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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 423 One-goal play Read Novel

Chapter 423 One-goal play VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 423 One-goal play VERSATILE MAGE

Several teachers immediately stared at the dean of the summoning faculty, clearly not understanding the situation.

Um I remember that among the new stream of students at the faculty, one man called Mo Fan. I just received documentation about his translation today, said Yi Quan.

Bai Mei, Wei Rong and Qian Kun laughed involuntarily, suggesting that Yi Quan must be joking.

You want to say that this little guy, having not reached a high level, already owns three elements? Wei Rong laughed.

Bai Mei also nodded his head. All students who have reached a high level have already graduated, which means that Mo Fan could not reach such a level.

Well, you see for yourself. I still have the message on my phone, Yi Quan said, showing the phone to the teachers.

It was written in black and white that the student Mo Fan was being transferred from the faculty of the conscription element to the fire faculty.

Teachers who saw the supporting document could not believe who the student was at that moment fighting on the site.

As such an inadequate person as you could survive in the main campus? said Liu Qian Mo Fan.

You know people like you need four to compete with me, said Mo Fan. A silver constellation has already formed around it.

The constellation was somehow unusual. A space was created inside it, which, apparently, was hiding.

Silver stars formed the constellation, merging into a single whole.

This constellation seemed to open a passage to another dimension.

Viewers were surprised to see what was happening. There were those students who suggested that it was the magic of the call element.

At that moment, while everyone around was just guessing about the magic of Mo Fan, there was a furious growl!

The animal aura spread throughout the podium, attracting even more attention.

The animal atmosphere evoked horror at those present, because it was clear that it was an aura of the animal level of the leader of the pack!

Call The element of call! Said Wei Rong, shocked.

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It was at that moment that a large patterned wolf jumped into the arena.

The animal could not be called huge, but by its silhouette one could speak of a powerful cultivation and inner strength!

His long hair fluttered in the wind, and his blade-sharp claws pierced the ground.

The beast gazed intently at his opponent Liu Qian

So this guy really owns the magic of the three elements!!! said Wei Rong dumbfounded.

This Mo Fan Is he not a born two-element mage that participated in the internship? asked the teacher of the faculty of the element of lightning Qian Kun.

Apparently, this is it. He was supposed to die in this internship.

The teachers were completely stupefied.

They all assumed that Liu Qian would definitely finish off this Mo Fan. However, at the moment when Mo Fan called his agile wolf, they vowed to predict the outcome of the fight.

People in the stands began to involuntarily get up from their seats, trying to make out everything that was happening.

This is the situation!

Everyone apparently had problems with the score

Third Third element?!

Is he a high-level mage??? Shouted Huang Xing Li.

And I think why his name seems so familiar to me Ding Yu Mian carefully looked at Mo Fan.

After all, who is he? Asked Huang Xing Li.

A born mage of two elements. He was very famous at our university at the time. He was nicknamed Despot at the faculty of the conscription element, said Ding Yu Mian as if it had illuminated her.

The student at the main campus of Ding Yu Mian did not care much about what was happening on the secondary campus. However, her sister studied there, which at one time was saved by a man named Mo Fan.

Ding Yu Mian perfectly understood the state of Mo Fan. Everyone buried him for a long time, and could not think that he was alive! He made so much noise with it!

And well, if Mo Fan called on an ordinary beast, he, Liu Qian, would encounter magical animals. But Mo Fan called the agile wolf, the animal is so fast that it does not make sense to use magic defense against it!

*** Growls ***

The agile wolf is also especially not kind to Liu Qiang. At his great speed, he quickly headed towards the enemy.

Approaching Liu Qian, the wolf released its sharp claws, demolishing everything in its path.

Liu Qian did not have time to navigate. He hastened to use a protective magic shield.

A round shield appeared in front of Liu Qiang, and at that moment one could hear the clawing of wolf claws on a metal surface.

Liu Qian understood that this shield will not be able to hold back a nimble wolf for a long time. He thought about how to confront such an animal as much as possible.

Liu Qian downplayed the ability of the agile wolf. The wolf continued to rotate around the opponent at a frantic speed, and there was no particular sense from the shield.

Liu Qian had not yet stacked with the agile wolf, so talking about doing him any harm was too much prematurely.

Liu Qian was besieged!

And if to confront ordinary mages of the middle level was not a problem for him, then the fight with the animal of the leader level of the pack turned into a tragedy for him!

The whole battle turned into a one-goal game

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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