ended, consider that you are lucky next month, if I saw you among thousands of other registered people, no matter what faculty you are in, I’d come back to that. I distribute the resources of the fiery faculty, and at low rates I will deprive you of them, Wei Rong said without a drop of courtesy.

Among the thousands, do you underestimate me?, said Mo Fan.

We’ll talk about how you reach something, Wei Rong said coldly.

As I entered here, I immediately realized that in fact, the fire department will disappoint me said Mo Fan.

What do you want to say by this? Wei Rong stared at him.

You said that you are not collecting any nonsense here, but it seems to me that you have a lot of them at the faculty if you are talking about a similar level of your graduates, Mo Fan answered.

Mo Fan was not at ease, as the dean scolded him again.

He used to be a demon at Mingzhu University, and principal Xiau told all the teachers to be a little more courteous

The words of Mo Fan stirred up a thousand people standing in the classroom!

In the classroom, the majority are insignificant?

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These words are like did not insult someone to Specifically, but the whole faculty, all the people in it.

The faculty is okay, it also offended dean Wei Rong, saying that all he teaches are insignificance

Instantly, the entire training hall seemed to have flared up, if rage in the eyes could burn something, then the entire academic building would burn, and Mo Fan would have turned into a handful of ashes!

Dean Wei Rong turned pale, Mo Fan, just shrugged.

There is nothing to be done, this dean himself provoked, couldn’t he be afraid of the teacher?

In Hangzhou, Mo Fan understood the price of respect, age is not important or position in society, wisdom and patience are important. Wei Rong literally ate explosives, only spoke and cursed immediately.

Very good, very good, very good, Wei Rong repeated three times, it shows what strength he is worth hold back and not beat Mo Fan.

The educational building began to boil!

You translate, what do you allow yourself? You say that we are nobodies. Come on, face off. I won’t let you become four hundred on a board of fire!

I’ve never met anyone who comes and begins to commit atrocities at our faculty, brainless!

What only Mo Fan did not hear words about himself. It seems that no one restrained his name-calling.

To summarize, you can understand how arrogant they were, and how Mo Fan did not want to study with them!

Strange, I said so much, but she didn’t even turn around? Mo Fan was extremely indignant, but said this in a soft whisper.

Such a beautiful silhouette, perfect hair, it seemed to Mo Fan as if he had already blown up the cry of the fire department, we can assume that my soul was calm, if you look at all the good and bad that he did.

At the endfinally, this Ding Yu Mian still hasn’t turned her head, on the contrary, the macho-like Huang Xing Li looked at herself, it was written on it: You, lad, obviously do not want to live!

Wu Huang Xing Li clearly had bad intentions with Mo Fan, too, and the desire that this person who transferred to their beautiful fire department would fall down, otherwise she would tear it to pieces!

Silence!, Wei Rong’s voice echoed spread over the educational building.

His eyes, like fire, fried Mo Fan, he could physically feel it.

Everyone was silent so that you could hear breathing.

This is Mingzhu University, the faculty of fire, I Wei Rong have seen a lot of unprecedented talents here, but so far there was not yet a person who could say so about my faculty. Okay, I’ll see what you are capable of. At the Faculty of Fire, each student takes his position on the fireboard, from the first to one thousand one hundred and forty-ninth places, said Wei Rong in a metallic voice.

While Wei Rong spoke, none of the thousand students spoke and sound, and the sound of a formidable and domineering voice echoed off the walls of a huge educational building.

Wei Rong turned his eyes to the thousandth crowd: Zheng Jia Hui, stand up.

In the midst of the crowd, seemingly cowardly, the guy slowly got up.

He clearly did not like his name being called, he looked as if he could not find himself esta.

He is the last in the ranking at the faculty, said Wei Rong Mo Fan.

Dong Fang Le, stand up, said Wei Rong.

At this time, at the end of the training room, reluctantly stood up, seemingly careless, a guy, a smile froze on his face, hiding his arrogance. The exact opposite of Zhong Jia Hui.

Pointing Mo Fan to Dong Fang Le, Wei Rong continued: He is the first in the ranking at the faculty.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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