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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 431 Have you heard of vampires? Read Novel

Chapter 431 Have you heard of vampires? VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 431 Have you heard of vampires? VERSATILE MAGE

I can say that this is just a piece of scales, not whole, said Mo Fan.

Li Jun Nan laughed. What is the difference, is it whole or half of the scales? There are no patterns on it, which means the scales suck.

Well, how can I say The material cannot be directly called garbage This scale will pull somewhere in the million yuan

However, Hoto’s workshop still doesn’t work with such materials.

Mo Fan, pointing with his finger, said to the guy: The pattern is right here, and it’s dark black.

Li Jun Nan, angry, replied: Are you holding me completely for an idiot??? There’s nothing here! Keep your stuff and go away! What’s that noise?! Jun Nan, you know that I don’t like being distracted by extraneous noises! Shouted an elderly man with a lilac mustache, eyebrows and hair.

Li Jun Nan hurried to express his apologies, looking furiously at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was a man simple origin, but could always throw some sort of focus. So this time he shouted: Mr. Ho, my name is Mo Fan. I came here intentionally. I consulted with other blacksmiths, they all said that only you can handle such specific material!

Li Jun Nan rolled out his eyes. How can a young guy be so unscrupulous?

Do you think that you can fool everyone here? You think that upon hearing your words, the mentor will immediately come running, Li Jun Nan did not have time to finish the proposal, he heard the sounds of the door being opened behind him.

He turned his head and saw that the teacher had already appeared behind with your back. The teacher’s face showed absolutely no emotion.

He came up and simultaneously said: Linsi, Gu Su Lien, Che Rong all these masters of the old school can be compared to me. However, even they know that I personally, Hoto, work only with the rarest materials. Let’s show what you brought there.

Seeing Hoto, Mo Fan rejoiced. He looked at how Lee Jun Nan did not dare even breathe in front of his mentor.

Li Jun Nan said: Mentor, you yourself taught me how to distinguish specific snake skins. Simply put, the more valuable the scales, the more accurate the pattern on it will be. This scale is completely black, and no pattern can be traced on it, so I concluded that it refers to ordinary materials.

Hoto carefully examined the two pieces of scales brought by Mo Fan. The master’s face constantly changed its expression.

You fool! Didn’t I tell you that top-level material must necessarily be lined? How can I throw it on the table like this? The table is dirty! Even the slightest dust can destroy such a huge work! Hoto spoke menacingly to the apprentice.

Hoto himself pulled out the paper and carefully put two pieces of scales on it. His eyes sparkled with a strange light.

Unfortunately, this is not real scales! Real scales are such a rarity in our world! Hoto said, sighing.

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Mo Fan answered Master Hoto: And you have an eagle eye! Indeed, these are scales obtained after molting, not snake skin!.

Also not bad! There are some defects on it, but after good processing, it will be possible to get excellent magic chain mail from it! Hoto replied.

Li Jun Nan did not understand what was happening.

What? What kind of material is this? Artificial? There are no patterns on it!

Mentor, are you sure you do not want to drive this small thing away? asked Li Jun Nan.

You fool! I’ll drive you away soon! Who told you that there are no patterns on the material? This material is the pattern! Cried Master Hoto.

Li Jun Nanya was more surprised by the phrase This is the original color of the material that was taken from the pattern!.

Mo Fan also scolded the apprentice: You see, you saw only two pieces of scales. If you add a few of these pieces, then you will see the very same pattern!.

Li Jun Nan was astonished: So what a huge snake should be!!!.

The apprentice first looked at the master, then at Mo Fan: It can’t be

Mo Fan, nodding his head, laughing.

Not I could have thought! Now it’s immediately clear why you were sent straight to me! Anyone else can do nothing with this material! Hoto replied.

The events associated with the totem serpent were no longer a secret.

Mr. Hoto, I would like to make magic chain mail said Mo Fan.

Of course, of course! Only now I have everything filled with orders until next year, Hoto replied.

, Mo Fan did not find what to say.

Next year This means that he will not be able to use this chain mail in the competition of hunters!

Is it possible to compromise? asked Mo Fan.

Well, then the cost of work will increase three times. This also includes overtime, Hoto said, continuing to admire the material.

Mo Fan rubbed his forehead.

Can’t you really help me? You understand that the most important thing for you is the level of your skill, which you can fully demonstrate in this case, said Mo Fan.

Don’t powder my brains! I told you the cost. If you cannot pay right away, then you can help me with specific material, since you have connections with the hunters, said Hoto.

But I’m still learning, Mo Fan said not so optimistically.

Who said you have to go somewhere? I’m talking about what is here in Shanghai, Hoto replied.

Then I listen to you, Mo Fan said.

Indeed, Shanghai is huge It is the abode not only for a large number of people, but no less than a magical entity Mo Fan knew about this before.

Morning Mo Fan will not be able to pay the cost of work. According to rumors, smelting chain mail costs at least 20 million! Even if Mo Fan sold the corpse of a shell-like monster, he would still have to add from his pocket to pay for smelting chain mail!

The triple cost is as much as 60 million yuan! Wow overpayment !!!

Have you heard of vampires? Hoto said quietly.

That’s what you are talking about answered Mo Fan.

I’m talking about those that in normal times have a human appearance and with the coming of night they attack women They need human blood to feed powerful magical power, which helps them to pretend to be people! This kind of vampire came to us from the west, said Hoto.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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