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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 410 This is a load! Read Novel

Chapter 410 This is a load! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 410 This is a load! VERSATILE MAGE

Wei Rong looked first at one, then at the other and continued to say: Between them there are still many talents, special, outstanding, and there are one thousand one hundred forty-nine people gathered together in one list. To move forward, you need perseverance, and rely not only on yourself. And if they are not your spirit, then act on your own. We’ll see if you can stay in the top hundred this month, you’ll find out what challenges they have to overcome every day! Wei Rong said with an important look.

Seeing the dean’s serious mood, Mo Fan said with a laugh: I agree, in spite of the insulting words you said, I won’t begin to escalate the situation.

There is no idle talk at my faculty, you think that there is a lot of rubbish among my graduates. Well, I’ll make it clear when you are defeated by these scum! said Wei Rong, not giving face to Mo Fan.

The word is not a sparrow, and Mo Fan had no other choice, this monkey-like dean brought him to the hundredth place.

Wei Rong did not go any further to lead this debate, the next month will decide everything.

He announced the test order this month, as well as the distribution of resources.

Mo Fan, as always, provoked general anger, because he was completely satisfied with his position.

He looked at the courageous girl Huang Sin Lin in front of him, said: You say that the monkey-like put me in vain for the hundredth place. There aren’t so many seemingly distributed resources for the first hundred places.

Huang Sin Lin bulged out her eyes, taking the person in front of her for an idiot.

You Do you really think that being ahead in the ranking is very easy? All of them are being challenged non-stop, and no one will regret you if you spend all your magical powers. You will lose, and your winner will take your place. You changed the faculty, and if you yourself had risen little by little, no one would have paid attention to you. Now you yourself ran into your death. Leave the university, or you will die the most brutal death, said Huang Sin Lin Mo Fan.

Huang Sin Lin really thought that Mo Fan’s actions would lead him to certain death at the hands of students, and she decided to warn him in advance.

Damn! Are these rating rules? You can challenge all the time, without respite, Mo Fan was at a loss.

And you, not knowing this, shamelessly started to brag!

Mo Fan massaged whiskey from a headache, he did not expect such a load!

Mo Fan learned about the rating only today, and also this rule about endless challenges When you want to sleep while eating, during a romantic walk with a girl, a person may appear all the time who will challenge.

We must again approach the director Xiao, ask him to change the faculty, in this fiery it is impossible to go on hoditsya!

Though now and forces Mo Fan’s are great, but they are not enough to break up the whole university.

There are countless high-class magicians in Mingzhu, only middle-level magicians can get here, and not a few people are cultivating with university resources, and among them there are people with spiritual seeds.

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For example, this Dong Fan, he is not weaker than Mo Fan himself, in addition to his magical artifacts, magic wings, and spiritual seed.

There may still be someone stronger than him, with them it will be difficult to fight, too.

If I am the hundredth, does this mean that those who in front of me cannot challenge me?, he asked in a hurry Mo Fan.

Of course, what is the point of them getting into the affairs of wimps? Victory will not bring any increase, only an extra waste of energy, said Huang Xing Lin.

If so, then good, exhaled Mo Fan.

Nonsense what an important one I don’t know you yet, why should I ask such questions, sit down, you moron!, Juan Sin Lin said with difficulty.

Mo Fan smirked at the masculine interest in him.

The meeting of the fire department was over, Mo Fan smelled the smell of gunpowder in the audience.

He decided to quietly dump in advance so as not to fall under the blazing glances.

You count running away with your tail between your legs?! Huang Xing Li said coldly, seeing Mo Fan trying to slip away.

His name is already painfully familiar, she said in a whisper, sitting with side, Ding Yu Man, looking at Mo Fan.

Do you know him?

Ding Yu Man, without saying anything, shook her head.

Dean Wei Rong left, and the whole classroom seemed to explode.

The whole crowd rolled up their sleeves and turned to the place where Mo Fan had been before.

Your mother, this boy gave the tear!

When he left, you, on the side, couldn’t take a closer look at him?

I .. I don’t know when either.

Stop, what’s the point of running away, he’s in the first hundred now, we can challenge him with ten of us, Zhao Ji said with a cold grin.

Your mother, the hundredth place was just behind him.

Resource The sights received by the hundredth and one hundred and first were radically different, and because of Mo Fan, Zhao Ji sank one position, which made offense and anger even deeper.

Qin Song, how do you have this guy? If you settle accounts with him, it can add to fame, there are a lot of first-class magicians at the faculty, we may not be in time, who knows, our society of golden fire?

Showdown hundreds what is their interest, said the guy named Qin Sun.

There was once a newcomer called the demon Mo Fan, terribly scaring people, is he or not?

That Mo Fan, didn’t he die during the exchange of students?

Most likely this is not him, he was the magician of the call element.

It’s also true

It is necessary to take away, the resources given to him!

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