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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 419 The Great Battle of Fire (Part 2) Read Novel

Chapter 419 The Great Battle of Fire (Part 2) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 419 The Great Battle of Fire (Part 2) VERSATILE MAGE

Again this chip, do you really think I haven’t prepared anything against? said Jia Zhen Long.

Mo Fan very quickly creates entry-level magic, and while he spoke, it The flames had already flown away, only Jia Zhen Lun dodged, and immediately began to draw a star system in a new place.

And just when the Flames had to hit him again, Jia Zheng Lung appeared in front of invisible block!

The flame just evaporated in the air, as if something invisible had consumed it, leaving only a small red light in the air. But the blowout of the flame of Mo Fan is equal in strength to half the magic of the middle level!

The residual power turned into a gust of wind that lifted Jia Zhen Lun’s bangs, exposing his grinning face.

I said that this chip will not work for me, and now, try my magic!

Spikes of the shadow: Gemini!

Underfoot Jia Zhen Moon appeared the star system of the shadow element.

A spinning shadow sword appeared in front of him, fell into his hand, and immediately evaporated in the air.

Jia Zhen Moon’s face spread in a smile, the shadow element sa by itself is rarely met, in general, anything other than natural elements, is extremely rare. Therefore, the vast majority have very scarce knowledge of the shadow element. He himself received this second-level magic more recently.

If the magic of the first step is the Shackles, they can only forge the enemy, then the Spikes of shadow: Gemini, if they hit the target, they penetrate directly into the soul, and make it impossible to connect the stars.

And if you tie down entry-level stars, then his opponent becomes completely not terrible.

On the other side, Mo Fan was a little amazed when he saw the magic element of the shadow.

It turns out that this guy cultivated the element of shadow, and did not enter the faculty of shadow, interesting people still meet among the faculty of fire, unfortunately yu, the corners of Mo Fan’s mouth involuntarily rose.

Mo Fan himself is an expert on the element of shadow, although his magic lagged behind Jia Zhen Lun magic by one step, but he knew perfectly well about the Spikes of shadow.

When the enemy finished his star system, Mo Fan again lit a flame, his whole body turned bright red, blinding everyone around him.

A huge bright flame scattered on all sides, extinguishing the Spikes of shadow by the light.

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The most dangerous of the Spikes of shadow is their soundlessness. It seems that they are flying at you in front, but in fact they can be behind you, but in order to evade them, you first need to figure out which side they are on.

Using light fire, you can find the dark shadow of Thorn. And when he discovered the shadow sword flying at him, Mo Fan immediately reacted, deftly jumping back.

Damn guy, he turns out to be so experienced! Jia Zheng Lun cursed angrily.

The shadow element was to become his victorious maneuver, and he could not think that the enemy was well acquainted with this kind of magic.

Overshot in this, Jia Zheng Long himself he kindled a flame around him, a flaming star system quickly formed under his feet, and having a water barrier in front of him, he could draw a star system without fear that the enemy would interfere with him.

Flaming coral, Flaming fist : Tower, Jia Zheng Lun finished mid-level magic.

This is the first time he has not only unleashed the spiritual seed, but also the magician fire of the second stage!!

A ring of Fuchsian color was wrapped around his right fist, after his cry, he struck the earth with all his fierce energy.

The earth seemed to pour magma, making the arena scorching!

Suddenly the flame came out straight from the place where Mo Fan stood, it looked as if a huge column had grown from the earth, in the form of a coral, spewing out seething fiery magical energy!

Mo Fan could not underestimate such power, his legs shone red, this is the result of using bloody boots.

Both legs were covered with atami of a bloody color, using them, Mo Fan jumped up.

However, a pillar of fire got it in the air too, and if it weren’t for immunity to fire magic, it would have burned to the ground!

Mo Fan fell to the ground, but thanks to bloody boots, his fall softened, slowing down directly above the ground.

Suddenly, the ground beneath him sank as if he was gaining strength.

** fah **

Mo Fan rose sharply, and rushed to the place where Jia Zheng Lun stood.

In front of Jia Zheng Lun there was a thick water protective curtain, with which he blocked the Flash of Flames.

Let’s see what you really are! Mo Fan said with a laugh and jumped over Jia Zheng Moon.

Mo Fan landed right next to him, making him a concession if he fell right on his head, then bloody boots would have turned him into minced meat.

Jumping up on ten meters, and after falling, Mo Fan shook the earth, and the clay scattered underfoot in all directions, pushing Jia Zheng Lun as well.

Jia Zheng Lung simply overestimated himself, and, being a shadow mage, he took such an illuminated position, and if it were a fight with a monster on a hunt, then the only thing he could hope for was luck.

As a result, Jia Zheng Lung, in plain sight everyone flew off the arena’s platform, and blood spilled from his mouth.

As a result, his opponent never had to use mid-level magic.

Again again on Agen, said, smiling Bai Mei Mao

Wei Rong’s face grew darker and darker, and Bai Mei Mao saw it, they immediately calmed her, began an attack of laughter..

Really insignificance Wei Rong forbade, waved Bai Mei Mao so that he patched up a guy who was no longer willing to look at him.

Your mother what kind of troubled kid??

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