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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 420 The Great Battle of Fire (Part 3, completion) Read Novel

Chapter 420 The Great Battle of Fire (Part 3, completion) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 420 The Great Battle of Fire (Part 3, completion) VERSATILE MAGE

Strong! Zheng Jia Hui stood under the arena and looked at Mo Fan.

Initially, he thought that in fact, Mo Fan’s strength was not reaching the hundredth place, but he saw how he defeats one after another middle-level magicians, with entry-level magic, he had to change his mind.

Impossible, completely impossible, he is really very strong, but he still can’t stand two hundred fights in a row, especially the rank of defiant ones is getting higher and higher, and after defeating Jia Zhen Lun, someone stronger will come to replace him, Zheng Jia Hu said, shaking his head hey.

Such people do not fit into the world order of Zheng Jia Hui.


After the magician was defeated with Jia Zhen Lung’s spiritual seed, Wei Rong became even more angry, he stared blankly at the list of names, and all of them seemed completely meaningless to him, unable to stand it, he still called the following: Xu Hong Guang, 331 place.

Wei Rong no longer expected that one of the two hundred or more places would be able to cope with Mo Fan, turned his head away, and chatted about everyone with Bai May, not wanting to see how brutally they would deal with his next challenge.

Suddenly, the whole stadium gasped as if something really important had happened!

Wei Rong’s gaze returned to the arena, it turned out that Xu Hong Guang was hiding his true force, and Mo Fan took by surprise, forcing him to use mid-level magic.

Now you could see the stunningly bright sparkling-red star system under Mo Fan’s feet, his whole body was covered with a raging flame.

Having released a Burning fist, a burning rose of fire slammed Xu Hong Guang.

The body of Xu Hong Guang was wearing magical protective armor, which perfectly coped with Mo Fan’s entry-level magic, and now partially absorbed the blow of mid-level magic the Burning Fist.

Only this did not save him, Xu Hong Guang lost, but this student of the 331th place was able to surprise the audience, in they didn’t expect defeat from him with the help of entry-level magic, and his opponent, unexpectedly for everyone, decided to use middle-level magic!

He was not so useless, having received a much more pleasant defeat from magic mid-level!, said Bai Mei, the teacher, laughing.

The smile immediately disappeared from Wei Rong’s face.

Not everyone really started to enjoy these little ones victories, recognizing the strength of this youth

This Xu Hong Guang turned out to be quite strong, with his secret. I think he could get to the 200th place with him, but in the end I came across an arrogant man! Huang Xing Li said angrily.

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To fight more and more new opponents came out, and with each next adversary, the mood of those who went into battle slipped ever more from the fierce one into you need to make you spend as much energy as possible. And now, they all wanted only one thing to lower his arrogance and arrogance to the ground.

Finally, student number 190 came out.

Mo Fan stood in the middle of the arena, looking appreciating a tall, figured classmate.

Tang Yue’s favorite teacher, Tan Feng, was about the same height, but was much more busty, so this girl won’t get a single leniency.

And as soon as the battle began, Mo Fan immediately realized how narrow his view of the opponent was.

Everyone who was in the rating below 400 places, Mo Fan was easily he could put on the shoulder blades with entry-level magic, everyone who was higher, already had excellent skills, demanded additional energy. For those who are above 200 places, Mo Fan expected to spend, perhaps, a little more energy, but who knew that the level of development of this student of the faculty of fire is not very different from his own!!

He has a fiery rose, the enemy also has the spiritual seed of the fire element, and obviously, the grades are a little higher, the fire coming from it directly fried.

There’s nothing to be done, Mo Fan finally let it go to use an element of lightning. The seal of the fourth stage lightning took the form of a lightning field, being under the student’s feet, paralyzing her.

Only with the help of the fourth stage lightning magic, Mo Fan was able to seize the advantage on the battlefield. It was unlikely that he had other ways to defeat her, but this one consumed quite a bit of magical energy.

Double spiritual seed this this guy, being confused, muttered Wei Rong.

190th place in the ranking was already considered advanced, and defeat fell a heavy burden on Wei Rong’s soul!

Cultivate fire and lightning, be so cruel, have double spiritual seed, in addition of two fourth-level magic, it’s not surprising that this guy, who changed the faculty, made so much noise. He clearly has every reason to be so arrogant. And if there isn’t someone with double spiritual seed among the callers, I’m afraid that hardly anyone will be able to defeat him, Bai Mei teacher said admiringly, looking at Mo Fan.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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