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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 411 Shameful reputation! Read Novel

Chapter 411 Shameful reputation! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 411 Shameful reputation! VERSATILE MAGE

Sister Mu, look rather, the Evil Devil has created problems for himself by calling the faculty of fire. He said that most of the students are insignificant, and that there are doubts about the level of teaching of Dean Wei Rong Haha, only the Evil Devil has returned, how such fun has already happened to him!, in the building of the Faculty of Plants, Ay Tu Tu, laughing, handed over the phone to Mu Well Jiao, who was standing nearby.

All of Mingzhu’s students always followed the rules of the university impeccably, there were, of course, cases, but Ay Tu Tu considered them, rather, show-offs.

Mo Fan was not like that, if he did something, he acted to the end, worthy of the nickname of the Evil Devil. On the very first day at the university, he managed to cause such a mess. They are discussing it all over the campus now!

Children of wealthy families are constantly looking for ways to express themselves, therefore they are constantly trying to do something good, and this has absolutely no influence, but the result of his actions it’s overwhelming, Mu Well Jiao barely restrained the laughter.

Yeah, yeah, last month the Xiao family arranged a show with the hunters, and recently two guys from the Li and Zhou family had a fight, for the honor families And still, not the level of hype that the Evil Devil has, Ai Tu Tu said cheerfully.

Only at that He went a little over, said Mu Well Jiao, worried about Mo Fan. Of course, after a good laugh.

The main campus is different from the outside. In the external, all students are of the same age who have just come from school, their strengths are fluctuating at an average level, but all the same, the rich do not just get further.

On the main campus, all magicians are middle-level, having status in In society, not very different in rank, strong, talented, with a rich past, many have amazing power.

The settings of the main campus are simple: until you break through to a high level of magic, you can cultivate in the university.

This means there are different strengths of personality below you what level of magic!

If, for example, you take Mu Well Jiao, she’s the first year in the main campus, and in the rating of the faculty of plants, she is not higher than 145th place, and not equal to the first hundred.

Of course, and this is already an amazing result for a beginner.

After returning home, Mo Fan comfortably lay on the sofa and ate fruits.

All that was from food: snacks and fruits bought by Ai Tu Tu and Mu Ning Jiao. Mo Fan was never courteous to his two favorite concubines.

Soon, after a short rest, a message came on the phone so that he would appear in Clear Sky.

Mo Fan only realized that he had returned long ago, but did not inform old Bao.

Mo Fan got out and called the car.

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When the license for the fast-moving wolf is ready, every time you need to go somewhere, you have to call a taxi, it’s rather inconvenient But it’s not clear what is needed to register a summoned animal?, in a whisper muttered Mo Fan.

Mo Fan arrived at Clear Skies headquarters. Old Bao, as before, stood at the bar, in a bad mood.

Old Bao, I’m back! Mo Fan called out with a sparkling smile.

Oh, man, you die outside there, we, Pure Sky, will find someone more efficient, someone who does not skip! said old Bao in exasperation.

He -he do not say that, I still intend to make a living here from you Yeah, old man, I have some good material for magic armor. You have many connections, could you introduce me to a good blacksmith, said Mo Fan.

Casting magic armor is not cheap, do you have money?, Frowning, asked old Bao.

There is not much money, I have small problems, and there is no certainty that the armor will work. Man, and, as promised, Mo Fan got his 19 million.

I can contact my old friend, you will prepare materials and money, and with them go to the community of magicians, which in Eastern the pearl. Since you have returned, I have unresolved cases that I entrust to you and Lin Lin, said old Bo and pulled out files with cases.

No problem!, Mo Fan hit trust yourself on me, I’ll do everything.

Having taken the files with cases, the expression on Mo Fan’s face changed surprisingly.

These cases were excessively perverted, in general, your leg, what is it?

Go down the drain and catch the bloody big-eyed rat, this thing is easier to hand over to the hunting magician. Also this: a recently bought beast escaped, please catch it. What the hell, protection fees Old Man Bao, are you in complete poverty, or what? Once I began to take such orders, Mo Fan’s jaw dropped open.

Khe-khe, a few days ago, I left the house and asked my friend to get everyone in charge here. Who knew that he would do all these things, and for Clear Skies it would become a big problem So let our weakest hunter do these things, and that’s just you, said old Bao.

The question is money for these matters, they are not worth my time!, Mo Fan involuntarily cursed.

Do not complain, things are urgent. There will be more valuable suitable cases, I’ll inform you, my old friend’s pay for forging is not small, and it’s not the fact that your money is enough to persuade him, old Bao himself understood that these cases are rather sloppy, but since they already exist, then they must be performed by someone.

I just returned and was immediately at work, and there was hardly enough money to make ends meet: for household expenses, but the rent

Recall past victories over the dragon-winged lizard, a marsh carapace monster, the rescue of a totem snake, the expulsion of a silver eagle, and compare them with what he is doing now: catches mice, looks for a dog, pastes ads on poles. Very prestigious

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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