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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 429 Strange Constitution of the Body Read Novel

Chapter 429 Strange Constitution of the Body VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 429 Strange Constitution of the Body VERSATILE MAGE

Wei Rong, having heard conflicting shouts of students, changed his face.

The dean’s elongated face excited the audience even more. The entire fiery faculty was literally awed by its leader.

Shut up everyone! shouted Wei Rong, addressing his order to all spectators. His loud voice covered all those present with a wave, which caused silence to prevail on the site.

Addressing the students of the fire department, Wei Rong said: Today you very much disappointed me. There is no point in continuing this contest. I wanted to glorify each of you, to make outstanding magicians of you That’s why I stop all this. Transferred from another faculty has already proved that alone he is much stronger than most of you! And if something does not suit you in him, then you can prove to him your superiority by summoning him later to the battle! With your cries now you are trying to save the last drops of self-esteem, which should be supported by your potential I hope that one day a student will appear at our fiery faculty, who will be able to defeat this translator, and then the fiery faculty will be able to restore its reputation!.

The words of the dean are deep in the heads of students. Finally, they resigned themselves to the thought that today they have all lost. A sense of shame swept the stands.

Teacher Bai Mei nodded, a smile slipped across his face. Such a decision will certainly be supported by other faculties.

Mo Fan, come down. You are seriously injured, and if you continue to fight, then we simply won’t save you, said Bai Mei teacher.

Mo Fan shook his head, he was barely standing on his feet. Director Xiao came in handy!

Going down, he went to the director: Why did you come just now?

Looking at the boy, the director answered: I was a little busy What, it was so hard for you?.

Mo Fan only smiled, not saying anything.

You need help, the director said Xiao, looking at the serious wounds on Mo Fan’s body.

Mo Fan left the arena. Rumors of this fight, which lasted until late at night, naturally spread throughout the university on their own.

It’s good that your spiritual seed of fire is very strong. Anyone else in your place would have burned, and underwent heavy treatment for several more months. I have now healed your wounds, but there are still some burns on your body. You will need to use the medicine for a week, then everything will return to normal, said the teacher Bai Mei after he healed Mo Fan.

Mo Fan nodded. He understood that the presence of burns was not a trifle. Infection of wounds can reach the internal organs, and this situation cannot be cured by simple magic of healing. Only an expensive medicine can patch up the body. Usually, hunters lay out huge amounts of money for this drug.

Thank you, teacher Bai Mei, said Mo Fan.

Yes, by the way. I noticed that you have some kind of strange constitution of the body, as if asking, said Bai Mei.

What exactly is strange? Mo Fan answered.

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Usually, serious burns on the body of an average person without outside interference worsen, destroying nearby tissues, which can even be life-threatening. I noticed from you that your burns had time to heal while you were resting, said Bai Mei.

Well, isn’t it wonderful that I can regenerate quickly?.

Bai Mei nodded his head negatively: If your body regenerated in the usual rhythm, then I would not have any questions. I could suggest that you be examined by a stronger healing magician, since I suspect that there are traces of extraneous magic in your body that may be black

Mo Fan with some looked at Bai Mei in surprise.

It had been quite a while since he was healed of demonization, moreover, doctors from the southern military unit said that the traces of demonization in his body had virtually disappeared. Bai Mei’s teacher has a fairly high level, and he will not just speculate.

If demonization refers to a demonic element, then the demonic element itself is part of black magic.

Mo Fan continued to look at the teacher.

Well, I will consult. Thank you teacher, answered Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was already completely exhausted by the time he returned to his room.

Busty Ai Tu Tu, without ceasing, a galley by the sofa on which Mo Fan lay.

This girl burned with interest, with her hatched eyes she looked with admiration at Mo Fan.

Mu Well Jiao was another she also grumbled at Mo Fan because he decided to boast of his strength before he even managed to really return to university.

Mo Fan listened to his neighbors who did not even suspect that he was still awake, he’s not sleeping.

He woke up in the middle of the night, finding himself covered in a warm blanket, and absolute silence reigned in the living room. Mo Fan took a bottle of fruit beer from the refrigerator and went to the balcony to air his thoughts.

The forces of the students on the main campus were much more powerful than my assumptions. At least one hundred students using the spiritual seed study at the fire department alone. Mages from the first hundred should be about the same level with me.. What about the top ten in the ranking? They must be real monsters! Mo Fan spoke to himself, sipping pineapple beer from a bottle.

And this situation is only one faculty! Every faculty has the strongest magicians It will not be so easy to get out of the crowd.

Mo Fan should develop.

If he can acquire a contract beast, then his magic rises to a whole new level.

His nebula of the element of lightning will very soon reach the third category.

You don’t even have to talk about the shadow element His Shadow Spikes: Twins are very effective in battle, and he also has a magic item. He just has two magic items, while mages from the first fifty use their sets. Confronting them with his magical items will not be easy.

Mo Fan understood how much he had to do. Well then, it’s time to start filling those gaps.

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