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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 425 Total Crush Read Novel

Chapter 425 Total Crush VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 425 Total Crush VERSATILE MAGE

It got dark. The sky above the competition venue was filled with stars.

The agile wolf * is called so because under the light of stars its power is strengthened, and the body begins to recover strenuously. (* in the word wolf 星 狼, the first character means star).

This feature of the called wolf of Mo Fan played only in his favor. If the rivals fought together with the agile wolf, then they could hope for something, and alone they had no chance. Mo Fan was able to recover part of his magical energy.

He did not use mid-level magic, so his restored magical energy would not be enough for several spells. However, his entry-level magic was not so expensive.

When venerable magicians came out from the top of the rating, they had enough strength to withstand the circle of confrontation with the agile wolf. If the wolf was injured, then Mo Fan intervened in the situation, who, thanks to his powerful lightning magic, took control. And his initial fire magic was so destructive that it equated half the power of mid-level magic. As a result, more than a hundred magicians were deprived of any chance of winning this contest.

When the fights went head to head, the rivals simply could not bear the horror that overtook them: now the powerful called beast and the magician, summoning it, fought together.

At first, Mo Fan wanted to personally complete this entire fight, thinking about what a wonderful experience it will become for him. However, when he summoned the wolf, he realized how much he simplifies the test and allows him to save magical powers.

If we talk about the number of opponents, in reality we had to fight with few of them. Of the 400 people on the list * (of whom only a little more than two hundred went to the site), almost 200 did not immediately count * (* the magicians from the first hundred who cannot challenge subordinates also don’t count) Of the remaining two hundred, only 140 magicians possessed double spiritual seed. All of them were struck by the united power of Mo Fan and his agile wolf.

This Mo Fan The headmaster personally asked him not to break firewood. And he took and actually eliminated the whole fire department! And this in his understanding not to break firewood? said teacher Gu Han, who came running to everyone’s noise.

It’s good that this is the main campus! Otherwise, they would just have killed him!

Teacher Gu Han saw Mo Fan, who also continued to stand victoriously on the competitive bridgehead, and this reassured him.

This boy

Alive and that’s good. Teacher watched the resurrected Mo Fan again become the epicenter of the university scandal.

Even that is enough.

Wei Rong could no longer look at what was happening. Most of all, he was worried about his reputation as dean.

He himself began to regret that he had brewed this porridge. It was enough that Director Xiao personally asked to accept this kid. Was it necessary to arrange this show, which eventually brought a headache? How will he now arrogantly look at the faculties of other elements?

Next, number 101, Zhao Ji, Wei Rong said weakly.

Wei Rong has been teaching for so many years at the university, and for the first time in all this time, his throat was dry due to the number of names being called. Today, this fate overtook him.

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101 number * (Mo Fan was in 100th place) Zhao Ji appeared in the arena. With his appearance, the eyes of the audience lit up with specific interest, especially the eyes of students of the fire department.

This is Zhao Ji! The strongest of all participants!.

The 100 top-ranking students sat in the stands, gritting their teeth. According to the rules of the contest, they have no right to challenge the magician who is below them on the list.

I used to know that only dumbasses are below 100 places in the ranking. And today our sub has proved it perfectly. If I fought there, I would have put him and everyone else in place a long time ago!- said one of the students that he was in the first hundred.

Exactly! The very best can not challenge him, so this translator is so arbitrary!.

As for me, you imagined yourself to be super-magicians, only because you are leading the rating, with from the very beginning you are sitting relaxed! One of the students said.

Mo Fan with this performance already infuriated everyone here. And the arrival of students from other faculties clearly confirmed this. He perfectly understood that these guys were arrogant only in words.

100th place is something like a threshold. If Dean Wei Rong would put him at least in 50th place, then this fight would have already been completed. The sad thing is that even we, who are in the first hundred, must also bear the shame of the losers. A born mage of two elements? I don’t see anything special about it! He is not the only one in this world who is endowed with heavenly talent. Isn’t it, Dong Fang Min? Asked one arrogant girl.

Dong Fan Min exhaled.

This girl, not knowing the whole point, continued: Dong Fan Min, why are you silent?.

Dong Fang Ming rolled his eyes, indicating that he didn’t want to speak.

Dong Fang Ming always wanted to become a member of the magical court after graduation, and even managed to become a trainee there. Who knew that on his way he would meet Mo Fan, because of which the road would be closed for him, which his relatives had laid for him with such forces.

Dong Fang Ming clearly remembered that during his skirmish with Mo Fan, he did not summon any wolf. In addition, then Mo Fan definitely resorted to the shadow element that he did not use today.

Who knows what gizmos this Mo Fan still has A person who has reached the fourth stage of entry-level magic cannot have only bloody boots in stock!

It seems that his summoned wolf is already exhausted, so Zhao Ji can hope for success! He is definitely the strongest rival! said the man from the crowd.

Indeed, the agile wolf was no longer as swift as it was at the very beginning. It was clear that he was exhausted.

The body of the wolf was scarred. Due to the fact that he fought with the magicians of the fire department, all his rivals used the magic of fire. Among them were magicians with spiritual seeds, which only exacerbated the wounds of the animal.

Mo Fan, seeing the state of the wolf, decided to return him to the military world.

After this act the deans face has changed dramatically.

Don’t say that he still has a contract beast! Wei Rong went mad.

The contract beast belongs to the average level of magic of the call element. Simply put, the contract beast exceeds its draft power several times.

If Mo Fan now pulls out the contract beast, then for the fire department this will be a total defeat!

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