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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 417 Next! Following! Read Novel

Chapter 417 Next! Following! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 417 Next! Following! VERSATILE MAGE

At the competitive bridgehead there was a roar of laughter. Everyone laughed not so much at Zheng Jia Hui that he couldn’t let out even entry-level magic, the laughter was directed more at Mo Fan, who had yet to fight at least two hundred magicians.

Wei Rong’s face was gloomy: this kid dared to scold him in front of everyone!

The nearby teacher Bai Mei could not help laughing: the teachers also called the dean among themselves, and the students sinned. However, he had not yet met this man who dared insult the dean in person. What can I say, this translator was completely imprudent.

Teacher Bai Mei was thinking about Mo Fan. He himself was wondering how many more of the two hundred rivals this guy could put. Especially when you consider the fact that the strength of the opponents was only growing.

Next number 679, Lin Gui Wei Rong called the next opponent in an angry voice. He stared fiercely at Mo Fan. Today, he definitely has to put this rabid boy in his place or he is not the dean of the fire department!

A dark guy with an evil physiognomy came to the site.

His face did not express anything. Looking closely at Mo Fan, he said: Although you are higher than the 300th place in the ranking, I will prove to you that the number of the place in the list means absolutely nothing. Yes, and this contest can not be compared with a real battle!.

Come on! Will you still teach me how to fight???- Mo Fan replied impatiently.

At the same time, a fiery burst was already burning in his right hand, which immediately flew towards Lin Guiyu, outlining a red arc in the air.

Lin Gui was taken aback, but he perfectly understood that you couldn’t defend yourself from entry-level magic.

However, at that moment when he saw the color of the fire ejection, which meant that this was far from ordinary flame, it began to shake with fear.

While he looked closely, a fiery ejection with the seed of a fiery rose already hit right on target, knocking out Lin Guiye of fiery waves oh far, far away.

Lin Gui, who recently read moral, turned into a burnt man who was lying on the very edge of the platform in no time.

Lin Gui wanted to run away, however his whole body was already covered with scars of fire, giving him great torment. This guy couldn’t even believe what he saw when he looked at himself!

This is the situation!

Some of those present stood up in surprise.

The audience, eyes wide with horror, looked at the seriously wounded Lin Guiyi.

He dealt with him with one blow entry-level magic??? Huang Xing Li said in surprise.

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Ding Yu Mian, who was next to her, was also surprised. She explained the situation to Huang Sin Li: He definitely uses the spiritual flame, which greatly enhances the usual fiery outburst. Lin Gui, who is also a simpleton, did not even take care of his defense.

Yu Mian already said that it was a spiritual flame. However, a fiery outburst cannot be so powerful, said Liu Qian.

Huang Xing Li turned her head. Now, no trace was left of her boyish look, and a little spark of admiration for the little girl began to flare up in her eyes. She quickly turned back, thinking that her appearance might be exposed. In a whisper, she told Ding Yu Mian: This is Liu Qian. I see him so close for the first time What a handsome man he is!.

Ding Yu Mian, keeping her composure, turned and asked the very Liu Qian: What you just said.

Lin Gui used protection, but the power of his inexpensive protective artifact is not enough against such a flame! This fiery outburst surpasses the usual outburst by 4 times in its strength! The fiery outburst of this magician has already reached the fourth category, to add his spiritual seed to this, Liu Qian said with a smile.

Ding Yu Mian seemed to light up. Her surprised look returned to Mo Fan.

Spirit-using mages were at the top of the rating, making them virtually inaccessible for battle with mages using ordinary flame.

However, in order to receive spiritual seed from the university, it will take at least a whole year of perseverance. In addition, all this time you need to be at the very top of the rating, because it is the top lines that receive seed fragments.

For most students of the fire department, spiritual fire seed was something from the field of unattainable fiction, and here we are it’s also about reaching the fourth level of the initial level! To do this, each star of the constellation must be strengthened. To strengthen each star you need 5 million * spiritual soul essences! (yuan, 1 yuan = 9 rubles.).

At least 35 million are needed to strengthen to the fourth category. Yes, with this money you can buy as many as two spiritual seeds of the element of fire! I didn’t think that there are such moneybags-spenders! said Liu Qian.

Ding Yu Mian shook her head. She, too, had not yet met immigrants from wealthy families whose cultivation would reach the fourth category of entry-level magic.

Call the next! Shouted Mo Fan, looking at Wei Rong.

Wei Rong became even darker. He ordered the next one to be called.

In the end, where did this boy come from??? He himself is a high-level mage, but even he has not yet allowed himself the fourth rank of the initial level of magic! Yes, such amounts are required to cultivate mid-level magic!


Very soon the next opponent appeared on the court. He was almost from the very end of the list his number was below 900. And so it was clear that his power was not large, so he left the bridgehead even faster than he ended up there.


Now on the bridgehead a girl who was at 427 place in the ranking. Its main element is fire, the secondary element is earth.

The protection of the earth element allowed it to quite successfully escape from the attack of Mo Fan at the very beginning. In order to save magical energy, Mo Fan did not dare to use medium-level magic once again. After hesitating for a while and catching the moment when the girl was distracted, Mo Fan released the lightning element magic with his left hand.

The lightnings immediately fettered the movements of the girl who was already preparing the fiery discharge.

She could not move, and Mo Fan already sent her a knockout of fire. And although she had a protective magical artifact, the fiery energy threw her away very strongly.

The magician girl was lying down on the ground, her hair was disheveled. Her gaze was directed at Mo Fan. He managed to use lightning magic in time, which did not allow the girl to prepare for the strike.

Next! Mo Fan said in a sharp voice.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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