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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 424 Evil Devil Read Novel

Chapter 424 Evil Devil VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 424 Evil Devil VERSATILE MAGE

The students were extremely shocked and confused.

The strength of the fast-moving wolf could not be described in words!

Liu Qian also had two spiritual seeds, and he was magic possessed more skillfully than Liu Yu Jie, but he wasn’t even saved by a magic shield from a swift wolf.

The swift wolf seemed to mock the enemy, waiting for the Burning Fist to evade it over and over again!

** wild roar **

The swift wolf opened its mouth, spitting an extremely strong hurricane out of its throat.

The hurricane was spinning fiercely in the arena, moving all sand.

The generated sandstorm tore everything! It was more powerful than middle-level wind magic, the Wind Disk, and Liu Qian, who lost his main defense, barely withstood the blow, or rather, his excellent magical armor took the damage, reducing the damage to the owner in two.

Swift wolf did not give Liu Qian any chance to take a breath. The sandstorm has not yet subsided, as a rapid shadow swept through the entire turbidity in the arena.

The wolf shadow grew larger and larger, completely covering the dark wolf, making all students shiver with fear from its aura.

Fighting wolf shadow. A swift wolf, wearing his armor, attacked Liu Qian. Liu Qian did not have time to finish the mid-level star map, as a fighting wolf shadow flew over him like a truck, so much so that he flew away.

** bah***

The instant that Liu Qian fell to the ground, blood poured from his mouth, his head was spinning, and he could not get together thoughts. If not for his armor, could he have survived at all after this blow?

The heart of the girls watching the battle broke. This shot is the last thing they would like to see

Liu Qian could not continue the fight, and, angry, left the stadium.

Huang Xing Li, seeing this, quickly ran to him, wanting to support him and find out if he was badly injured.

Liu Qian’s mood was terrible, and he irritatedly dismissed Huang Xing Li, disappearing into the crowd, not even giving teacher Bai May patch him up.

Overestimated himself and is now showing his bad temper, said Bai Mei, indignantly, looking at the distant Liu Qian.

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Huang Xing Li faded and returned looking at her place, a look of disgust from the person she idolized hit her very painfully.

Ding Yu Mian sat next to her, not knowing how to calm her down.

Girls like Huang Xing Li always judge a person by their appearance, but everyone has their own dark sides, so how can one think that if a person is beautiful in appearance, then he is beautiful in everything

Under the arena Zheng Jia Hui stood stunned with fear.

The great Liu Qian was defeated, and if you count with him, this madman in the arena defeated already 80 people!

It is unlikely that any of the top 50 in the ranking could do this!

In the arena, Mo Fan was sitting on the ground, restoring energy.

There are still not a few who want to call for battle, and if you do not restore energy, then it will be impossible at all to continue to fight. And the point is not that if he loses, he will have to apologize to the whole fire department, but that he just returned to the university and he needs to create a suitable image!

The title of the Evil Devil ( * perhaps it was more correct to initially translate Tiran or Despot), but still want to return it.

Next Yu Zhen Chao!

Teacher, I don’t want to go, Yu Zhen Chao already regretted his call.

If the magician fought with the magician, Yu Zhen Chao would gladly go to battle, but this call-up beast of Mo Fan was wild and horrific.

Let pr the wizened animal is controlled by magicians, but the monster is a monster: one wrong move, moment, you are ripped open. Although you may not die, the torment will be terrible.

Come on, otherwise I will throw you out of the fire department, you are worthless creature! Wei Rong forbade.

Wei Rong has now realized that most of the students in the department are disabled. 80 people before that, could not defeat Mo Fan, even if the opponent was naturally a two-element, but this does not give any reason for such a state of affairs.

Those who challenged some really defective ones are now 200th and lower places are going to battle, many of them have two spiritual seeds, so not one of them can defeat the leader of the pack

Of course, the monsters have a unique trait their endurance, and the extraordinary speed of restoration of forces, some even capable of this during the battle.

Therefore, from the number people, the battles will simply drag on until late at night.

The dual-element hunter by nature has already defeated 139 people!

The summoned nimble wolf is almost invincible, it himself to the light will go to the first hundred in the ranking!

The madman who has changed the faculty will not run out of challenges, he will not destroy the reputation of the faculty of fire!

The news spread with crazy speed, now all faculties already knew about this battle, and even managed to spread the news outside the university.

In the newcomer, many recognized the Evil Devil (Despot) Mo Fan, recalling all his old affairs. Apparently, this madman really resurrected, and again directed all the anger of all Mingzhu University to himself!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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