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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 412 Primak * (husband living with his wife’s parents) Read Novel

Chapter 412 Primak * (husband living with his wife’s parents) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 412 Primak * (husband living with his wife’s parents) VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan went around every corner of Shanghai with Lin Lin, and all because of some small amount of trusted money. He felt more and more insignificant. Even thinking about the upcoming competition of hunters next year, where hunters of different levels will take part, this task seemed to him a waste of his hunting skills.

It’s good that Lin Lin was with him. These matters were not so complicated already, therefore, within a week, Mo Fan managed to figure it out, having received about half a million in cash a trifle for a mid-level mage, because he was counting on at least a million. Now you will have to forget about the spiritual seed of the shadow element.

Having finished all the work, Mo Fan returned to the campus. His head was spinning, and yet these tasks are nothing compared to the challenges of the battle.

It was also lucky that the challenges of the battle took place every second and fourth week of the month, otherwise all of Fan’s resources for this a month would have been spent on them.

Among the campus promotions was a visit to the three-stage tower, and this is a sacred place for cultivators!

University resource for the student under the hundredth number, was a magic tool for speed control, which pleasantly surprised Mo Fan.

Tool was specific: now the stars formed much faster into constellations, and the cohesion of the constellations between them was now not so easy to break. If you cultivate well with this tool, then it will be half the success!

Simply put, this magic tool reduced the time it took to release the magic!

The battle of the magicians seemed difficult, but in reality it was simple: the one whose magic is stronger gets an advantage.

Mo Fan, who reached the fourth category in the initial level of magic of the elements of fire and lightning, and even increased the speed of release of magic, now had an impregnable position compared to other magicians.

In addition, there was one more point that surprised Mo Fan: the university provided a spiritual seed of fire.

Every time a rating was posted, those who led it received a certain number of fragments of the spiritual seed of fire, from which later it was possible to collect spiritual seed (if you were lucky)!

Mo Fan was given one fragment of a seed, out of 10 such fragments one seed can be fused!

At the same time, a large amount of various fiery material was required for the smelting process. The more of this material, the higher the probability of success. Having received the spiritual seed, you can make a big breakthrough in magic!

Mo Fan already had the seed of a fire rose. These fragments of the fiery seed didn’t make much sense to him, so Mo Fan was going to exchange them for fragments of the spiritual seed of the shadow element so that his shadow magic would also become spiritual!

There were no spiritual seeds in the summoning element, but the summoning animal itself consumed as much resources as the magician himself. The cost was required by the circulatory system, the spirit of the animal, and Mo Fan’s resources at that time were very limited. He could not afford to buy a cub (in order to conclude a contract), but the draft beast was also deprived now.

In short, Mo Fan was very short of money.

A mid-level mage with a rank like Mo Fan still needed so much! How else would he shake the campus???

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The resources were very useful to Mo Fan, so he was not going to lose them just like that. Now we need to come up with a way how it can withstand so many magicians.

Those who are above the 50th position in the rating receive two fragments of fiery spiritual seed. In addition, they are given a fiery magic tool. Ay Tu Tu, what did you say about him there? asked Mo Fan.

You are like from another planet! This tool improves the quality of fiery cultivation. In effect, it resembles the magic tool of the nebula, which noticeably increases the speed of spiritual cultivation of the magician. However, the fiery instrument is aimed specifically at the element of fire, and when used simultaneously with the instrument, nebulae additionally increase speed. Although such gizmos have a simple procedure, but thanks to them you can significantly accelerate! Ai Tu Tu said, biting a banana at the same time.

I understand this is a very useful little thing for me. If I go into a three-stage tower and at the same time start using the tools of nebula and fiery, well, and, of course, I will make the maximum of my spiritual efforts, should my speed of fire not be equal to the speed of light??? Mo Fan’s eyes sparkled.

Ai Tu Tu nodded her head. Chewing a banana, she said: Yeah. Many will be happy to reach at least one of these points, and the simultaneous use of three at once is simply extremely beautiful, isn’t it?.

How many must be destroyed in order to get into the three-stage tower? Mo Fan asked.

If we talk about your faculty, only the first 50 can count on one day of cultivation in the tower. The higher the rating, the longer the time spent inside. Given that you are in the hundredth place, you need to deal with 50. What can I say about the first fifty: one is richer and more unbridled. Without a complete set of various magic tools, it’s even embarrassing to stutter about getting into fifty, so such a poor soul as you will be forced to cook all your little things, everything you have. Of course, you are a born mage of two elements that sets you apart from the rest But! If they use protective tools of fire and lightning, then you simply merge! said Ay Tu Tu.

And you know how to bring to life Mo Fan nodded sadly.

He was from a simple family, did not possess a large number of magic things, and his natural gift of possessing two elements can easily be beaten by expensive magic tools. But all of them are not so stupid as Dong Fang Min to spend a couple of wings, which he even cannot really use.

If instead of wings he would spend on a good fire shield or chain mail, then even with his initial level of magic, Mo Fan would have been hard pressed to defeat him.

Well, or you can fix up the prima of the Mu family. Sister Mu, like no one else, understands talented people, so her family will not spare money for magical items, Ai Tu Tu said with a smile.

A good idea said Mo Fan a sly smile, looking at the silhouette of Mu Well Jiao that was on the balcony.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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