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Chapter 428 Insist VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 428 Insist VERSATILE MAGE

The last challenge is 137 in the ranking, Zhou Tong!, rather enthusiastically called Wei Rong into the arena.

Wei Rong admitted from the fact that the last defiant remained, how terrifying this student has changed faculty. From the bodies of those who could not starve down this impregnable wall, you can already build a new one!

The Fiery Department, hearing that the last caller is in the front two hundred, perked up immediately.

Suppose, and this Mo Fan can still squeeze the magic out of himself, but even in such situations he is unlikely to defeat someone of such strength. Apparently, God nevertheless had mercy on their faculty!

There is nothing to rejoice at, this translator has whitewashed two hundred people from our faculty, now none of them dare to say that they are from the fiery faculty.

And in truth

The last caller, Zhou Tong you can say their last hope.

Zhou Tong was stunted, with sticking out lower teeth, rather nasty appearance, but with an overly self-confident look.

He looked at Mo Fan. He chuckled out, then said: After registering, I was terribly dissatisfied with being the last on the list of callers and not seeing me the hundredth place in the ranking, but you are great, You’ve waited for me.

Zhou Tong looked calm, talking to Mo Fan, but there was something strange in his eyes running back and forth.

This is Liu Qian!

Although Zhou Tong and Liu Qian had such a relationship, Liu Qian knew in advance who would be the last caller, and asked Zhou Tong to help him.

Liu Qian he planned to thoroughly finish off Mo Fan so that he would spend a couple of months in the hospital.

Liu Qian had his own complaints about this transfer, except that he had to pay for acquaintances. And looking at this tired translator, he already looks forward to an easy victory.


Mo Fan stood still, his face was already white.

These battles have been going on for too long, his magical energy is already running out, in addition to being injured.

Teacher Wei Rong, let’s get started faster, don’t give him time to rest.

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Wei Rong nodded and announced the start of the battle.

As soon as he started talking, they interrupted him.

That’s all for today, Director Xiao said, it’s not clear how he got here.

Director Xiao.


Several teachers courteously gave way.

Mo Fan, you should also go into this prepared network, a quarrel with the fire department will not give you anything good in the future said Director Xiao Mo Fan.

Yeah, you say it right, nodded Mo Fan.

Apologize to Wei Rong, the fire department, to the students You just arrived, Director Xiao said.

This is good, Mo Fan was not stubborn, since Director Xiao said that continuing all this would not give him anything worthwhile.

Mo Fan apologizing He bowed his head in front of Wei Rong and admitted his mistake to the whole fire department.

This tyrant looked sincerely, but his apology was neither cold nor hot, the students of the fire department were dumbfounded.

Apologized and left? How can Director Xiao simply take away and wash away all his sins?

Director Xiao, do you think there will be enough apology to wash away the reputation of the Mingzhu Fire Department? Wei said, annoyed by the incident, raising his voice. Rong.

Wei Rong, leave this, this Zhou Tong is not an opponent of Mo Fan, Director Xiao answered quietly.

The teacher, standing next to him, Han Han nodded. even before the start of the battle, he told Wei Rong about it.

He no longer has the strength to fight further, how can Zhou Tong not win? Director Xiao raised his eyebrows.

Director Xiao did not want many people to know about the real gift of Mo Fan, before the world competition of magicians for sure. To reveal all the cards now will be not profitable. And he said a few words in Wei Rong’s ear.

Wei Rong was not stupid, although Director Xiao said everything quietly, he involuntarily threw himself into a cold sweat.

Wei Rong immediately understood why Director Xiao decided to stop the battle He was also worried about the reputation of the fire department!

Director Xiao naturally knew that Mo Fan had four elements, and if the fight continued, Mo Fan would have to resort to the shadow element. Zhou Tong is naturally not an opponent of Mo Fan, but the director Xiao is much more worried about the World University Competition, because it is extremely important for the whole state!

If so, then today’s battles are over.

For Wei Rong, the reputation of the faculty of fire was the most important thing, and since Mo Fan himself apologized, then you can go.

This cannot be decided like that!

Let Zhou Tong deal with him!

Yeah, he said that most of us are worthless, let him fight, or then apologize to everyone personally!

Today they are still more lost face, and how to restore the reputation of another, if he did not apologize to everyone?

Is not he too arrogant? It’s true that he has a lot of strength and many of our faculty are not rivals to him, but that’s not a reason to trample us, if he wants to leave like that, let him leave.

Mo Fan immediately provoked general anger, now he already has no strength, and the defeat is obvious, but none of these people cares

Do you have any people at your fire department? Shameless, he defeated 200 people in a row, and now you want to apologize to everyone else as well? Do you want to be dishonored even more?, all eyes were already directed at the cursing Ai Tu Tu.

Students of the fire faculty were always famous for their arrogance, not respecting other faculties. And today they were put in place by the student who was transferred to them. Here it is justice!

It all made the students of the fire department even angry, they couldn’t just let go Mo Fan.

What is the point of apologizing to everyone when everyone one of them is waiting for this arrogant, unbridled guy to brow before the feet of each of them!

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