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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 422 From which faculty did he transfer? Read Novel

Chapter 422 From which faculty did he transfer? VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 422 From which faculty did he transfer? VERSATILE MAGE

Teacher Bai Mei and dean Wei Rong, making sure that Lee Yu Jie was fine, sighed.

And this guy is quite tactful, said teacher Bai Mei to the dean.

Wei Rong only mumbled back without saying a word.

He looked at Mo Fan, who was breathing heavily in the middle of the arena. He himself saw how many battles Mo Fan passed through today, but his energy was still at the level.

If you release another hundred opponents against him, he must break down.

79 people, laid by Mo Fan in a row, already to the nines destroyed the whole reputation of the fiery faculty. Nevertheless, he still remained a translator.

Now the stands were not only packed with students from other faculties, even teachers came here. Most of all, Wei Rong did not want to bring this to such a point.

After hesitating a little and looking around at all who came, the dean said to Mo Fan: Can we finish this, Mo Fan?.

In the sense of ending ?! Call the next one here! Mo Fan answered.

Your possibilities have already amazed us all, Wei Rong said in a whisper.

You think that I came to this only from What did you say at the meeting then? Mo Fan turned, carefully looking at Zheng Jia Hui, who was standing at a distance from the arena.

More recently, Mo Fan knew one young man that he was running errands for an entire army However, he alone fought with the thousandth flock of white magic eagles and a top-level magician he did not step back, even then when his spirit left the body. Now Mo Fan has met Zheng Jia Hui. On the one hand, Mo Fan wanted to challenge himself with his help, and on the other, he really wanted to help him. But the weakness that Zheng Jia Hui showed simply threw Mo Fan into hysterical laughter.

Yes, every person has a fear of losing their lives But being so cowardly as to be afraid to engage in battle on campus where there is absolutely no threat to life, all the more afraid to engage in a contractual battle Here it is an indicator of the greatest weakness of human nature!

Even now, Mo Fan still could not understand a person who is so humiliating himself. At the same time, he was thinking about Wang Xiao Jun and his exploit, and Zheng Jia Hui, whose weakness infuriated Mo Fan.

Mo Fan did not want to prove strength to the fire department, but Zheng Jia Hui!

You have already used up a lot of magical energy of the elements of fire and lightning. How are you going to fight with the students that are at the top of the list? Or do you really want the whole faculty to bow their heads to you? said Wei Rong.

How much more can I talk about??? Call the next one here! said Mo Fan.

Now Mo Fan should definitely finish the job!

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We will not go down the list. Next issue is 111, Liu Qian! Wei Rong loudly called the next opponent.

After hearing the name of Liu Qian, the girls in the stands involuntarily squealed.

Liu Qian was not the most outstanding magician in the fire department, but he Undoubtedly was the main conqueror of women’s hearts. He was so handsome that many girls challenged him, not in order to fight him, but only in order to be able to stand in front of him.

Among the local mages of the middle level, it was not customary to show only girls did their childhood love.

Huang Xing Li, turning, said to Liu Qian: Oh, so you challenge him too I hope that you will finish him already, then you will become even more popular!.

Actually, I would like to fight him the very first. Then I would not have to go out now, taking advantage of his fatigue. However, the stands require a spectacle, and someone must complete this fight. Well, so be it, said Liu Qian with a smile on his lips.

Huang Xing Li shook her head. Such a handsome man cannot lose.

A despot who has already beaten 79 people will be defeated by such a Greek god indeed, this will be the best end of the fight. Honestly, when she saw Mo Fan at the very beginning, she could not even think that he could survive until that moment.

Liu Qian slowly rose to the enthusiastic exclamations of the girls. Because of this, the guys in the stands watched with envy as he descended to the court.

Smiling politely and looking at Mo Fan, he told him: In truth, I admire your spirit. I think that it will not be difficult for you to enter the top fifty at the faculty, but for this you need to cross me.

Do I think which of the two of us is more charming? said Mo Fan.

Liu Qian was dumbfounded by what he heard, only one thought sounded in his head: What is going on?

After hesitation, he replied: Each has its own strengths.

Liar, blurted Mo Fan.

Liu Qian said with a grin: Well, if I say that I am, then you Call me arrogant.

Mo Fan shook his head in the negative: Your first remark is a lie, so I called you a liar. As for which of us is more charming, with my charm I can kick your butt.

Liu Qian changed his face dramatically. Now another thought was spinning in his head: Obviously, this guy is not all right! He did not think much. Perhaps Mo Fan is jealous of such attention on the part of the girls.

I am too lazy to explain to you, but your unbridledness will end soon, said Liu Qian in a changed voice.

Mo Fan stood there. He was just waiting for the decree of Wei Rong that the battle could begin.

Wei Rong was playing for time he wanted to give Mo Fan more time to relax, because such battles one by one is clearly not a thing that everyone can do.

Qian Kun, I cannot understand how you could allow the transfer of such an outstanding student from your faculty of the element of lightning, said teacher Bai Mei.

Student from my faculty? Qian Kun clearly did not understand what he meant.

Wei Rong turned: He was transferred from another faculty. Its second element is lightning, which means it should have come from you.

Yes, I don’t know him! answered the teacher from the faculty of lightning element Qian Kun.

Do you really have so many students that you cannot remember all of them? Bai Mei said with a smile.

It can’t be like that! We have not a lot of students at the zipper faculty, I know all of them! And I can definitely say that this guy is not from my faculty! Qian Kun said sincerely.

Wei Rong and Bai Mei looked at each other, their faces twisted in surprise.

If this boy didn’t come from the faculty of lightning, where else could he take up???

Um This student Looks like at that moment the dean of the faculty of the appeal element Yi Quan got into the conversation.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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