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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 426 Cruel Battle Read Novel

Chapter 426 Cruel Battle VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 426 Cruel Battle VERSATILE MAGE

All the teachers had a dumbfounded look. Bai Mei said: He cultivates three elements, of which the elements of fire and lightning are already at a fairly high level, and the element of appeal will soon reach an average level. The speed of this boy’s development is simply scary!.

The fact that Mo Fan’s appeal element had not yet reached the middle level allowed teachers to breathe quietly.

The faculty was almost destroyed this Mo Fan Well, he doesn’t have a contract animal and that’s good.

In fact, Mo Fan has already reached an average level in the magic of summoning, and his elemental systems are very good, however There was one problem he had not yet accumulated enough money to acquire a contract beast.

In order to it takes at least 40 million yuan to grow a contract beast to the level of an agile wolf.

Zhao Ji was already sweating cold in the arena.

Having learned that Mo Fan did not have a contract the beast, Zhao Ji immediately became cheerful. Defeating the famous Despot Mo Fan meant increasing his own reputation in the eyes of the university and his family.

Zhao Ji knew perfectly well that Mo Fan was already exhausted and, not giving him the slightest chance to rest, he began to let out the magic of mid-level fire.

However, before this, his body was surrounded by a light shield that protected the magician 360 degrees, forming full armor.

Although Mo Fan’s entry-level magic was very strong, her power was not enough to break through the opponent’s light protection, especially considering the fact that Zhao Ji possessed the spiritual seed of the light element, which made his shield was even more durable.

Mo Fan hated most of all to fight the magicians of the double elements of fire and earth. He was also infuriated by those who use light protection, which prevents him from using his shadow magic.

Qian Jun / Thunderclap: Demon!

Mo Fan immediately began to release mid-level magic. Thunder peals began to appear in the nightly celestial space, among which dark purple lightnings especially glittered. Magic was gathering right above Zhao Ji.

Violent lightning strikes like a claw across the night sky.

The demonic peals of thunder possessed tremendous destructive power and exceeded even the flaming fist of nine palaces. Apparently, Zhao Ji purposely forced Mo Fan to resort to mid-level magic. When lightning appeared above his right palm, an extinct light could be seen. The magic of the element of light began to appear immediately.

Blessing of the light: holy wall!.

Golden rays of light began to quickly appear over Zhao Ji, forming a wall.

Lightning struck sharply on this wall The lightning magic, which initially had tremendous destructive power, was now simply eliminated.

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Dark purple lightning continuously reappeared, bifurcating into countless electric currents. All of them swiftly struck the holy wall until they began to disperse. As a result, the lightning magic was destroyed.

My next attack will be your last. Using mid-level magic, how much more will you have? said Zhao Ji with a smile.

Mo Fan was absolutely nonchalant to the words of Zhao Ji, he continued to stand in the same place, and his whole face was absolutely tired.

A little compensation for your folly, said Zhao Ji, forming a flame in his palm.

All the power of the elemental star system Zhao Ji accumulated in his palm.

Burning fist: Tower! Zhao Ji supplied his spell with the energy of the spiritual seed, which made his power equal to that of Li Yu Jie.

The red flame engulfed the entire competition arena, so Mo Fan had to use his gloom shield. He continued to back away, backing away from the flaming flame.

Even the shield of darkness could not completely protect the owner: the flames of fire frantically approached Mo Fan, which made his beloved upper cloak turn to ashes, exposing the guy’s chest.

The flame gripped his whole body (it only saved that Mo Fan had his own flame).

The shield of darkness required a lot of energy and could not save Mo Fan from increased magic the enemy.

As a result, Mo Fan suffered: his whole body was covered with numerous burns.

Zhao Ji, seeing that the opponent was injured, smiled now he did not leave the feeling that there is less and less time left until the victorious moment.

His magic of the element of light has already dissipated, another blow and the duel can be considered finished.

The flame continued to cover the district in the middle of which Mo Fan stood with a shield of darkness, a strange smile appeared on his face.

Suddenly, a strange spear flew out of the center of the shield of darkness.

This is an attack from the darkness shield!

Spear rushed through the flames directly towards Zhao Ji!

Attack darkness shield crossed all the fire space, furiously taking aim right on target! Zhao Ji didn’t even have time to cry out!

Mountain Veil: Stone Barrier! Wei Rong managed to intervene in the situation.

No one saw how he created the element system. A stone wall abruptly appeared right in front of Zhao Ji.


An attack by the shield of darkness hit right on this stone wall in front of the opponent.

Zhao Ji nearly put his pants on with fear. Now he did not understand what was happening. Perplexed, he looked at the stone barrier in front of his nose.

Zhao Ji, if not for the stone barrier, then you would already be dead. You lost, get down, dean Wei Rong said in a cold tone.

Zhao Ji could not believe his failure: because of his carelessness, he lost this to Mo Fan

He raised his head and, looking reverently at Mo Fan, said : I was able to injure him that’s enough.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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