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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 435 Specific Taste Read Novel

Chapter 435 Specific Taste VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 435 Specific Taste VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan asked Lin Lin to rewind the record, as a result it was possible to see that there was something in the way of Liu Xi`an, but it was not possible to discern it.

Then Mo Fan watched as Liu Xi`an took a few steps forward. The lighting in that place was poor, but it was clear that the girl’s steps slowed noticeably. Then she stopped at the pillar. It looked like she felt bad and stopped at the pillar to catch her breath.

After looking at this segment several times, it turned out that something had stopped her at the pillar so that she could not even move.

After some time, her appearance became completely exhausted, as if she lacked air. Her body slowly sank to the ground.

Then Mater Hoto appeared on the video. At first he chased somewhere while shouting something.

It was already too late when Hoto dragged the girl to the hospital.

It seems he really saw something, said Mo Fan.

Before that moment, the video showed that there was no one behind the pillar. Why, then, the silhouette of Liu Xi`an is only half visible, as if someone is holding her there? Mo Fan, you have an element of shadow. Tell me, can someone, using the magic of the shadow element, hide behind a pillar? Moreover, so that his silhouette was not visible at all? asked Lin Lin.

It is quite possible. Places like metro stations are usually always poorly lit, so it’s not difficult for a shadow mage to become invisible, Mo Fan nodded.

There was enough data from the cameras to conclude that the criminal is using shadow magic.

Mo Fan and Lin Lin went to question a witness who turned out to be an ordinary merchant and did not tell them anything sensible.

Having no more evidence Mo Fan and Lin Lin had no choice but to go to meet Liu Zhu at her university.

Mo Fan I knew the women’s university in Shanghai. They mainly trained nurses, stewardesses and models. In the vicinity of the university, he was called a paradise for men.

Mo Fan understood very well what kind of fantasies arise in people’s heads when they hear these words.

When he arrived into the Liu Zhu group, Mo Fan saw so many beautiful girls there that he even forgot about the purpose of his visit.

So you are looking for Liu Zhu. Today she suddenly felt ill, so she went to her place, said one vulgar girl from the group.

After that, the girls giggled around. One full girl said: So this is with her for the third or fourth time in a month. Who is she hanging around on the street with so much pain?!.

Stop wearing her, she just recently lost her sister!.

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Well, we speak as is. How much can you get so sick already? We constantly tell her to go to the doctor, but she doesn’t go.

It became clear that Liu Zhu wasn’t very fond of this group.

Although, if you think carefully Liu Zhu is a very beautiful girl, with an excellent figure and charm. It’s clear that she’s having a hard time in this shitty place.

Mo Fan, calling herself her friend, went to the girl.

All the students were in class at that time, and the hostel was constantly guarded. However, it was not difficult for Mo Fan to get inside using his shadow magic.

Liu Zhu’s room was located at the end of the corridor. Mo Fan politely knocked on the door.

You are also skipping classes Oh! How did you get here? Liu Zhu was definitely not ready to see Mo Fan here, so she was very surprised.

I wanted to ask you something else. Your classmates said that you were sick, so I came to see you, answered Mo Fan.

It’s okay, thanks for the care. Yes, besides, yesterday I met the same guy who worked next to my sister So I ask you, don’t bother me anymore, the girl snapped sharply.

Mo Fan was stunned. He could not have thought that his deception would be declassified so quickly.

He was embarrassed. At that moment, when he was going to explain the situation, Liu Zhu had already slammed the door in his face.

There is nothing to be done. Mo Fan left. All plans went crashing. And most importantly, he never found out why Liu Xi`an died, and now he won’t be able to catch that vampire, if he exists.

At that time, Lin Lin was at the entrance to the hostel.

You say that Liu Zhu has been feeling bad all the time lately. Is it possible, Lin Lin began to say.

Mo Fan flashed her eyes.

Judging by the fact that her classmates say that her poor health has become regular, then it must be anemia.

Is she really not sick But just someone secretly sucks out her blood despite the fact that she herself does not feel this???

Hoto said that vampires have their own specific taste for victims. Is it really after the vampire killed Liu Xi`an, he decided to suck all the blood from her twin too? Mo Fan guessed.

Therefore, if we are next to Liu Zhu, we can stumble upon this vampire! said Lin Lin.

Mo Fan was so delighted with such a prospect that she began to praise Lin Lin’s intellect and didn’t notice how he kissed her hand.

Sorry but I’m still planning to get married, said Lin Lin.

Mo Fan only laughed in response.


Mo Fan and Lin Lin were waiting for the night to arrive. They hid at the fence behind which the forest began.

On the first night they did not get any result. Liu Zhu still remained in her room, and they brought food to her.

On the second night in the forest, movements were already heard, but, unfortunately, it was only the hiding guys.

When you open the door, you can be killed, said Mo Fan listening to extraneous sounds.

It’s good that Lin Lin wasn’t around at that moment, otherwise she wouldn’t like it all.

In the second half of the night, Mo Fan was already falling asleep with fatigue. Suddenly, he felt the aura of an element of a shadow that hung in the air.

Mo Fan immediately tensed up

The fish pecked at the hook!!!

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